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  1. Of everyone who reads this board and will most likely obtain a copy of Jedi Academy, there will be good players (with lots of time), decent players, casual players, and plenty of "noobs". I urge you ALL to please not whine your heads off if you are getting your butt kicked and spam Raven to patch a perfectly fine game. Let the game play out first and maybe you will actually LEARN the game and realize the tactic you are getting killed on constantly is rather EASY to avoid. I would really hate to see another occurance of what happened to Jedi Outcast. Every patch just seemed to have no testing behind it and it just changed the game too radically every time and resulted in a big loss of players in the community each time. - Dunpeel
  2. They should follow Blizzard's lead and allow players to beta test the patches before they release it. Jedi Outcast fans got screwed coz every patch release was just too radical of a change to the game... Hope Raven learnt from that.
  3. Alike many people, I enjoyed the first version of JK2 prior to any patches and gave up on it after Raven decided to cater to noobs instead of pros. I hope in the future, Raven would not react so suddenly to the flood of whining noobs so quickly and change the gameplay so drastically. What I enjoyed about JK2 the most wasnt just the ability to use saber and forces, I thought the innovative, new movement (such as walk walking, rolling, backflips) added a fresh feeling to the game. I would like to see more "showtime" style moves. Ok now for the saber talk. After playing some soul caliber in the past, i thought their melee system was quite unique yet effective. I believe that if JK3 used primary fire as a horizontal attack and secondary fire as a vertical attack, it would give the game some spice as well as not promote the random spinning spamming technique. With this interface implemented, the blocking system would be simple. A blocking button should be assigned and while holding that down and then pressing the appropriate attack button, it would block accordingly (eg. block+primary/horizontal will mean blocking horizontally). But to make this more realistic, when you block horizontally, it actually stops a vertical attack, and vice versa (if you can picture someone slashing down, you will hold the saber horizontally in front of you). With this system, it would add some skill in blocking and wont result in turtling. In JK 2, when the jedi is jumping and slashing (or ducking and slashing), it was the same animation/move as if the person was standing. It would be nice if they would make the jump/duck moves entirely different. Hope you guys can give me some feedback on this.
  4. First of all, veterans would not have been hit with the 1.02 DFA. If ANY you guys are complaining about that move, you guys are the definately noobs and most likely contributed to the nerfing of the game. You can EASILY dodge the 1.02 DFA with side rolls...which i doubt takes much skill unless you guys are handicapped. The nerfing of the forces and various other things were just terrible. And honestly, the damage setting was perfect originally (maybe blue should have been tweaked up slightly) since this is a LIGHT saber not a butter knife. A good game should not require custom mods to fix the problems that the original game had. If you lamers prefer 15 mins to kill a player and constitute that as "fun" and "skilled", i have nothing to say to your noobs.
  5. Simple. Raven doesn't know how to patch games. After every patch, a big chunk of the players left because the game was altered waaay too much. All they did was respond to the newbies who die too fast. It's all because of the success of counterstrike which is very newbie friendly and attracted a large number of people. It's the only FPS game that u can not move and spam and skill kill people. It's purely made for morons that have no gaming experience and just plain suck at games. Course everyone who complained about all these moves that were patched were all newbies that did not know how to dodge or counter anything. Hell, i'm willing to bet some of these whiners are keyboard cowboys. Raven only cares about profit and they see that profit is targetting mass market, which means they want even the dumbest of people be able to play the game. So any whining about anything that makes them die to fast will be patched.
  6. As much as there are supporters, there seems to be much more people who are disappointed in Raven's handling of the game and the patches. What was once a highly revered game has now turned into a newbie fest. It is clear that Raven only responds to newbies who are new to the game and get their butt kicked rather than respond to the players that have a more refined knowledge of the game. Making a game more newbie friendly does not neccesarily make it more fun. Maybe Raven got that idea from Counterstrike, where even the newest of newbies can get kills without moving (camping) and spamming attack whenever someone comes his way and kill people with lucky headshots. If Raven is a company that simply wants to market the game to idiots who are new to the game rather than dedicated fans who have played the game more, and understand how to avoid death, then I will never, ever purchase a Raven game again. They have disappointed me again and again with these 2 patches. They should really learn from good companies that know how to patch games to BALANCE the game not to simply stop people from whining when the true problem is the PLAYER, not the game.
  7. Personally, I think 1.02 was the best version. All they had to do was patch the following few things and it would have been perfect. 1) Fix the sword on the ground bug after DFA. 2) Absorb not showing (like 1.03). 3) The infinite crouch special move in the air. 4) And of course the crashing problems, etc. Everything else about 1.02 was perfect the way it was. Saber was deadly enough that a skilled player could take on gunners, while guns were also strong enough to take down saber users. My 2 cents.
  8. 1) Increase saber damage to the old settings. 2) Reduce backstab damage. 3) Return of the DFA (skilled players can dodge the old DFA, only whining noobs cant). 4) Leave the old force settings cept leave the new absorb. Its that simple.
  9. Seriously, besides the sword on the ground bug, how many of you supposed "skilled" players actually found the DFA to be too powerful? I certainly didnt because it was so easy to dodge, and im sure other skilled players would feel the same way thinking that if i got hit by it, i deserved it because i didnt dodge it when i knew it was coming. Honestly. there was simply a slow swing before it and its not hard to see at all. Saber battles are taking far too long now with the damage decrease AND increased blocking making CTF impossible (think flag runner with absorb + speed + blue stance on). I'd much rather have the old DFA without the sword on the ground bug.
  10. Anyone think it would be cool to have different death messages for different stances, special moves and saber throw?
  11. Lets hear some feedback: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=51575
  12. Forgot to mention the nerfs/improvements they did to the forces. It seems that lighties are dominating darkies bigtime after the new patch. That shows that it didnt exactly "balance" anything but on the contrary, it basically unbalanced the game the other way. I think they tried to compensate some loss by giving too much benefit. Anyhow, force absorb is perfect now but since it's acting like its suppose to, they should change back the things they nerfed such as: 1) Force grip - the old version wasnt too powerful at all even with the old absorb, change it back. 2) Force drain - nerfed a little too much so give it back some power. Make it so you cannot drain anyones force if you have 100 health but your force goes down if u hold the button down. 3) Force heal - the ratio just sucks right now, 50% force to 25% health at level 3. It used to be 25% force to 50% health, so I think the best is 25% force for 25% health sounds reasonable since its right in between. 4) Force protect - if it doesnt have an invis shield like absorb, it should. 5) Dark Rage - should make it increase drastic chance in delivering unblockable hits. 6) Mind Trick - level 1 seeing can see level 3 mind trick. That itself gimps it hardcore. Bugs i forgot to mention: 1) When you get knocked down sometimes and you jump quickly, the player gets stuck in a pose with the saber pointing down and it takes several key presses before the player moves again. 2) When i first connect to a server, the force setting remains the same as the last game i played even after i press apply. I have to go back to the force setting screen and make a change, then press apply again, and then die before it resets. Suggestions i forgot to mention 1) Please have different death messages for different saber styles. And have unique ones for the 3 special saber moves as well as saber throw. Feel free to add to this thread
  13. Personally, I think saber battles take way too long with the new damage settings and increased chance of blocking. I felt that the developers over nerfed some things in the game but at least they were heading at the right direction. Old bugs that weren't patched: 1) You can still infinitely do the crouch move in the air in blue stance to glide from high heights by holding crouch and attack. 2) The spinning saber by using primary attack still works (the one where you DONT have to strafe around). Changes to be made: 1) Since saber defense has already increased significantly, the saber battles are going to be long enough so change damage settings for red (80, reduced by 20 so theres no 1 hit kill), yellow (60, same as before), blue (40, same as before). 2) When challenged, saber throw should be removed just like force throw and push. It is a saber throw fest out there right now and no ones going close combat. 3) Change DFA back to its original version (but keep the use of using the attack button). Since the sword in the floor bug has been removed, its super easy to attack a missed DFA. Right now, the DFA has become utterly useless and saber has a huge disadvantage against gunners that way. Whats the point of creating a cool special move if its totally garbage? They should make it require some skill not some miracle. 4) PLEASE dont make the models yell until they get a CLEAN hit. Or have different yells for different dmg. 5) Also, gliding in the air doesnt seem to give any more advantage than simply jumping, so whats the point of creating this animation? Perhaps they should allow gliding to actually slow down your descent to the ground? It requires a somewhat complex combination of moves, why not give it some benefit? my 2 cents.
  14. Raven's probably got a ton of them already but heres a couple that they should fix for the next patch. These dont seem too difficult. Feel free to add any you guys found.<br><br> 1) Game crashing on new map load<br> 2) Duel: on new map load, the specs are lined up randomly rather than according to connecting time<br> 3) Duel: when a players changes a setting, they get knocked back to last<br> 4) Lying down through binding a key to multiple models. Running and slashing while lying down.<br> 5) Stationary spinning saber by holding +attack1 with saber throw<br> 6) DFA, Medium Special and Light Special stances ALL have a frame delay problem where people would take extra dmg after the slash animation has ended.<br><br>
  15. I was on a duel server just now and I saw a guy called "SITHMENACE" pull a move I have never seen anyone do. He feigned death and then after he slashed while having his back on the ground. We havent started fighting and i didnt kick him. It was a saber only, no force duel server. Anyone happen to know of have seen this move before?
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