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  1. OMG Greedo! How the hell are ya? Really good to hear from you. :)

  2. Wow, it's been awhile since I was on here :p

  3. I just bought a used copy of Axis and Allies and it came without a manual and no cd-key. I don't want to play it online but I still need the key to play at all. If any of you have a cd-key for it please [keep it to yourselves, thank you]. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you! greedo edit:bill please dont ask for stuff like that...
  4. I'd like to offer a little advice on the order in which you read the books. After Ender's Game you should read Ender's Shadow, then Shadow of the Hegemon, followed by Shadow Puppets. Save Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide and Children of the Mind for last. Those three are the original sequels to Ender's Game but take place many years in the future and are more like adult fiction than Ender's Game. They're all really good books though. Oh, and I'm not back, I haven't made a triumphant return, I just saw this thread and needed to post this because I love the Ender books... K, bye... JAWA!!!... ok, for good this time... bye... jawa...
  5. See if you can figure these out. Question 1: In the following addition problem, the letters A, B, and C stand for three different digits. What digit should replace each letter? ABC + ACB =CBA Question 2: In the following subtraction problem, the letters A, B, and C stand for three different digits. What digit should replace each letter? ABA - CA = AB :confused:
  6. yeah, starwars.com sucks now. stupid hyperspace:mad:
  7. Spank me if somebody already posted this. http://www.starwars.com/hyperspace/about/news/news20041020.html
  8. I bought Doom 3 the day it was released. I could only play it for about 15 minutes at a time though before I couldn't take the scaryness anymore. I thought it was ok, I wouldn't buy it at full price. I'll probably wait for the demo of Half-Life2 before buying that now.
  9. HAHAHA that's from my time! please do post the others. I can't get enough of the little smilies JAWA... wtf, ewok?
  10. Tyrant. If I wanted to be a slave I'd get married... so true, so true... and just because I can -->
  11. some things will never change... JAWA!
  12. I made a CANADA MAN! but it's too big to host and I don't feel like doing anything else right now so blah... I'm going golfing.
  13. Zbomber! my faithful friend. I will welcome you into paradise... Welcome:D
  14. Yes my minions, it is I, the mighty greedo626. I am here to announce my triumphant return to the Swamp. Now bow before your rightful master and bathe in my glorious beauty as all things become mine once again. Tremble in the presence of the One true demon god as I forsake you for your evil deeds. I will strike into your minds and souls the pain and suffering you wrought upon me in your dastardly cruel way. You would see me banished from this world and my body crushed at your feet. But you are weak. Now you will become the very slaves at my side and your torment will be endless. Yes, tremble young fools, for the hour of your doom is at hand. Fear me, for I am purity. The son of man has no place here anymore...
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