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  1. I believe the definitions you've used for behavior and love are not necessarily universal, maybe to you it isn't love, but many others would still conclude it is but I won't debate this point anymore as it seems heavily subjective.


    You are right, Jesus did say He did not come to abolish the law but He also said He came to fulfill it and whatever the purpose of the law was was gratified. Now you've brought up a good question of the Omniscience of God and why He would need to change His mind about the rules. I should have mentioned this earlier as it would have cleared up many things. One thing to keep in mind is that in the Bible there are many ages or even stages of history. From the creation of man till the law was handed, there was little guidance, I can speak a bit for the different sections of the Bible after that:


    First there was the law handed down by Moses --> during this time the Hebrews fled out of Israel, they were a struggling nation as they were mostly slaves and they were almost a paramilitary organization due to the harsh conditions and harsh cultures around them. They were given extreme measures and penalties to meet the law as things such as promiscuity, over working yourself, touching carcasses, and diet would greatly influence the survival of this struggling group of people.


    Then came the time when Israel was a kingdom --> Now survival was not as paramount as keeping society together, penalties for breaking the law were not as harsh as even God Himself would deal out less than what Moses had recommended. Remember King David was forgiven for his adultery (an act punishable by death under Moses), he repented but he still had to face the consequences of his actions.


    From the period the law was handed down to the birth of Christ, the purpose of the law was to help the nation of Israel. For what reason this kingdom was built i'm not very clear about, some purposes I do know is that it helped bring about the the prophecies and lineage of the Messiah Christ.


    Next we have the coming of Christ and the age of the Church --> The Old Testament law was fulfilled and the job of the Church to to help heal the world of its many problems and to bring many people to God ultimately via Christ. This is why in Christianity we are called to love, be compassionate, yet also stand on certain issues and the importance of these ideals help us bring many people to Him.


    Way after this comes the antichrist and then the revealing of God to all of humanity --> Mankind divides into two camps, one that unites under God and the rest who follow Satan for whatever reasons. Since God has revealed Himself openly to humanity, people are now without excuse and the time for compassion and such ideals are over for those who choose to separate themselves from Him.



    Its not so much that the Bible contradicts itself on rules or that God changes His mind on them because He feels He initially messed up. He has a set plan for all of humanity which are composed of stages and different allowances. Hope I clarified some stuff up.

  2. Now I think others have pointed out the rules of the Old Testament were meant for a different purpose, the Church in general have a different purpose on this Earth than what the nation of Israel was intended to accomplish. You pointed out earlier that I think you also understood this (I think?) and therefore was trying to avoid rules from the Old Testament. Now as to the analogy, the point wasn't whether or not homosexuality is wrong (we have our own defense of this which is whole another debate), but how I could not accept certain things of a person's actions and or character yet still love them. Hope this clarifies some of the things a bit.

  3. Ofcourse those types of people exist, there are people that will pervert anything. Christ's (the founder of this religion) commandments are pretty much clear and override any other vague rules that others may "interpret". I think Jedispy and I had a problem with this statement.


    The purpose of this post was to show that this is not the case. Those that interpret the bible literally (aka "Fundamentalists") are clearly unloving, intolerant, unaccepting, non-peaceful, etc, etc, etc people around.


    Not sure how you arrived at this conclusion and people like Jedispy and I do interpret those commandments literally and still consider ourselves peaceful, loving etc.

  4. I give thanks to Christ for every good thing.


    Thank my parents and sister for all the love they've shown me.


    Friends for all the support.


    Great artists like old school George Lucas, Freddie Mercury, etc for moving me.

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