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    Paintball, Scuba Diving, Flying, PC/Console Games
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  1. At the bottom of the sea right before you get to The Pearl. You got the guy with the glowing coral lamp whose name escapes me at the moment walking around in circles and all that.
  2. While we're on the subject of nothing, check out the January 2003 CGW. If you would notice a certain Mail Bite...
  3. I love the little Lunar Lander guy. I logged a good bit of time in that sucker. Good for simmering down when a puzzle had me stumped for a bit and I wanted to turn my computer off with a monkey wrench...
  4. *Stares blankly at computer screen*........*Twitch*...
  5. http://www.clearfour.com/condiment/lichfieldsketchup.jpg That's my favorite.
  7. http://www.clearfour.com/condiment/...........
  8. Oh, now that's wierd. Who would have thought that after all these years, I remember that Dig ad quite well. Why is the useless stuff the easiest to remember? Why not something like...oh...say...the rules and regs. pertaining to the different classes of airspace? Or maybe the V-Speeds for a C-152? WHY CAN I REMEMBER A FREAKIN' AD FROM 6 YEARS AGO???
  9. Not me. Thunking hurts too much. *Thinking...Thinking...Thi:explode:*
  10. That demo is the reason I bought The Dig waaay back when...ah...memories...I may even have that disk sittin 'round somewheres...LET THE SERACH BEGIN! Just a quick romp through the cabinet over there and if it's not there then I search through the records at PC Gamer's website, find out which issue, and dig through my collection of old cd's (don't ask.) Except it doesn't seem that PCGamer has an archive of issues to look for old stuff. I'll just have to flip through all of the issues I have stockpiled.
  11. Me oh my, I forgot to talk about food. Food: Hamburgers. With. Lots. Of. Ketchup. I even have a shirt that says, "I put ketchup on my ketchup." I don't have a hamburg with ketchup, I have ketchup with a hamburg. Ketchup, the crack of condiments.
  12. Well let's see here. Games: Most any so long as it's not strategy(I sucketh mightily). Movies: See above posts. Music: Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin, The Four Seasons by Vivaldi, just about anything with a violin I s'pose:violin:...let's see, what else...Soundtracks of course. "Real" life activities: Paintball, scuba diving, flying. Beware of paintball though guys, I was once...*ahem* shot:freakout:...you know what I'm talking about... Other stuff: One word...YODA! You can NOT beat Yoda. Even Samuel L. Jackson thinks Yoda is the bomb. Random Bablings: I live in Roscoe Illinois, depending on traffic about an hour to an hour and a half west of Chicago. Just about a 20 minute drive south takes me to Rockford and BESTBUY! So needless to say I am a happy camper. Born in Colorado. My Mom didn't let me play in the yard because there were many a cactus. My favorite place to live would have to be...hmm...that's a toughie...I'd have to say...Colorado. More specifically right where some family friends live. Huge lawn, just the right amount of trees sprinkled and a BEAUTIFUL view of the Rockies. That and the fact that it's a huge house doesn't hurt either...
  13. ....Just nod...Nod and it will all go away...*twitch*...
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