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  1. hey mate, if you still have any contact with lucasforums, could you reply to this? I want to download your hoth map, but all the links to it are dead. could you upload it somewhere fresh for me cos i really think it is a good map and want to have a go at it. thanks, ajcrow.

  2. thanks also sorry i know this doesnt belong here but if your willing to help my fanfilm out by doing concept art or storyboards shoot me an e-mail. modelers are also more than welcome Havoc373@hotmail.com
  3. wel wel wel i cant believe there is still such interest in this thread i havent been on these boards for months wel here's an update i havent done any work on it for about 4 months if not longer and i dont plan to finish it ether ive been working on the high detail version of grievous for my fanfilm instead http://img312.imageshack.us/img312/9716/generalgrievousbored2copy3hq.jpg so i'm sorry unless i feel realy bored and start work on the game version of grievous then there's a slight chance i'll finish it esides i still dont know how to texture it
  4. psyko has already made a pretty good cartoon version but dunno about a movie one
  5. erm sorry but mgeneral grievous has 12 fingers not 10
  6. looks nice m8 but the color of the organ sack a a bit off
  7. mine does but dunno if your still interested in doing mine
  8. trye removing some pk3's from your base folder it should work then
  9. wow 9 posts thats gotta be a record
  10. sounds and hand refrences are a definetly yes on my list gimme gimme gimme
  11. i think you maybe right i'll try to fix that
  12. i can?....... this is my first ever player model ive been modeling for 3 months at most lol didnt think i was that good lol
  13. wow man if i didnt know any better id say that drawing was a cell chaded model looks fantastic
  14. i agree personaly i find grievous cooler than vader oh and i'm also doing a high poly version of my grievous model wich you can see on the sci fi boards
  15. wow nice btw how do ya get that thumbnail??
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