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  1. No EA's Chief Executive already said that they were working with Bioware and Lucas Arts on the next SW MMO that will be set in the KOTOR timeline. Source
  2. Well I expect that they will have to write a new combat mechanic all together for the MMO. D20 does not do well with more than about 8 people in a 'single engagement' or a single timeline fight due to it's reliance on initiative rolls etc. To make it work they will most likely assign a 'weapon speed' to melee weapons and a 'cast time' to certain force powers. Special attacks will most likely be largely instant and separate from weapon speed and consume a 'mana/force/fatigue' bar. That would allow every character at as a separate entity without having to stop/slow/link time like d20 does.
  3. I disagree, it would be unwise to release any other Star Wars title at the same time with their MMO. Lucas Arts need to get as many players 'vested in their MMO in the first month as possible. Lucas Arts wanted to release another game near the launch of KOTOR Online, they need to release the game at least two months before the release so that it will not dip into the MMO's sales.
  4. Wrong context, I'm talking about the KOTOR series as a single player RPG not the Star Wars franchise as a whole. SWG was not a continuation of a Star Wars game series (Such as KOTOR, Jedi Knights, Rogue Squadron, Battlefields etc.) While on the topic of SWG, being an ex SWG player (played at release and every revision of the game) and a MMO connoisseur, if you will, (Played RO, AC1, AC2, EQ1, EQ2, SWG, MO, AOC, COH/COV, PS & WoW) SWG is only alive at this point because it has the words 'Star Wars' in its title.
  5. Taking a page from the most successful MMO ever, Blizzard has not released another 'Warcraft' RTS since World of Warcraft launched. Why? Because WoW's audience would stop playing the MMO to play the single player game (hence no monthly fee). It is more advantageous for them to release expansion packs (at 49.99 a pop) every year for when they want a revenue spike. Will they eventually release a new Warcraft RTS? Possibly but I doubt that we will see one in the next four to five years, they have let Starcraft fill the role of their primary RTS game. With all of that said, I do expect that there may be a KOTOR 3 single player game. If the MMO takes place after KOTOR 2, I expect that KOTOR 3 will be released before the MMO and it's storyline will be designed to mostly wrap up the single player storyline (with one or two holes left for later SP games); also I expect it to lay the foundation for the MMO. If the MMO takes place either before KOTOR I, or many years after KOTOR II, then I don't foresee a KOTOR III coming out for a long, long time... if ever at all.
  6. Welcome to the forum! Personally, I find this a moot point. I'll tell you why, the three primary factions for KOTOR have been established as Jedi, Sith and Mandalorian. It fits the trinity formula that has made Star Wars a success. So ~EMS~ I wouldn't worry, I am confident that there will be at least one plot character that will be a Mandalorian.
  7. Great post, I dare say best of the week. I have mixed feelings with middleware, I think that in certain cases middleware can be a good thing (Mass Effect using Unreal 3 engine) or a bad thing (SWG using a retooled Everquest engine). I just hope that with Bioware being able to save so much time with using this middleware (Up to two years of tool/engine development [see HeroEngine.com]); that they focus heavily on unique gameplay mechanics and storyline/questlines.
  8. Hello,


    I’m just dropping you a quick line to let you know I replied to one of your posts about EA’s involvement in the new KOTOR MMO. I really enjoyed your comments about EA.


    In the end of my post I end up disagreeing with the overall focus on the thread, ergo disagreeing with you. I want to make sure you know that my disagreement with you is not a personal attack (I have greatly valued the information you have provided).


    I hope to read your response soon.

  9. I would actually be more concerned with Richard Vogel (most likely) being on the design team (He is one of the two leads in the Bioware's Austin studio). Mr. Vogel was the V.P. of Production at Sony Online and was the Executive Producer for SWG. (Two big strikes against him SOE has screwed up so many MMO's it scary)
  10. I disagree, all three of those options were tried in various stages of SWG and all three failed. The more you limit the accessibility of a class, the more people will want to play said class because of perceived rarity and/or superiority. Why the do you think they chose to make the second SW MMO in the KOTOR setting? Jedi were commonplace during that time. So even if every kid and his uncle want to play a Jedi, the setting will not suffer.
  11. The major problem was/is Paul Barnett. He is a loudmouth dev likened to Peter Molyneux. He over hyped the game pre-alfa making all sorts of shallow promises to the community. Bioware should take note and follow how Blizzard marketed their game pre-release.
  12. I think they will, the 'trilogy' pattern is a commonplace in LucasArts.
  13. Indeed, all we know is that the MMO will be taking place in the time line of KOTOR.
  14. Personally I'm very excited about the KOTOR MMO, it has brought me back to these forums which I haven’t posted in since 2003. I'm also glad that Veran t& SOE have their hands off of this title, hence the KOTOR MMO will actually have a chance to succeed. I agree that the KOTOR games were fantastic, and I also agree that there should be a third single player title to add some closure to the single player experience while laying the foundation for the coming KOTOR MMO. The one thing that I want to remind everyone is that Blizzard (Creators of Starcraft, Warcraft, & Diablo) did the same thing back in 2003/2004 that Bioware is doing now. Blizzard took one of their most beloved and successful RTS games (Warcraft) and successfully converted World of Warcraft (Their first MMO) into the most successful MMO of all time. At first, when they announced their change in direction they were received with harsh criticism from their fan base BUT, their fan base chose to have faith in the developer of the game. You know why? Because Blizzard (Like Bioware) held/holds an incredible track record for excellence in game design. I believe that the KOTOR MMO will not stand unless the player base decides to back up the development team and give the team trust and support, by in part, helping create a positive news culture around the game. I propose that we agree to disagree on these issues in the following weeks but I hope that the KOTOR base will unite behind Bioware’s bold new endeavor. It is good to be back here. Regards, VanishingVision
  15. My in game name is "Mishuruu Aeron" AKA "The Pure Shadow" but I usually go by his reference as the "VanishingVision" I know it's excessive to have three call signs... but I have actually spent allot of time developing this character, I have used him in SWG, JK2, JA, and soon in SWBF! If you wanna see the back story check out his webby at http://www.vanishingvision.vze.com Enjoy, -Me
  16. DarthCobra.. I think you may have forgotten to take your pills my friend lol GO TAKE EM' ... NOW! -VanishingVision
  17. Genius PURE genius! I must do that some time if I feel I am about to get booted for no apparent reason thnx! Great Stuff, -VanishingVision
  18. HAHA I just got kicked from a jump/offence/defense/throw duel server by the admin who I was fighting at the time for using force throw... he was using it as much as I was and just running around. Get this, then he lowers the force regen time to 0!!!! so he could do infinite katas & throws... lol. So I begin to chuck away ... I win the round [and the game btw] then he boots me calling me a throw whore... IF YOU DONT' WANT SABER THROW ON YOUR OWN SERVER .... then DON'T ENABLE IT! ... In short, don't visit the CBB servers unless you want to be kicked for using an ability that they allow themselves to use but not you ^_^ Enjoy the good laugh and the warning, -VanishingVision
  19. Sig test... what do you think? Thnx, VanishingVision
  20. Thnx, this will help me with a server... you should add this to the sticky’d server setup topic, it would really help some people! BTW I'd like to see someone create a solid dedicated server for windows and then zip it and put it online as a template for the rest of us server noobs! Thnx for the noob sandwich, -VanishingVision
  21. Don't worry about it William, some people aren't well versed in sarcasm. LOL ^_^ Um... SINGLE SABER ROCKS, -VanishingVision
  22. Crud, I thought the argument was over when I posted, I should have waited till they were done debating so someone would actually read my post ... sniffle ... sniffle... Shrug, -VanishingVision
  23. [Disclaimer: {puts flame retardant suit on} this is just my opinion, and that’s all it is. I am posting what I have had experience in the past few weeks. If I, quote, “Fail to mention” some variable that may coincide with my topic, it is probably due to the fact that I have not experienced that aspect, or I am not well versed enough in it to make a fair review/overview. Thank you.] OK here’s my personal stance on the matter, The single saber has the most versatility of the three saber types. Example: (Not bragging) I was playing on a few servers last night, and easily defeated the staff and duel spamers, I fought a few guys that knew how to use the staff and duals correctly and they were great fun... but I still won... 20 times in a row, and won all four games in a row. The thing that deters people from the single saber, more specifically the red style is that 1. It's slow 2. It leaves you incredibly vulnerable 3. Its damage ratio is weaker than the staff & Duals I couldn't believe that after landing a perfect DFA (I tested with a friend) I only did 20 to 30 damage, but my friend just spun around in front of me and just grazed me for 35 damage... I mean c’mon! But back to the point… the single... more specifically the red stance has three points to it that make it incredibly powerful 1. It is highly time able, and precise 2.It breaks defenses and can knock the opponents saber out of their hand 3. It can have several sub styles Example: I have created a system of fighting in game with the red style that can do 70 to 100 damage per hit, and shield myself at the same time if I time it just right... without katas... just plain moves... So all in all the single saber has a high learners curve and allows for a more strategic… open ended style(s) versus the other two styles... (Not that they don’t have strategic possibilities but they only have one style a piece, not counting the very limited single blade alternate form) Now… on to the subject of patching! I do believe a patch is needed to correct some serious and minor bugs in the system, I do not believe it should be released in the next week or two, but should be held off for at least one month, so that other bugs can be surfaced and such. Any longer, and people will leave the game due to its “Broken combat”, if its released earlier people will leave the game due to its “Nerfed combat”. It’s all about equilibrium! I do think after the first patch they should patch again the following month or two. I do believe there needs to be a modification… not nerf to all five styles. I will post my list of changes later but I I have a class to get to! lol Cheers, -VanishingVision
  24. Sure... anytime! e-mail me at visionjunk@hotmail.com or visit my character website at http://www.vanishingvision.vze.com and post a time or lol post what time at http://shadowwinds.proboards20.com/ or lol ICQ me at 156398732 or you could even join TWL or COG and contact me there... lol I am easily contactable... Enjoy the joys of modern communication! -VanishingVision
  25. Heh... me too... but i'd rather take an up in overall damage lol Cause I'm TRI-POLAR -VanishingVision
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