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  1. I made them many months ago for The Dig Soundtracks cdlayout ...but there're some errors (in the earth texturing and using fonts, I was studying to change it but I never had time!) The Asteroids is modelled in a few minutes... the very difficult is set up an entire scene, idea, a realistic way to realize everything and find time... I was playing while I was modelling them..
  2. I'm sorry! But yesterday I've got ALL ingame music (not 2 tracks!) from your site..and I've had no problem.. I hope you solve the problem very soon for other Dig fan like me... ..and I must get 2 tracks!!!! Thanks for the interest
  3. Thanks Schmatz for all, finally I can listen to ALL the Dig's ingame music.. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. EHI! ARE YOU ALIVE??????????????????????????????? :(
  5. Many weeks ago (one moths ago!) I wrote to Schmatz about Additional Dig's Music..I've some trouble to run the digmusic.bun player and rec the sound.. ...but I'm awaiting for music under downloads page..or a links page to mp3 file!! I'm only curious..I hope Schmatz didn't forget me... Bye!
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