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  1. Well for anyone interested we just got our final forums up at http://www.nrgteam.com/forums.
  2. Well I saw this thread and thought it was ridiculously stupid, but here I am posting in it so what does that say about me? Anyways Star Wars and LOTR are so different that you can't compare them. I mean one takes place in a galaxy far far away and contains futuristic weapons, environments, and a sci-fi story. The other is set in an alternate, yet very similar place to medieval europe, and contains medieval weapons, and a fantasy setting and story. One has a supernatural evil demi-god, one has the emperor. One has a tall, athletic hero, and one has an incredibly short, and unusual hero. Anyways I could literally write a paper on the differences between the two, but basically my point is that they are both incredible works. The Star Wars series being an amazing set of movies (the first 3), while LOTR is an amazing set if books that looks like will be turned into 3 incredible movies. Bottom line, they are both great and neither one deserves to win or lose a popularity poll when they are both so different.
  3. I might have some family over saturday night, but I am unsure. Saturday afternoon is fine with me and saturday night might be as well. Also i just noticed this, but the thread that Vestril made about this clan like when we first started, like literally the day after the first post he made a post in the clan forums to tell people about us, anyways that post has had like 7 or 8 people post expressing interest that we have never gotten back too because we have never checked that thread. I made a post telling them to post here instead. Also Monev you can join if you are going to be active by coming to meetings and posting often.
  4. Umm for everybody posting in this thread, well this isn't our official thread, post in the one that has like over 500 posts. This threas was made a long time ago, but we have never even checked it so go to the other one and sorry about the confusion.
  5. Well bobajangofett, I would say you are in. It's ok if you plsy Warcraft 3 too we don't care. I play Neverwinter Nights too, and right now I probably play it more than JK2. Just as long as you can make meetings/practices and you will post fairly often, and you are in. So our forums are http://www.nrgteam.com/nrgforums. Scroll down till you see the CTF forums. So anyways welcome.
  6. OK the IP Zakk posted is not the one you want to use. It is his IP for his router. The IP that we can use I posted at our official forums. Just clearing that up. So bobajangofett, we weren't excepting members, however our thread was moved and apparently we have lost contact with most of our members. We had around 35 members, but we have only like 7 or so that have been active since the thread was moved so I will assume the others have lost contact with us. So we are accepting some new members assuming you will be an acive member. If you haven't read the 500 or so other posts, and I really don't blame you, we are a new clan that is starting up. We just over the weekend got our server up and running, we have a forum that we share with another clan that we are friends with, and we have an official site, though all it is right now is a layout and has no information at the momemt. We are hopefully soon going to start having practices on our new server and then we plan on competing against other clans in tournaments and such. We had a ranking system and positons set out for everyone, but we appear to have lost most of them, so we will have to rework that. I am the vice president by the way, and mastercheech is the president. So if you want to join, make a post here saying so, and also I recommend joining our forums. Anyways thats all for now.
  7. Thats ok Zakk, a mistake anyone could have made. However I did post the right IP to use over at our forums in case you want it.
  8. OK people big announcement here so listen up: the CTF official server is up and running thanks to Zakk. As of right now there is no password so you can join anytime. The name of the server is [CTF] Zakk's Server. As of now we have no official meeting times or practices scheduled as we just got the server up like today, but rest assured I will talk to cheech and we will decide on some times. Anyways thats all I have for now.
  9. Yeah Zakk I am in South Carolina, where are you? If you are only an hour difference then that I'm sure we can find a time for us to get together. As for the number of people on the server, well we officially had 35 members, but we seem to have lost alot of them when our thread was moved. Right now I would estimate that we have only like 10 or so active members. So making it for no more than 20 would probably be ok for now. As for when I am online, well I work from 8 to 5 weekdays and usually I am not available till around 8 or so my time and I can only be online till like 12 or so otherwise i won't be able to get myself up for work. Plus on Fridays and Saturdays I am usually out with friends till say 1 or 2. However I am stopping work this week actually so I can have a couple weeks off before college starts, so I will be available most of the day and all night on weekdays, and the same schedule still aplies for weekends. Also on weekends I can do stuff during the day, its just at night I am usually out. Anyways I am sure we can figure something out. I am interested in hearing all your ideas about the server. So Ah Boon I understand if you are going to make your map open to the public. I don't blame you. I did however try your map out. It looks pretty good. How did you do the trap pit thing? Everything appears to work fine except for when the pit collapses I can see colored pixels falling. But maybe that is just my computer. Anyways keep up the good work. Also to Deflare and JediOutcast04, I have talked it over with mastecheech and we will accept both of you as long as you will be active members. By active I mean making frequents posts both here and at our official forums and when we get the server up, by coming to meetings and matches. As long as you will do that, then you are in. So welcome to the clan!
  10. Hey Zakk I completely understand about the NCAA 2003, I just rented it yesterday. I have 2002 and I wanted to rent 2003 first to see if it made enought changes from 2002 to warrant me buying it. But try getting jedirunner, it is mostly self explanatory,, but if you need any help at all just IM me. My AOL screenname is DreamKilla84. Also just so I can add you for future reference, what is your screename? JediOutcast04 I will have to get back to you on whether you can join or not. We had over 35 members and had stopped accepting people, however the thread we were using to communicate to eveyone was moved and since then we have only heard from like 10 members or so. I am not sure if we have lost all the other members or if they are maybe on vacation or what. To get in good standing with the clan it would be advisable to make some posts on our official forums to show that you are going to be an active member. Our official forums are at http://www.nrgteam.com/nrgforums. And I know what you are thinking, if you have official forums how did you lose contact with your members when the thread here got moved? Well we are a brand new clan and we just in the past 2 weeks or so got our forums up so many of our members hadn't even registered at them yet. Anyways go to that website and go the CTF forums and make some posts in the recruiting section there. So clones whats new. This isn't for the clan, but I would like to say the the new yoda model along with jedimod 1.1 is absolutely incredible. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for lots of fun. Anyways, thats all for today. Until tommorrow, cya.
  11. Well a least a few more people joined us finally. Hadn't heard from you in a while Tyrion. Could you not find the thread when it was moved, or were you just busy? Thats what I am wondering, has everyone just got tired of waiting on us to get a server up, or have they lost the thread and are unable to contact us. Take for example Boba Fart, he was a war general (can't remember proper title) and was posting pretty much everyday, but he hasn't posted since the thread was moved. Also Wamprat, he is the freaking vice president and I haven't heard from in like 2 or 3 weeks. So do we think everybody has lost the thread or have they lost interest? If they have lost the thread, then I say we start posting reminders on the main forum saying that our thread has been moved. I already posted one the other day. If they have lost interest, then well, it is easier to get it set up with fewer people so when we get everything set up (the website, server, etc. ) we can recruit some more people. Speaking of the server, Zakk weren't you going to see about you setting one up for us? I know you were away for a while, but now that your back, do you still need some help setting one up? Also Ah Boon I have been very busy lately, but I have just had time to get your map that you sent me and as soon as I finish this post I am going to try it out. I will tell you what I think tommorrow. Anyways, thats all I have for now, oh except to remind those that haven't registered at our official forums to do so because we are starting to get some more activity now. Thats all for now.
  12. Just wanted to let everyone who had posted on our thread in this forum (we had like over 500 posts) that our thread was moved to the clan recruting section, so you can check us out there or at our official forums at http://www.nrgteam.com/nrgforums. Thanks.
  13. Yeah I guess that would be the best thing to do Ah Boon. I will go do that.
  14. Well Zakk to run a server you need a faily high end computer along with a fast internet connection. If you have this, then please post another response, I would be glad to help you set up a server. The same goes to everyone, if you are unsure of how to go about it, contact me and I will gladly help you. Yes mastercheech the participation sucks at the moment. Whether people are waiting on a server to go up, or just can't find the thread now that it moved, it is definetly really low. Only like 3 or 4 people have posted in the last week or so. Now as to what we do about that, I am unsure. We could use AIM to IM some of the members that we are unsure if they have found the thread. Anyways just a thought.
  15. Hi guys, just checking in. Hopefully everybody has realized that our thread was moved, (Seems they thought that it was growin too big for the main forums, and it really belonged in the clan forums anyways). So we are desperately searching for a server for us. Yogurt sounded interested, but I talked to mastercheech a while ago and he said that he had e-mailed Yogurt and that he had ben contacted by another clan first. Soooooooo our search continues. Hopefully soon we will figure something out. If all else fails we will take up Legion's offer of setting up a joint server with the AB clan assuming that they are still interested. However I think Legion said they won't be able to get that up until August. Which I suppose isn't that far away at the moment. Anyways I was just checking in, Cya.
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