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  1. I think "over the top" is the design brief for this game.
  2. I thought the DS had the full top ten lineup in the US, not japan?
  3. I wouldn't bother with these if i was you. They have already said that they are bringing out ANOTHER version in 2007 for the 30th aniversary. And the reviews i've read say the picture quality is pretty rubbish on the originals. People are hoping that the 2007 release will get some decently remastered, anamprphic versions of the originals, but who knows. Here is a review, and some pics: http://avplay.avforums.com/index.php?showreview=8059&reviewid=12516 That picture quality looks rubbish.. look at the grain and the compression.. almost as if they purposefully made it look bad in comparison to the remastered originals.. hmm.. Tho if anyone DOES get it i'd be interested to know their opinion.
  4. If we have to have a real world fight coordinator consulting (not sure thats a good idea after they got real architects for Oni, but ok..) then we need Bob Anderson or no-one. Fre radical make kick-ass arcade games.. but they have never been much into deep plots or complex mechanics. its not yet clear what game they are working on though, i'd be surprised if LA didn't have several next-gen games lined up. (and opefully a Wii one too). I guess since no one can even agree on what genre FU is its probably too early to talk about it. *wishes it was a cell shaded clone wars game ftw*
  5. If i was bush.. no scratch that, cheney or rumsfeld.. then there is no way i'd risk all the leaks you'd get with a conspiracy that large. Most of these conspiracy theories are a bit like the sting in "The Sting". They are entertaining and sound great.. but they'd just require far too many resources, and far too many people in the know to ever be practical. Heck.. they can't pull off the easy stuff, especially without leaks and whistle blowers.. so why would you think they could organise this sort of thing. If I was doing it, the ONLY remotely safe way would be to use an existing Al Quaida cell. THen you'd just need one or two guys in the know.. and to trick the al quaida cell into thinking they were triggered by their bosses. But if that was the case then all the conspiracy nuts evidence would amount to nothing. I DO think it will become like JFK.. which will be fun. But lets remember that ALL the theories around JFK were disproved years ago.. it's only people's imaginations that cause them to cling on to them. (and besides, anyone who watched Red Dwarf know that it was JFK, on the grassy knoll who shot JFK. )
  6. Craig will rock as bond. I'm a little worried its got too much action in it. It'd be nice to have a bond film were he, you know, actually does some spying for a change.. instead of just chasing around while things blow up. Hopefulyl the poker game will play a more major role than it looks in the trailer. Bond films are almost always good the first time in the cinema (except die another day) but its when you watch them again on DVD or TV you realise whether they were actually good.. or just had a lot of flash to distract you. That music gets me going every time. (and not in the Darth Ave way.. ) Played goldeneye MP this weekend on a mate's N64.. good for flashabacks to uni hangovers.
  7. FINALLY.. a link! WW1 air combat could be pretty cool.. the last one i can think of is Biggles... and they ruined that by inserting some pointless yank into it because apparently its not the done thing in a hollywood movies to have a brit as the star of a movie about a british flying ace. *watches trailer* Hmm.. Interesting prospect.. glad they seem to have managed to cram EVERY cliche in the book into it.. american hero pilots, stiff brits, black guy overcomes prejudice and at least one romance (oh yay!) . Seeing as its from the producer of the Patriot i wonder if it will turn out that the evil brits are behind everything after all, and then the americans will win the war, capture the enigma, get the girl and single handedly win the battle of britain while they are at it? Oh, and run along the top of an exploding zepelin of course..
  8. I just watched Crank.. that is a cool hitman film. Jason Statham kicks butt as usual.. but in a much more fun way than The Transporter. But it makes me think.. the plot for Hitman is so SPECTACULARLY GENERIC that i don't see the point in liscencing the game. They could just make any old movie about a hitman.. call it "hitman" and have a generic action movie. I never understand why they insiste on taking generic games and making them into genre movies.. when they could just make the damn movie and forget the game.. and avoid pissing off a lot of game fans in the process.
  9. And when i was in japan about 2 years ago it was actually very hard to find Gamecube games.. i thought that Japan, being the home of big N, would have way more gamecube coverage than the UK.. but it was just like the UK - whole shops full of PS2 games and a tiny corner devoted to GCN games.
  10. The t-shirt i wore today had a skeleton on it.. i'll have to remember not to wear that one when i try and fly to milan next week... sheesh.. @Eagle: do you mean respect for GnR?
  11. I think it is the lighting and shader effects that make most "next gen" games look any different to the current gen. Its true that there are also a lot more polygons floating about.. but that actually makes very little overall difference to the visuals.. its the extra shine/sweat/lighting/depth of field effects that make things look newer and spanglier. I dunno enough about the graphics chip inthe wii to know how well it can pull those off. That IS the updated red steel though.. with major improvements from e3. I also don't get this thing about being "too close to the tv". From what i understand of how the wiimote works that sould have no effect at all.
  12. That seems like load of joystiq's part. Nothing in that implies that they are gonna launch it next week.. though it might mean they actually have enough stocks to do a decent worldwide launch. If they were gonna launch it next week they'd have to have been shipping units out to territories already and peope would have noticed that. SOunds liek it was written by someone who got a little too overexcited.. That controller looks pointless. all you'd need to do would be turn the controller on it's side to use it as a steering wheel.. like people did at E3 for the ExciteTruck demo. The more peripherals you have the more you splinter your userbase and cut down potential sales.. so a peripheral that adds ZERO functionality would be very very silly indeed.
  13. Wow.. you are the only person who watched that trailer and thought "looks like its going to be a good movie".
  14. Where? Or is it in that insane hyperspace rip-off?
  15. I think i saw this a few years back.. but it might just have been a dream.. yeah, probably a dream.. mmm.. zzzzz..
  16. YEah!! TMNT is at least realistic and logical!
  17. It seems like EVERY problem the PS3 has had is down to BlueRay. As far as i know only one lanch game actually needs blueray capacity, but i could be wrong on that. You can't help but wonder if they wouldn't have been better to release a PS3 without blueray, for the price of an xbox360, 6 months ago, globally and then release a blueray addon like MS is doing with the HD-DVD addon for the 360. On the other hand, if PS3 is a success it basically means blueray should win the format war.. so they are literally betting the company on PS3+Blueray.
  18. You have to be pretty twisted inside to get a warm feeling from knowing that three innocent british guys were held without trial, without charges, without representation, in small cages, for 3 years, tortured and humiliated and that there are others still there, including children. Maybe you should see a shrink as you seem to be displaying borderline sadist tendancies recently.
  19. Yay! Finally managed to download and watch the whole thing.. although there wasn't a lot of more indepth stuff after the red steel stuff. I thought Red Steel looked pretty sweet. The graphics looked good to me.. especially the bit where he was shooting guns out of people's hands.. the lighting when the gunshots came throught eh paper screen looked good. Red steel's gameplay looks not bad... but i'm a little worried it might lack depth. The swordfighting looked good, especially the blocking. But if there aren't more complex combos, or more complex timings to learn then it might get repetetive. The shooting, on the whole, looked similar to a lot of console FPS games in terms of accuracy. Possibly a bit too sensitive.. and i think they need to make turning a bit smoother. I don't think the reticule should move as far from the centre of the screen as it does, otherwise you are kind of shooting blind when you are at the edge of the screen. On the whole it looks great.. but hope the final version is a bit more in-depth and has a few sensitivity options.
  20. Ahh, I see. So the christian militas slaughtering whole villages are just defending themselves.. but the islamic militias are an example of the violent, intollerant nature of islam. Hmm. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/3689615.stm That explains the poor KKK as well, always having to defend themselves, poor guys... Deuteronomy 4:2 'The Law is permanent for all future generations. You must add nothing to what I command you, nor subtract anything from it, but keep the commandments of Yahweh your God just as I lay them down for you.' Deuteronomy 29:19 'If anyone should think to himself, "I will do well enough if I follow the dictates of my heart, Yahweh will not pardon him. His wrath shall burn against him.' Agreed. Though 90% of modern day christianity (and islam for that matter) seems to be based on doing exactly that. (single line out of context?) 2.228 And they (women) have rights similar to those (of men) over them in kindness, and men are a degree above them. Basically Islam and Christianity share 99% of the exact same laws: Death to adulterers - check, Women remain covered and silent - check, death to followers of other religions - check, and so on. Which i guess is only to be expected as they are basically the same religion (muslims following the teachings of christ and all that..) . There are millions of muslims living quite peaceful and happy lives in constitutional monarchies and secular republics around the world.. but the only ones we ever see on tv are the violent extremists attacking us. There are millions of christians living quite peaceful and happy lives in constitutional monarchies and secular republics around the world.. but the only ones they ever see on tv are the violent extremists attacking them. Islam is no more fundamentally violent, or evil, or fascistic than christianity. It simply happens that at this moment in history we are constantly bombarded by images of our enemy.. who happens to be a fascistic islamic state.
  21. Its a shame he had to put himself in danger all the time just to get ratings.. but i guess that is how our culture works today.. you've gotta be more and more extreme just to get noticed. It can't be long before one of the Jackass lot kills themselves and the video makes a fortune. *sigh* Apparently they have the whole thing on tape. I could never tell if he really cared about animals or not.. he always seemed to be to be just osmeone desperate to be famous, and willing to do anything to get it. But if he gave all his money to preserve wildlife then maybe i was wrong.
  22. @abespam: thanks for finding the download link. Hopefully now i should be able to watch it to the end. -- From what i did watch it seemed to be by far the best example yet of how Wii games will actually control.. due to the fact you got to see both the ingame action and how the guy used the controller.. plus hear his comments so you could tell when it was working well, and when it was frustrating him. I thought Battalion wars and Mario Smash Football looked really fun.. enough to make me want to check out the GCN versions if i can find them. The graphics weren't mindblowing, but looked fine to me. The controls, on the whole, seemed to work well for them. (maybe a little bt twitchy when selecting onscreen icons in BW and a bit hard to do a 180 turn). I thought Red Steel looked good. Admittedly I don't have a 360, or an uber PC (doom3 and farcry being about as advanced as i've gotten) but i thought the character models for the samurai looked good and the environments seemed nicely destructable. It wasn't HDR i don't think.. which could make it look a bit oldfashioned now most PC games are. Nintendo really needs to make sure they have enough shaders to implememt all the whizzy effects that are so trendy these days. I thought he control for the swordfighting looked excellent. The control for the shooting looked a little twitchy.. but the main worry i had wa that turning your viewpoint looked a bit jerky. (Almost no turn until the cursor gets to the edge of the screen and then quick turn. I'd have liked it to be a bit more smooth and cushioned, so your cursor would rarely get to the edge of the screen). I guess now i'd better wait for the download and see what else there is to see....
  23. This seems like the best example so far of what a Wii will actually play like... a 24 min video from a games convention that shows them playing Battalion Wars 2, Mario Football, Red Steel, etc.. and gives you a good idea of the pros and cons of the controller. http://uk.media.games.ign.com/articles/693/693580/vid_1657122.html Though it keeps getting to about 15 minutes in an killing my copy of firefox so i haven't seen the end. Not sure if its my PC though.. its been a bit unstable recently (stupid xp! ). Maybe i'll try it on the laptop tomorrow and see if i can actually watch the whole thing.
  24. YEah, thats what i was thinking. I uninstalled JO/JA a long time ago, so i can't try it.. but it sounds like a mix between Ep3 and JO. -- Really Ep3 is a totally different type of game..its basically a ninja gaiden style button masher.. from a fixed third person perspective and with canned combos. It woud only really work on the console as it would require analogue control and lots of buttons. If LA are going to make their next jedi in that style i'd hope they make it more like Prince of Persia or Ninja Gaiden and less like ep3. JO on the other hand is basically and FPS.. you ARE the character.. rather than them being a character you control on screen. Where you look, they look. This leads to less cinematic battles.. but also to a feeling of greater control, association and depth. For me at least. I like console button mashers.. but very view of them feel "real".. most are just entertaining fun. However games like Half Life, Thief, JK, Deus Ex.. they all seem to manage to be more than fun.. as you actually feel much more involved. If they do go for a console game then maybe they could learn something from ob1.. the combat in that actually felt like it had potential.. but the whole game was bodged, the story and level design was terrible, and it just felt unfinished and unpolished. Still, if they put some effort into it who knows..
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