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  1. WOW LEXX! Great to hear from you again. I have the same memories of some really great duels I agree that it was a huge part of my life as well. We really did have some amazing fun times back then. Are you in contact with anyone else from those days?
  2. Hey guys. [setting up Hermes Place beacon - calling all members] You might remember me. I was the "minister of maps" on the Jah Warrior JKII server Hermes Place:D My job was to find new exciting maps we could test on the server. I took my job VERY seriously and we had some really REALLY good times. It's been 11 years or so since we all hUng out together. I'm writing this thread to see if any of my old friends are still around in these forums. What are you doing today? What games are you playing? People like Jah Warrior, LeXX, Living Sacrifice, Cjais, MediocreSlacker and many more. I'm sorry I can't remember you all. Please respond
  3. Hello fellow gamers. Long time no see. Anyone here know how I can get in touch with the folks behind the site http://www.pcgamemods.com? I have some questions about the site and such. I can't seem to do anything besides upload a mod when I'm logged in there. No contact info is to be found. And where have their forum gone? Used to be one where the mods were discussed. Any help is greatly appreciated As some of you may know pcgamemods.com was formely known as jedioutcastmaps.com. This is why I'm asking here since I'm hoping someone knows that site and may have some info ........
  4. HELLO BOYOS I've been trying to find Hermes for the last month but maybe it's because I only look once a week that I strike out...hehe. Any1 know what happened. Has Jah moved on to more lucrative killing grounds? UT2003? Nice to see some familiar faces again: L_S and Skinwalker. BTW I seldom play JK2 nowadays....just got to a point where it wasn't fun anymore. Don't tell me I'm the only 1 ?? Fellas??
  5. Wow, been a while since I posted here last...sorry. The map is PADSTATION and is to be found under the FFA's at our fav map site and Hermes Place. I think we already have seen the secret together once when jah turned off gravity and a bunch of us floated upwards in the reactor room....
  6. Some day when a bunch of us get togethA I would like to show you guys the secret in PADSTATION..... All you need to get to it is force jump 3 and that is default on Hermes so no prob there:)
  7. come by soon L__S, I miss ya honky self
  8. leXX me ol china *passes the bisquits to leXX* I don't know if Tiscali is "bad" but we have certainly started out on the wrong foot for sure. Isn't BT the best connexion to get for you anyway?. I mean it's the biggest UK based ISP right? I have contacted my "basic" ISP (Not Tiscali) today and they will look into the problems with the port restrictions. I don't know when they will fix it but I hope it will be soon. I really can't do much else than wait (or use a flamethrower:D)......so I'll see you on the flip side baby. *LOL* you crack me up with the console thingy. When in doubt...remove the problem = no console :D:D I love that. But for "youngsters" the GC is prolly the best solution...innit? Thank god my www works at least:rolleyes:
  9. thanx for the support cjais. I hope my problem will soon be solved
  10. Hey guys. Okay 1st off...I'm so extremely angry now. My ISP have a new partner that provides us with internet etc (Tiscali). Apparently they have NO grasp of what they are supposed to deliver. Example: for the last week, since the new ISP partnership, I CAN'T get good pings when playing JO online.....and OMfG that p*sses me off to the power of 1138 They have "blocked" certain ports and the JO ports are among these. I will contact my ISP this monday and tell them to remove the restrictions on ports 28070->28100. I hope they will comply or I'm almost ready to sue them. I'm not the only one crying about this. This is why I haven't been around and when I was I'm sorry to say my mood was bad. Not towards you my fellow HPs, but to the agonizing ping I'm dealing with these days. As I said I will try to fix this sh*t ASAP. hmm ...I can't seem to post on the HP forum and when I finally do it's pure luck. Sorry:( That's why this crap gets posted here:) NOW....the console predicament leXX I have an XboX and I love it. Yup, it has the most powerful console engine at present. The only thing going against it is the shortage of titles released. I think we are approaching 80-90 titles as we speak. I 0wn 5 titles that I haven't seen equaled on the pc (yet) VERY amazing stuff (REAL water effects etc). (Jah said it well when he described the consoles but I might add that the DVD capabilities on the xb0x have been tested several times to be better than PS2 ...if DVD plays a part in your decision) I hope to see you all soon and I miss'ya.....I do *s0000b* PS: whatever
  11. well i'm just gonna nudge this baby some. bada* B U M P *
  12. *LOL* flemming the lemming flemming is actually a danish name hehe
  13. LOL lexx my homegirl ..SUP? hehe WELCOME BACK JAH !! With some hair n all Girly said it: we missed ya somewhat awful !!
  14. Yeah great map. LOL lexx U silly tart Skyline is awesome....shame we can't go all the way up n have a ride So it seems this map is great for duels since we just had a nice rumble including my charming falls from time to time cya soon lovelies
  15. Here is a truly well made map: Coruscant Promenade http://www.jedioutcastmaps.com/file.php?id=518 From the start of Episode II in the huge city of Coruscant. This map runs really well on my system. Only thing I can find to be lacking is some more room for duels but otherwise this map is 1 of the best I've seen so far. GREAT JOB Starunner
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