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  1. Well, I found it. Problem is, I can't seem to remember what the special commands for spawning were. Let me think, there was: "npc spawn shrike" "npc spawn yoda" - provided the yoda model is in the directory "npc spawn darkseide" "npc vehicle spawn mutant_rancor_vehicle" "npc spawn r2d2_imp" "npc spawn r2d5_imp" "npc spawn reborntrandoshan" "npc spawn rebornweequay" "npc spawn rebornchiss" "npc spawn rebornrodian" "npc spawn sand_creature_vehicle" Okay, yeah. Basically, those were the commands. I'm submitting it to "Jediknight.net" right now. If there are impatient people among you who want to see what boredom creates (well, at least when I'm bored), e-mail me at: Dark_Kateria@juno.com and I'll reply with the file. Subject heading should be "GIVE ME GAMEUPGRADE DX!!!" or something to that effect.
  2. Well, now that I've successfully replaced my hard drive, AndroidBob and I will be getting back to work on "More Hilts" and "More Hilts DX". Now, we've been getting alot of e-mails requesting hilts, and we've included some of those requests, but here's what I want to know. Does anybody out there want to join the "More Hilts"/"More Hilts DX" team and help out with production of the mod? We're hoping some of you will be good enough to join. Hopefully, we'll get a modeler so we can include some exlcusive hilts we've been trying to design... Anyways, those interested should send e-mail to: Dark_Kateria@yahoo.com with the subject heading "More Hilts"/"More Hilts DX" application. Please tell us what kind of skills you have, and we'll base our acceptance of what we can find out. Also, those of you of AIM can attack me with that info by IMing me at: Darkseide2. Well, I'm going to get back to studying for finals now, so have fun everybody...
  3. I was fooling around with all sorts of data and I made the mutant rancor a vehicle, but for some reason I can't remember what I did with it. I called it "Game Upgrade", and I had some people-beta testing the stupid thing. Then my hard drive went out on me. I know I have it backed up on one of my zip disks, but until I figure out which one, I can't upload it to http://www.jediknight.net just yet. Besides, I think I was still trying to see if I could enable the rockets on the stupid swoops...
  4. *drools* Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. I can't wait to dload it. Qui-Gon Jinn Rules! Are you going to make his Saber Hilt too?
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