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  1. Although I like HfRO, Clear and Present Danger is my favorite. I love the ambush scene. The way it builds up suspense is almost par with Jaws.
  2. If it's in a Duel Mode game, then they were probably going into thier console each time to execute a script bind. Not technically a cheat, but it sure gives them an advantage over the average player.
  3. Yeah, I make this topic every six months. But I've been away from JK2 for quite awhile and I was wondering if there's any reason worth me reinstalling it for. Any new mods, particularly TCs? Also, what's up with the Dark Forces/DFII remake mods? Are they still alive? Links.
  4. Sweet. There's an IMAX downtown; I'd pay the few extra dollars to see it there.
  5. My mom says Batman used to be my favorite movie when I was a kid, like around 2-4. Although I doubt I understood what was going on.
  6. Aww, now I'm less eager to kill him. We should just maim him.
  7. You can own an assault rifle, but you can't fire it in your backyard.
  8. Yeah, they've been using dolphins since Vietnam. I saw something about it on the Discovery channel some time back.
  9. They looks really poor after playing Freelancer. Too bad Freelancer wasn't as great as it could've been.
  10. Become good friends with the guy. Then when yall turn 18 convince him to join the Marines with you, and as soon as he get enlisted change your mind. He'll be shipped off to Parris Island and you can move in on his girlfriend.
  11. Nice guys finish last.
  12. The British seem to use a wide variety of guns. The guy in the background has a FAMAS
  13. "Never trust a bartender with bad grammer."
  14. Who do you think is the best looking character from a video game? I just finish playing the main storyline of Freelancer, and I must say I thought Juni was pretty good. I haven't played any DOA games though. And I'm sorry, but no voting for community-made models. We can't have everyone voting for Padme.
  15. I don't like monthly fees either. And is it really going to be $15 a month? I can handle $10 or less, but $15 is getting kind of up there. Although running those servers does cost a lot of money. All those Half-Life, UT2003, and BF1942 servers you play on are being paid for be someone. And an MMORPG like SWG take a beaucoup amount of resources to host a server; I doubt regular people would be able to afford it or afford the technology to host them, so the company has to host them and needs money to keep them running.
  16. Nobody is looking forward to SWG? Or are the ones that voted just afraid to post? Think about the sentimental value. You can sit in a Cantina all day and when somebody comes within five feet you bring out the great bar fight convo. Of course since the other player will have no idea what you're doing at first it will more or less likely go "Hey, I don't like you." "What?" ::points to a random guy:: "He doesn't like you either." "um ok, do you got a phat lightsaber I can have?" "You better be careful, we're wanted men." "really? can I group with you?" "You'll be dead!" And thus proceed to shoot him with a blaster rifle since there will be no Obi Wan to save him from the pointless wrath...good times...
  17. Half-Life is so old, that the soundtrack is considered classical.
  18. Half-Life. I still play that constantly, or at least its mods.
  19. Clubs are for losers who spend all their time playing games and surfing th... oh wait.
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