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  1. Meh we are rating 2nd top club Overall in every war ever faught by all clans in all games. Top 5 Club Awards ASF (63 ) LSF (43 ) NRN (27 ) RSF (22 ) BOSS (22 ) Where is GSA, I wouldn't know because Iv never even heard of your clan because they only post good clans on Bstats. Don't try and bash LSF because we are better than what ever your clan is.
  2. Our club consists of 200 people through out four factions and many units. We have a dedicated JK2 server on a Firbre Line and are currently rated #1 gaming organization at battlestats.com for the latest JK2 tournament. We are open to people all around the world and we have multiple units to acount for different time zones. You can join us to Play JK2 or any other Star Wars multiplayer game or if you simply wanna help with admin stuff like graphic design HTML ect. If you suck at a game don't worry at all as we have Training Units and Training Officers to help you out. Join us at http://www.starfighters.com/lsf/join.html I recomend joining the Empire
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