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  1. HapSlash

    Yoda VM

    I still think that if you bring his face up so that his eyes are more aligned with the center of his ears, it would look so much better. The drooping of the face really gives him a sad appearance overall.
  2. HapSlash

    Yoda VM

    I think you're still keeping the head a bit too round. Yoda has a really odd shaped head that doesn't flow all that well. Something you may want to try is taking all the verts that make up his face from his mouth on up, and pulling them straight upward. That would end up extending his chin and brow a little, both of which appear to be a bit weak. His cheaks are still too smooth, you really should pull them out a bit. I also think the top of his head could be a bit more pointed and the ears could be fleshed out a bit more. The feet are still looking a tad big, and the toes could probably be pulled apart. But it is looking better, keep at it,...
  3. HapSlash

    Yoda VM

    Cool,... I't's looking pretty good so far, but since you asked for some opinions, and I'm a stickler for details, here are some things I think would really help the look of the model. The waist line looks to be a bit high, I'm not sure if you can do something about it, but I think you may want to try. The face is a bit small for the rest of the head overall, and I think the cheeks should be a bit more angular, not quite so round. The bridge of the nose seems a bit wide, or it might be just the end of his nose, it's hard to tell as it doesn't quite look the same in all the shots. The mouth is also too wide,... Rather than have it stretch to below the center of the eye, I think it would look more accurate if it stopped just short of the pupil. The eyes shouldn't be quite so sunken in to the skull, but should protrude a bit from the head, while the jaw and lips shouldn't jut out from the rest of the face, I think this might be the main thing that's throwing off the rest of the head. I also believe that his ears are a little small and might be a bit too far back, but I'm not exactly sure about that one,... They also shouldn't be symmetrical. Yoda's right ear is a little thinner and doesn't curve quite like the other. That's about all I can really think of right now, many of the chages would substantially change the look of the head, so it would be hard to offer anymore suggestions until I could see how it looked.
  4. I'll usually model the faces over photo references too, but I don't think I would really use perspective mode. I think it just distorts the model too much to be able to use it very effectively. most photos are taken at a distance where perspective doesn't really alter the image all that much. What I do is use as many references from as many different angles as possible, and then I'm constantly turning the model to make sure it doesn't look odd at certain angles. It probably helps that I've been sculpting faces out of clay for years, moving to 3D meshes wasn't that great a leap, I just needed to learn how to use the program better. If it helps you could also have some type of actual real reference handy while modeling. For instance, I had the Count Dooku bust of Cristopher Lee sitting on my desk while I was modeling his head. It doesn't have to be of the character you're trying to recreate, just something to keep you aware of how the features should flow,... I don't think I'd really refer to them as faithful fans,... more like malcontents. I get quite a lot "NeoMarz can make dozens of models in the time it takes you to do crap!" messages, a lot of them from the same people who hassle you. For the most part I'd try to pay them no heed. Most of them have no idea what goes into making a model for the game, or all the little tricks you have to learn in order to make them look 'right' when they are.
  5. One thing I can say about it is that you're definitely getting better about a few things. I see that it's well within a decent poly range, however I think you sacrificed a few faces that would have helped the mesh deform a bit better in the shoulders and midsection, while there are still a bit of excess on the upper half and back of his skull, especially when you consider that those areas are covered up by his hair. I really do like the hair though. I think you did a great job of matching it up to the look he sports through most of the movie,... almost makes me want to go back and work on mine some more. If you want some pointers on ways you could improve the mesh I do have a few suggestions,... From the front, the hips and torso seem a bit wide from just below the arms on down. not too bad, but I think it could be made a bit slimmer. From the side the hips and legs look a little thick, like the verts should be brought forward. While the center of his chest looks like it should be brought back some. I think it might also help to have the verts on the back of the belt moved out from the center a bit, just to create a more rounded curve from back to front. If you look at him from a 3/4 angled view, it almost looks as if there's a large chunk missing out of his side. The same thing should probably be done to the pair of verts that are above his belt boxes. One other thing that I noticed is that his head seems a little low when compared to the standard JK models. I don't know if this is intentional or not, but it does seem a bit off. I hope you do go on to make some of those other models, I've seen a number of people trying to get someone to make better versions than the ones that are currently available.
  6. Well, I''m still waiting on Obi-Wan to get finished before this one can be. The curse of not weighting your own models I guess. Hopefully, it won't be too much longer 'til I can get back to working on this.
  7. Nah, we just lost all the posts from the last month,... the older threads are still there.
  8. So far you're the only one who's said they actually like it. There were a lot of 'sad' comments about the new face. So, I changed the eye texture so it wasn't quite as bright, and made the lower eyelid less defined I had been giving thought to including both Jedi and Sith versions for the skins. But, no one seems to be responding well to the new texture; except for Buffy of course,... And if the only difference is going to be the color of the eyes, I'll probably just skip it.
  9. Okay, I want to make sure I get everyone's opinion here, so I'll probably post this around to a couple places. If no one likes it, then there's no point in including it,... There were a few concerns that Anakin looked too angry in the original texture I put together for the face. So, I've reworked the texture to give him a less aggresive appearance,... here's the comp: I originally posted this to my personal forum. So far the response has been, shall we say, less than enthusiastic.
  10. Well, anyway,... I know some of the weapons are recieving an overhaul. Salv asked me to tweak some of the weapons not too long ago. So, I doubt you've seen the latest versions anyway,...
  11. Isn't the movie battles one just the version that originally comes with JO/JA
  12. I wouldn't say it's dormant either,... how about sluggish. lackadaisical?
  13. Well the update to the imperial officer model has finally been finished. It was intended to be included with the demo, but after I missed the release date, I set it aside to work on a few other projects. Infinity blade recently weighted the model, so here it is now. I've made a basic download for the model replacement which will work with Jedi Outcast, but I still haven't put anything together specifically for JA or the DF mod. I'll try to get an official release finished soon, but in the meantime; for those who still play JO, and want to breathe a little more life into it, here's the JO imperial Officer replacement,... Improved Imperial Officer
  14. It's not just here either, the entire JK section here on LucasForums has gotten deathly still as of late. And that's one of the problems,... Quite a few of us are still here. But, as time passes; people's lives change, and their ability to contribute to the mod fades. Many of the team members are becoming more involved with their own lives and less focused on the mod. In the past, there has usually been a fairly steady stream of new recruits to invigorate the mod and help fill out the ranks. But now, it's becoming increasingly difficult to enlist new members. I won't lie to you. There has been the hint of surrender amongst the team. The of corruption of ruin and decay as the interest in the mod wanes. However, the majority of the remaining team are still not prepared to give in, and are determined yet to see this mod to fruition. Now I can't officially speak for the team though. I am but a humble modeler, and have little real effect or influence on the actual progress or direction of the mod. But there is a need for those skilled in mapping and coding. If you are interested in seeing the mod persevere, these positions still need to be filed. Keeping the forum lively will also help to keep the interest of the general public. If you feel the urge to comment on a thread, don't be hesitant to do so, discussion can only promote progress.
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