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  1. shadowtrooper. green saber looks like a pilot. looks cool in the air
  2. HAHHAHAHAHA that is funny ive seen it
  3. everyone must start somewhere, im glad to hear that you knew every detail about everything 5 days before the game came out, but, there will always be someone in the game that, A. never played any form of star war game. B. have played but they suck. C. dont even own a computer i never played any other SW games before outcast. this is the first one that interested me. MP gameplay is exellent. its sad that a few of you are so involved that you cant just enjoy a game. ..
  4. i agree.. the game is great. its so good, that you can only find a few problems (or personal dislikes)..such as saber control. fuss fuss. im actually enjoying the saber control. even i can see what i would want to make the saber do but cant. but thats life , deal with it or fold...
  5. i like to finish up the wall run with a nice saber slash to the unsuspecting victims head.
  6. jump towards wall. press the direction of the wall & up so if the wall is on the left side press jump, then left & up at the same time.
  7. green is my fav right now...
  8. what are a few good saber combos ... .. it seems to be rather sparatic at every combonation of moves i attempt.. i just got the game yesterday. and im enjoying it but i want to slice people up gracefully. any1 one with any tips.???
  9. its becuase p is already assigned its 3rd person view, unless youve changed it already try binding to a diff key, like q,w,e,r
  10. lol.. yes!.. im not that new ,, @ 56k tho... edit. NM i got it to work it just took about 5 minutes to load for the first time.. thanks
  11. nope i ve done that and all the above. still nadda i guess ill sit here till they pop up do they usually take a long time to show???..
  12. im new to jk just got jk2 last night . are there any good host servers up . the game dosent seem to find any. BTW this game looks great,,
  13. yes and a darth vader mod or skin would be ill too
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