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  1. ((I just want to rp again)) ((edit: did I at least make a good premise? maybe this might make a good idea >.> ))
  2. ME: -10F => 90F => -10F => 90F rinse and repeat just a typical day. Electric bill, I hate you so god damn much. I HAVE NOT gotten used to 'this thing called summer' I literally NEED to have the A/C on when I sleep. (as COLD as it gets)
  3. *Coruscant: Jedi Council Chambers* *Present time* Irvine: "With the agreements and stipulations that I had to give under peace, I never thought that I would be dealt a blow that would cripple my own security, and my own reputation as a ruler." *Irvine turns away, and begins to pace* "Right under my own nose! Forces went about to undermine my rule..." *A stotic expression filled Irvine's face at that moment.* "I... Lost it. I lost it in the matter of a couple of hours." -------------------------------------- "Those still loyal to me, tell me that the Cloning facilities were giving out false information on the numbers of clones being gestated." "It's not hard to do when you have 24 to 36 months worth of data that could just be duplicated and not scrutinized." "In reality...." *Three Months ago...* Kal'lath'ma (a Kaminoan) "Are you sure once we've released him he wouldn't be a problem?" ?? (A robed man with a grisly voice): "No, once our Lord Shimrra is resurrected. He should be able to keep your interests and your pockets, quite satisfied." ------------------------------------------- *Present time* Irvine: "That holographic exert was recovered a few weeks ago. It's un-edited. And what this 'Lord Shimrra', that the unidentified man speaks of, is infact 'Shimrra Jamaane' of the Yuuzhan Vong." *Irivine looks at each of the Jedi Council members, each with their own form of disbelief...* "I wouldn't be here, and standing with my body as frail as it is IF I didn't square off with him, one on one." *Irvine takes a pause before his next statement.* "Trust me. Shimrra Jamaane, is alive. He's force strong, and he has at least sixty to seventy percent of my forces under his command. Plus as many Yuuzhan Vong clones that the facilities that my father made sure to be intact, throughout these past decades, would be surely be pouring out of." "All of which, are not 'Force-Forsaken'."
  4. ((Sorry, I thought I'd give some time *sigh* )) *Irvine Palpatine squints his eyes at the silence he's given..* Irvine "Very well then...." ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ "I don't know when the movement started; All I know is that when my opponents began to play their cards..." "Years of rule under My banner." "...And this is what they repay me with??" "You see, it's easy to keep your barracks full, and your starships operational, as long as you have the means to keep them that way...." "The handful of Kaminoans that my Father kept well fed and paid, they chose to sought the pocket of another." "And using my own cloning facility to do so..... This is a disgrace..." "I've kept MY Empire out of the business of YOUR Republic. I.. [/b]kept[/b]... the... Peace!!" "BUT... Apparently, that is too much to ask for... Too much that things that we've ALL worked for, is too much for the price." "....And the demand for war." --------------------------------------------------------- *Imperial Remnant Super Star Destroyer The Fade* *Bridge* *Three months ago...* Imperial Admiral: *handing a report* "My lord, the current status of 'The Fleet' and our forces. I'm happy to announce that things are nominal as they were last month..." *taking a sigh* "And the month prior, as the previous one such. Mi'lord." *Irvine Palpatine, sat on his 'De Facto' 'Throne' on the bridge on 'The Fade'. He appeared just as he was near the end of the last arc of 'The Paradox War', but that name would only mean anything to those whom 'lived it'.* *His youth, black hair and the steel in his eyes after months of training under his father, the previous Emperor; The great Cracken Palpatine; Three generations of Palpatine rule shown through these eyes.* *However, in these times, the Empire that always sought to be great suffered years of mediocrity; Under treaties, and under scrutiny, there was no 'push' no desire to expand the borders of what once laid a great and powerful galactic entity.* *It was all but "Yes Mi'lord, things are going the same as always."* *Even the newly matured troops out of the cloning vats viewed their Emperor as a weak one....*
  5. ((OMFG I have to write this AGAIN? this sucks. I spent two hours writing Aaaand I failed to hit the submit button.))
  6. Irvine Palpatine: "Three months ago, I'm sure your 'intel' reported that I was a healthy Twenty-Nine cycle individual." *Irvine takes a moment to glance to each of the Jedi Masters in the Council* Irvine: "Now, I'm a withered Old Man." "I plead with all of you here on the council; give me a chance to explain to what is what I ask. Despite the fact that I forced myself into killing myself before my time; Recently the're are forces that want to claim my life even before then."
  7. ((I WILL TRY and poke my head in here every day from here on out! D: )) *Clang!* *Such a noise, resounding like a Blacksmith making his next swing onto his next piece of work...* *Clang!* *Wood on Marble, The onlookers see it, but their ears can not believe it...* *Clang!* *A Steel hammer on molten Iron. THAT is what they heard.* *Clang!* *It was the mostly the sound of the Wood of the cane of it's user striking the very floor that gave the most pause.* *Clang!* *To most, it wasn't the man's presence that gave them pause, it was the very sound that he made with every stride. The 'bang' if you will, with his cane as he walked.* *Clang!* *...It's not like his own very presence needed an introduction, this 'act' wasn't a 'show of power', it was a very 'different' show altogether.* *Clang!!* *The man stops for a moment to rub the knee that he favored opposite of his 'resounding aid'.* *After a couple of moments the man showing some fatigue carries on...* *Donk!* *Donk!* *Donk!* *No longer making the sound that it was a moments ago, the man halts in-front of a lift door. Many of the young surrounding the more older members in company, each nervous enough to brew a pot a Caf just by holding the pot themselves.* *The man turns towards the young men and children and smiles.* ??? "If I wanted to, I could've been more violent..." *The man picks up his cane once more and pounds it into the marble of what makes of the pristine floor and cracks it. This time much more louder than anything before; Startling all those around.* *He walks onto the lift...* *To the rear of him, the floors of this building seem to be rushing by him by the tens, if not hundreds. But as he looks outward onto Coruscant, the busy world of it all just seems to tilt just slightly. The massive planet world, outgrown of any normal natural terrain taken onto the growth of industry and economics inherited by the Galactic Economy. Little seems to change. Speeders 'speed' right on by the thousand. In the far distance, drop ships are landing and shipping off food and medical products that the planet itself can no longer produce.* *In the end, someone from Naboo would think: "what a horrible tragedy..."* *The man, spun around just as the lift's door gave its friendly 'ding!', and he proceeded.* *More young men with guarded faces, kept at the ready, stood in file to either side of this 'intruder', as he approached the end of the walk-way.* *'Surely inside the chambers, he'd pose no threat.' they thought as each 'donk' of his cane ever grew nearer to the inner-most protected part of the compound...* *The doors to the council open, and the man walks in...* *Almost immediately the man removes his hood, facing several Jedi Masters.* ???: "I'm sure most of you know me by now..." *The appearance of the man is frail, grey, old, and rotting away by even novice-Force users would say as a result of 'over usage of the Dark-Side'...* ???: "The Asgard have gone back into seclusion. The Time Matrix itself; destroyed. No more Paradoxes, No more sleepers and their powers. No more 'Wandering influxes' caused by 'looping timelines'." *The man walks towards the centre of the chamber...* ???: "My name is Irvine Palpatine. My father, my sister, and even my 'so called Clone' have all vanished. Even my fathers apprentice..." *Irvine glances up to peer at the members of the Jedi Council, showing the deep pericing yellow 'tint' of his eyes...* "...They're all gone. I'm all that's left..." *An almost deafening silence filled the room when he said that, it was almost as such to what he said next:* Irvine Palpatine: "...And I need your help."
  8. Kuuki

    A reboot:

    yeah this was a dumb idea :/
  9. I REALLY ought to have given an official update. I mean, it's not like I'm busy or anything, its just that I really kinda lost myself with the interests that I used to be in. what I mean is "sure, 'I still have a pulse'." post is nice. But then I come up with an idea that brings me back, and it goes 'fizzie' 'puff' 'poof' almost as soon as i come up with the idea 95% of the time. *sigh* At anyrate, I'm living on my own. I got a job not too far from where I 'lived'. What I mean by that is that I'm keeping that as my home addy still. but either which way "Jae Onasi" and "Skittish Bob" have been missing me for about 3 weeks until today. Not sure when the next time I'll see my kitties again, but today, they really couldn't get enough of seeing 'daddy' again :3 With no license, I have to walk to work, which is no big deal. I just hope that despite all of my problems accumulated thus far, i can at least hope that this job becomes a more main stream thing for me. the hours sorta suck, but at least it leaves me open for plenty of overtime. I don't mind the work, but the people whom I work with are another story. My mother commented on how suddenly grey I started to become. :/ still like tho :3
  10. where the hell have you been?!

  11. feeling more and more rejected. oh btw: Rogue for higher's neighbor's house got burnt down. 6 Survived, 3 died. I know it's bleak. The hell I care. I cant even beat a bot match on star craft 2.
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