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  1. We need a TLDR version of that last post. WTF.
  2. Are you talking to me? Anyway, I like the sarcasm. If you are interested in AMD and Intel and want to read something funny and sarcastic go here: http://www.tomshardware.com/smoke/02q3/020715/index.html
  3. I agree with you. I use thos acronyms sometimes. The guy you are referring to may have binded what he said to keys so he disin't have to type them.. I have phrases binded to save time. In case anyone would like to know how to do this here it is: 1. Open the console 2. Type /bind x say Good Fight This will maker you say good fight when you press x. You can replace x with any key and it will also work. You can also replace good fight with any phrase.
  4. email ppclanguy@hotmail.com. That is a pretty good clan.
  5. Hey I like that guy the talked the s**t. Sometimes I do that, but I usually have a good reason to. The difference between him and me is that I can back up the trash I talk. Obviously, if someone told me a 6 year old was present I wouldn't say anything bad. It would be even worse to get beaten by a 6 year old. I don't know why a 6 year old would be playing b/c in nearly every server there is someone using bad langauge.
  6. Here is a good tip: What I do is join a FFA server and watch two guys duel. When one wins I put my saber away and walk up to him. He then challeneges me. I lightning him to death and get an easy kill. heh heh! In duels lightning drain combo works good if the other player is the darkside. Pull and backsweep is also good.
  7. I actually see little difference between 1.04 and 1.03. The game seems fine to me. I've been playing since the first version. And stop whining about the kick. I know kickers are annoying, but I usually get 1st or 2nd place on server w/o using kick. My ping is around 250-400 so kicks are nearly impossible for me to pull off. As for that blue stance gliding bug, I am still able to do it, so I don't know if you guys are referring to a different bug.
  8. I am just wondering what you guys think about killing people with their sabers down. Personally, I ususally kill them for two reasons: 1. I am sick of the players that start fighting with me and then put their sabers down. Once I kill them they tell everyone on the server I killed them with their saber down, I am a cheater, I suck ect.... 2. Other players stand around with their sabers down and when I walk by them, with my saber down, they do some pull/backsweep combo and kill me. Honestly, I think the SC is a bunch of BS. Usually I watch players and kill the one's that give me a reason to kill them.
  9. The problem with these forums is people always go off on a tangent and never answer questions. I do not know how the people do that sliding trick, but I have seen it. I don't believe it is a script. As for the helicoper or fast spinning move that is easy. All you do is pull off a regular back sweep and move your mouse quickly in the direction of the spind. Just move your mouse horizonatlly across the mouse pad very quickly. It is easy and but I have not been able to see any advantages to it.
  10. Athlon XP 1800+@1.667GHz Abit KR7A-RAID Mobo Geforce 3 Ti 200 (220/485) IBM 60GB 60GXP Turltle Beach Sant Cruz Sound Card 16x Pioneer 116S DVD-ROM 32x12x48 Universal Buslink CD-RW Diamond Supra Max 56K Modem View Sonic A75f Perfect Flat 17" Minitor My system is pretty good. I can run the game at 1024x768 with all detail settings to the max and I get about 90 FPS on average. Everything is good, but I am using a 56K modem but surprisingly JK2 runs well. Better than RTCW, but wolf is improving.
  11. I am using Jedi Moves 2.0 and in the readme file it says: "The dual-bladed saber can now be activated without using cheats in multiplayer, just type "thedestroyer" into the console at anytime, or bind it to a key - ex. "bind z thedestroyer", Z being the key you want to use to activate the dual blade." I've tried to get this to work and have had no luck. Has anyone been able to figure it out?
  12. Jigahus, I hate that guy too. I've played him before and he cheats. VisualTK, I thought that adults could use more than 2 words to reply to a message. What does the TK in your name stand for anyway? Probably Team Killer. Addition to the list: VisualTK
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