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  1. finally got around to installing SETI@home on the new computer, maybe I can locate whatever planet Zoom Rabbit is visiting from.
  2. Mowed my lawn, watched my nephew's lacrosse game, fixed my wife's car, cooked a slab of meat over an open fire, played some saints row. I call that a full day.
  3. It's not like the man is looking for a wife. I say date her, be her boyfriend, have fun.
  4. wife's car kicked the bucket today. not sure why yet, its raining too much for me to go out there and take a look. guess i'll be getting filthy tomorrow.
  5. So my sister is getting married on Saturday and I've just discovered that I need to buy a new suit. Should be an interesting morning.
  6. There's no way this woman's food didn't get spit on. What a pain in the ass.
  7. Unless she knows how to track your IP: deny, deny, deny. Though my wife wouldn't be surprised in the least about the **** that I say, after ten years of marriage she's just about heard it all.
  8. Forget the dog , you're cockblocking yourself, give her a shot, give yourself a shot. Let me put it this way: never throw away and interested set of boobies. Ever. Rainy Saturday morning in the office, thank goodness for Howard Stern on demand.
  9. Friday afternoon in the office and I have a serious case of senioritis. If we weren't at a fiscal quarter-end I'd have bolted at noon.
  10. Well done Niner, I actually found myself looking through these a couple of weeks ago. As a reward for your due diligence, I give you this: (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  11. Cosmos is a wonderful show. I've encouraged my already interested in science nephew to watch it and he's so hooked. I love how wondrous science is presented, because it truly is.
  12. Speaking from experience, I highly recommend getting behind cute Asian girls.
  13. digital audio installed, I could dj a freakin' night club with this beast now.
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