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  1. Oh, I thought you meant Jedi Knight, not JO, my bad. On a side note, how you been Kurgan? Haven't seen you around in a while.
  2. While Jedi Outcast buries Jedi Knight in Multiplayer in terms of options and styles, the Jedi Knight multiplayer experience is so much better. Its much more fast paced, there is no reliance on special moves. Its all about timing. I love that about Jedi Knight. Plus no one has made a BFP for Jedi Outcast. And no SPORK either. I was in the Zone the other day and I mentioned SPORK and no one knew what the hell I was talking about, truly sad. I'm dying to see what these Dark Forces and Jedi Knight total conversions look like though. I would like to take on Jerec with a little red stance overhead s
  3. what are the stages of being banned? do you ban the username first, then the IP adress?
  4. yeah, there was an earlier post about that...I see purple, not pink
  5. http://www.mjsite.com/j5/mjj18.htm
  6. is that the dwarf from Golden Axe? that game rocks!!
  7. there are many conspiracies out there, but this one is really true -- advertisements rule the world!!!(insert evil chuckle here) seriously, ALL television revenue is from what? advertisements, half the websites on the net are paid for through advertisements, as well as magazines, newspapers, and especially radio, actually, most mass media is paid for through advertisements. scary huh?
  8. changing the english language, ain't that the truth... "Me not good at english, thats unpossible!!" - Ralph Wiggum
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