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  1. I can explain that for you, thay picked the timeline whit intention to not alow jedi in the game, only very few for the real hardcore playerbase whit perment death, but then the playerbase started whining a lot, so thay removed permented death , and from one thing comes another and invested a lot of time intro Jedi's since all the kids wanted to be it...Its not the Timeline thats the problem ...its the Jedi! If thay had no jedi's as playable class or kept in permant death and no futher invesment intro develpment, it would have been a mighty fine game today...hope this explains it
  2. Your right i have not played this game since the CU, and i know thay game has changed a lot, but thats the problem to, it changed to much that its more like some difrent game now. I will not play the game anymore as i prommist to myself to not toch anything whit SOE involved, trough even if i wanted to try those 21 days i could not since i would have to download a huge amount of patches wich my current connection will take ages. Altrough i still hope there will come a new starwars mmo someday from a difrent development company.
  3. Dont want to troll but this is just how i feel about this game right now and how i will see this game forever, as im not intending to play it ever aigan. Sony made the first mistake by making this game be about jedi's, wich made a lot of players grind, and stuff Jedi just sould have stayed whit perma death and no future development of jedi or the path of jedi. It realy turend the game intro a grind fest instead of a real game. Afther that it was mostly downwards whit this game, whit the CU as its main faulth. What began as the most groundbreaking MMO to hit the net in years has become one of the most despised in the history of the industry. It just breaks my heart that something that was so promising from the beginning has been warped and distorted into something less than average even. Of course, all of this making the very utterance of the word SOE result in siezures from anyone hwo knows what horrible acts they've committed against their own community of subscribers. Someone else will come along and give us back what SWG took from us. They will reap the benefits that SOE starved itself of.
  4. Great and thank can't wait afther playing BFME 2 beta im now ready for EAW!
  5. unlimited fighters is cool altorugh... i wonder its realy unlimited since there cant be more then the screen size about the specs Whit my 3ghz and geforce 6800GT i sould be able to run it realy good.
  6. Hello , I had a Clan for Galactic Battlegrounds and wanted to make a Clan for Empire at War as well but since i dont got so much spare time anymore, i am now looking for a clan to join instead of making one so im looking for a Rebellion only clan or a clan thay plays both, so show off your webpage and if it looks good i might join. I'm a Real strategy game freak and played a lot of those games all away down from C&C and Warcraft up to Battle for middel earth (what im playing atm). My e-mail and MSN = Ackbar@star-wars.net (spam protected) thanks Ackbar
  7. sould stay dead in singel player... in multiplayer however i dont realy know it all depence on the game and ballance.
  8. is it sure there will be a demo? If so i hope it will be out before the holliy days it would be realy cool , whit Battle for middel Earth to you can get to play in the beta if you preorder, i hope thay will do something the same whit this game.
  9. In strategy games Ballance is always an issue, mostly the more factions you got the less difrent thay get becose ballance can become an issue, thats why i think 2 factions is realy great becose you can get the most variety and the best ballance. if you look at Battle for middel earth thay had ballance issue's at the start of this game at patch 1.02 thay fixed a lot of the ballance issue's . the problem is thay had 4 sides, now whit battle for middel earth 2 (wich will release about the same time as empire at war) thay have 6 party's ... Thay have mayor ballance issue's whit that game, unless thay make it less variety and it may become a galactic battlegrounds were everyting just has some difrent look but its just the same units. I think ballance in empire at war will be perfect since thay have only to ballance between the empire and the rebellion thats why i realy like that there only have 2 factions in this game.
  10. Great news , but i seen this video ... and its realy nice
  11. farstar - chimarea or Infinity
  12. The CU is the best thing that ever happend to SWG, altrough there probbly way more pepole that dislike it , it will make it eventuly a better game! i always loved hunting rancors whit a group of 20 pepole and still have the chance to get killed it was realy tens. but somehow when everybody maxed out and all armor was maxed out pepole were able to solo rancors. solo rancors? yes! now then the combat ballance came in place , the only problem was that it toook way to long and thay decided to do a jedi revamp first. soe have made to many bad actions in this game, trough afther thay fired the whole dev team and hired a new one this game has been gowing upwards.
  13. The idea of qonquering the whole galaxie reminds me of rebellion altrough it would thake a lot longer whit the more planets you play, it would be cool to see a map on what the status of you in the galaxie something like in rebelion. Space battles will alsow remind me of rebellion only these ones look 100x better
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