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  1. http://www.starwars.com/databank/character/darthmalak/index.html s'not exactly in-depth material, but it helps I guess.
  2. Both of you, go sit in your corners and have a cold shower. No RTS is worth getting this worked up about. Thread closed. Sorry DMUK, but the flame in here was singing the HTML code.
  3. And you can kill Juhani when you meet her, just choose the right dialog options. ^_^
  4. Eets

    KOTOR II Forum

    It's a glass effect, silly!
  5. Eets

    KOTOR II Forum

    Aannd, something new is uploaded! What do you think? My favorite is the light side Jedi with the Korriban background.
  6. Eets

    KOTOR II Forum

    Something new is in the works. Screw this old rubbish!
  7. Yeah, I thought about that.. But then I didn't care..
  8. Hmm, seeing how this thread has been wholly resurrected, maybe I'll update it.. *messes with the poll*
  9. What the hell are you doing here, Natopo? We all moved over to the new GeeBee.
  10. My X-Box covers the whole backwards compatibility thing, hehe But I'll probably wait until the X-Box 2 is like $150 to buy it. $300 is just way too damn much. >_>
  11. You were an admin? o_O Which smileys? >_>
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