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  1. Many of us have been experiencing lockups and poor performance at "Awaiting Snapshot..." when joining an MP game or when cycling maps. It has been my experience ever since Windows 95 that full audio acceleration simply causes problems. (Note: These instructions are for Windows XP, but this portion of Windows is virtually the same in all versions) This is how you fix it: STEP 1: Right-click on the volume control icon in the system tray (by the clock). Click "Adjust Audio Properties." If that way doesn't work out for you, try this: In control panel, you will find "Sounds and Audio Devices" or something similar to that. It's the one where you can set all the Windows sound effects. Open it. STEP 2: Click the "Audio" tab at the top. In the box labeled "Sound Playback," click the "Advanced" button. Click the "Performance" tab at the top. Now, change the Hardware Acceleration to "Basic." STEP 3: Enjoy this great game! I hope this fixes it for everyone. Having the acceleration above basic has messed with me in a number of games, and it also makes windows media player skip the first second of MP3 playback (very irritating). On a side note, this also fixed the problems I had with sucky performance when I was killed (which isn't often, lol). Happy sabering to you all! - Karl P.S. LucasArts Tech Support... I lost count of how many weeks past a month it's been since I asked you about this, and you never bothered to reply, but just watch... I bet you'll have MY solution up on Yoda's Help Desk in no time flat, and probably without any credit to me, which is rather shameful...
  2. *shakes head* If you have an IRQ conflict, that's a problem that will affect your computer constantly, not just in this particular game. And not everyone who does in fact have an IRQ conflict can simply pull a card. That's not an issue with Jedi Knight II at all...
  3. First of all, it's impossible for the game to lag in single player seeing as there is no transmission taking place. It simply can't happen. Keep in mind that single player levels are far more complex than multiplayer levels, even with a dozen other people there. Granted, your problem seems a bit too drastic for this alone to be the cause, but it always contributes to single-player slowness.
  4. I have this exact same issue... It finishes loading, but then it locks up at "Awaiting Snapshot..." It's USUALLY (but not always) ok when I first join a server, but then I can count on having issues as soon as the map cycles. Hell, I've found it quicker to leave the game and rejoin after the map's done switching. Sometimes, it will recover and actually let me continue playing after 3-5 minutes of sitting there. I notice that my hard drive is constantly active during this time. What the heck could it be doing? It's already done loading, and it doesn't ALWAYS have to take another 5 minutes. Sometimes (albeit rare) it'll finish loading and start immediately. I CAN escape the problem when it locks up. I'm usually able to pull up task manager and close the game manually. By the way, everything on the screen gets really bright because the game changes your display's gamma correction. The reason it stays bright is because if the game crashes, it doesn't change it back. I find myself running the game windowed most of the time so it's easier to cut it off in task manager when it freezes (and it will). Specs: 1.3 GHz AMD Athlon Thunderbird 256MB SDRAM GeForce3 Ti 200 64MB AGP I turned on the framerate counter (use the console command "cg_drawfps 1"), and in 1024x768x32 with all other graphics settings at max, I get regular framerates of 70+ with Quincunx antialiasing and 8X anisotropic filtering. It's not a performance issue that causes it to lock up, that's for sure. The game runs like a dream once it gets going. I did e-mail tech support about this. It's been 2 weeks, and they haven't responded. Makes me want to sue... They guarantee 72 hours or less up front. This is really making me mad. I hope they make a patch pretty soon. There are plenty of issues for them to fix. This is one. Then we have the glitch where you can't get the force powers you want the first time you spawn in a game. There are various problems with the interface in the "Join Server" screen. The multiplayer interface needs work... Game hosts are forced to either call votes or use the console to put in regular, every-day admin commands. But you know, I'd put up with all the other issues for now if I could just successfully get into a game after a map cycles before someone's already scored 7 kills.....
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