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  1. I use it. Netflix movies take 1-2 days to get back to me because I'm close to a distribution center. Gamefly takes 4-5. If you live near a distrib. center its worth it. Other wise be prepared to wait.
  2. Should have been released on April 1st!
  3. Funniest thing about this is that when the 360 came out with no built in backwards compatibility Sony beat there chests about the fact that the PS3 would have it. Sony's arrogance is killing them. There's no problem with being smart but when you know your smart that can cause issues.
  4. I was wondering this same thing. Now that they are EA employees(slaves) we'll probably slowly start to see turnover until a year from now all EA has is the rights to all of Bioware's past products and not the minds that created them. You'd think with Bungie splitting off from Microsoft to have more freedom that other independents would appreciate theirs more.
  5. You left off Temple. I went to Drexel. Penn, Temple and Drexel border some pretty rough neighborhoods and as college kids we would be pretty reckless. Walking all hours of the night to go get food. Funny thing is I would have never done that at home. I guess away at school (no matter where it is) you feel safe.
  6. [sarcasm]Yes, because the 1800's were such a wonderful time.[/sarcasm] I think I read somewhere that these were high school kids visiting Delaware State. edit- Nope checked they were Freshman. They are from my area though (Washington, DC).
  7. Release date is officially Nov 20th. Link I read on the Bioware forums, from a dev, that it's violence and side view of a breast. Which is interesting and probably will be removed in the final build.
  8. I rent most games and only buy games that I'll play over and over (like KOTOR type games). I hate looking at a shelf of games I haven't played in 3 years and can't because they are specific for that year( Im talking about EA sports games).
  9. I bought an elite yesterday(with my store credit from my broken regular 360) and downloaded the demo for this. I think this game will make me forget that my computer still isn't working and hold me over till Mass Effect and beyond. The water effects are amazing.
  10. No SP2 came on my computer. Tried repairing from the disc but it doesn't work. Now, I'm just looking for a way of backing up my data so I can format the drive and reinstall but when I try to go into repair mode after it asks my for my administrator password it automatically restarts. Typing this from my 7 yr old laptop. :(
  11. Yeah, I tried that yesterday. Unfortunately my repair folder seems to be empty so I can't replace the system file after I back it up and delete it. Chainz- No go on the safe mode. That was my first attempt. And now when I go to recovery mode it won't accept my blank admin password. If I can get back to the recovery mode I'm thinking about just backing up my HD and formatting the disk and reinstalling XP.
  12. Ok, I've been without internet at home since I moved a month and a half ago. So after I get it installed my computer automatically updates Windows and boom next time it starts up: Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \Windows\System32\Config\System Using my computer for weeks without any problems no other new software installed and just immediately after the update stupid error. Looks like Microsoft isn't confining its hardware killing for just my 360.
  13. I can't believe nobody has put this yet. That made me almost cry.
  14. Anyone here ever purchased an unlocked cell phone? I'm thinking about doing it and putting the SIM card from my pre-paid phone into the new phone. I know the unlocked phones are more expensive because they aren't subsidized by the phone companies but at least I'll get to choose the phone that I want with the service that I want.
  15. Well I got my Best Buy gift card in the mail. They even reimburse you for the taxes you paid. Now I have to decide whether I can wait for the "Falcon" version. Decisions, decisions...
  16. The 360 would have had an incredible year (and still will) if not for all the break downs. The games they have coming out at the end of the year are amazing. All the former Sony exclusives that we won't have to wait a year(GTA4, Assasin's Creed) for are great plus all the 360 only games(Bioshock, Masseffect, Splinter Cell Conviction(also on PC))
  17. Only thing about that is that MS has been sending back someone else's fixed 360. You send yours in then the send you back one that has been fixed already. Which is why I think they have been dieing multiple times. I waited a year to buy mine and it lasted 8 months. I bought a Best Buy warranty with it and get back store credit so I can get a totally new one. Which I prefer than a fixed one that might have been in someone else's living room.
  18. So my 360 died while playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Good thing I bought the warranty. I'd move on to PS3 but they don't have Mass Effect. Does anyone know if the Elite has the same problems as the regular 360?
  19. Thanks everyone! I've been reading this and didn't want to post a thank you because this thread is everyone's honoring lost pets know. I've been dreaming about getting another cat but in my dreams the new cat is my old cat, Indigo. Sometimes as an adult sometimes as a kitten. I also dreamt that they were able to help her and then she was fine but I knew it was a dream so I started feeling guilty and asking myself should I have asked them to do more. I miss her enough that I think I would get a cat just to have something with similar behavior patterns around.
  20. Last week I had to have our 12+ year old cat put to sleep. Now I'm not one of those pet fanatics but I can't believe how much I miss her. It's funny how a pets personalitiy will grow to match that of it's owner's. When she was younger she would scratch at my door no matter what time it was(mostly between 1am and 5 am) but by the time she got older she would wait till she heard me moving around then she would meow so I knew she was there. I know some of you are thinking "big deal it's just a cat", which until last thursday I thought that I would agree. I can't believe how much of my day involved doing something with or around(mostly avoiding stepping on) one cat. I'll be sitting watching tv and turn my head and expect her to be there. It's odd how such a small thing can become such a big part of your life. God, when I have kids and they go to college I'm going to be a reck.
  21. In my personal experience its been Spanish teachers that are nuts.
  22. Hannibal


    He announced on his site that it'll be coming out on May 25th.
  23. Yep, 30 yr fixed. I just had the inspection on Saturday and everything went good. I'll post the pics when I get a chance.
  24. Thanks everyone. I actually got 6%. It's previously owned. Suburbs. Already has a fence and yard. I think I've written my name and initials more this past week than I have over my entire life. My hand will be taking a vacation when this is all over. Don't remind me. I already want to re-do the kitchen and bathrooms and put in hardwood floors. Man, I'll be broke for life.
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