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  1. Statistics do not tell how good someone is for the most part. It tells how well they manipulate the scoring system.
  2. dual and staff are good noob weapons. Just about anyone can pick one up and get kills with it in multiplay. Especially with a lucky shoty. In the hands of a skilled person, any style works.
  3. I see no reason they can't start you at a higher force level....I think their problem is they can't think of anything for the higher levels besides more badguys to slash. I know I won't be buying an expansion until its been released, I was very very disappoitned with just about everything to do with jedi academy. Edit: er, none of us will buy an expansion till its released. What I meant to say was that I won't buy an expansion until its been released and I can read reviews and such on it....real reviews, not the "gimme a free game" gamespot crap.
  4. I think this is a fake post...
  5. They can't program good AI so instead they give tons of hitpoints to the bosses. It's been that way since the dawn of computer games.....well, computer games that had hitpoints.
  6. Im actually considering hitting everyone that puts thier saber down just because they dislike it. Maybe it'll teach these guys some quicker reflexes. At any rate, it'll get me banned from all the crap servers and then ill be able to enjoy the game without having to filter anything out
  7. Really depends on what you like. Most of the single play missions are just charging through a linear level hacking everyone as you go. There are a couple of exceptions but certainly nothing like the level in jedi outcast where you had to sneak around unseen. Multiplay isn't to bad but most everyone uses dual sabers and staff and many times they mash keys. People are learning how to defeat key mashers and so duels are definently improving now. New things involve levels where you pick which one to play (in groups of 5)...or rather, you pick the order. Also new model customization and of course new saber moves and styles. (dual and staff added). Other then that the game seemed, to me, to be like something your average community modder would do. The levels weren't not tons of fun, in my opinion, and the game overall seemed incomplete. Seemed like they cut every corner they could to get the game out as quickly as possible. Worth the money? Sure...if you compare the time you spend using Jedi Academy and its cost to the time you spend in the movie theater and the cost of a movie...its probably worth it.
  8. I agree rad. For bows ill usually let the person bow and not do anything. When typing is concerned I give no quarter. If you are typing at the start of the round ill give you 5-10 seconds to finish, beyondthat im killing you and you can finishy our speech while others are not waiting (note, I play duel mode) The people who constantly talk whiel fighting just die, I dont' care if they want to cry or claim im cheating...im not patient enough to see a good opening only to let it go because the person's chat bubble came up.
  9. I personally think its a stupid rule. A dark jedi is not going to honor your saber down...he is going to pull a vader "You are a fool to lower your defenses" (or whatever the exact words were) *saber throw* What kinda movie would we have had if vader said "I am honorable, raise your saber and we shall fight. Opps, wait, I forgot to bow"
  10. That is basicly it though...if they gave the choice earlier then it requires twice as much work.
  11. Sin is a large gaming organization from many games, mostly MMORPG's that I knew of. Etherway they are nobodies, they are so large that their members dont' know each other and in many cases people just claim to be apart. Ignore them if they are a clan, clans are meaningless. Clans don't make you more skilled. I get this alot as well. "All you do is run". Well duh, if your using single saber you pick your shots and look for openings, you dont' charge and swing madly like staffers and dual users. If they have a problem with it let them whine, and beat em again. Just because im excited, I actually got a kill with light stance last night! For some reason it gave me dual sabers when it clearly said 1 saber was selected. Rather then using both I just used the dual light stance. I did some really cool jump, land, uppercuts to do some damage. I felt like yoda bouncing around but it turned out effective....I may have to practice more. Downside is with light stance uppercut is the only real way to deal damage. You could do normal attacks but ever other stance will bust through and deal you damage. I didn't have the kata cause I had duals.
  12. Im not sure why your offended Kaia, it sounds as though your already watching your server and trying to adjust to it. Im refering to those admins who stick up a server of 16+ and they are never seen. The other day the people in the server I was playing in were kicking everyone that joined. Its sad when the players are forced to set a 10 player limit themselves by kicking excess people so that the lag stays down. And while it may seem wrong, it was ether kick people as they joined or have everyone playing in an 800 ping game (I.E. no fun for anyone).
  13. I like single as its most challenging. If i pick up dual its a joke...I win a ton without even trying. Regarding single the number one thing I hate is that single stance and even medium, to a degree, get knocked away. They should be as good at blocking as the heavy stance. Currently the advantage of light is speed. The disadvantage is short range, low damage, and no block ability. Way to much in the way of disadvantages. If you can't tell I really hate heavy stance. Its just boring to use. I start a swing then I run up to the enemy and try to hit him with the bat. Its unrealistic. While starwars isn't real there is degrees of realistic and running around while in the middle of a powerful swing just seems dumb.
  14. I would but I don't like FFA. Seems pointless to me. Run around in utter chaos spamming weapons and force powers hoping to get a kill. Ive just never been a fan of deathmatch.
  15. Im no expert but id say you have to use the skin (art) and put it around the new model.... shrug.
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