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  1. Wahoo!!! I'm glad a Cylon is making it into the game...the only only one I've seen was a Cylon skin for the Quake1 guy back in '96. Don't forget the super-hi-glossy-burn-your-eyes-out shader!
  2. Prime I hear ya but just remember that the guys that run JediKnightII.net do it not for money, but for love of the game and real life can get in the way sometimes. In any case the file is now available at Fileplanet: padme2k3.zip Darth NeoVenom, well I had just planned on doing 2 more skins for her and to get them in the player browser they must be part of a model pack so technically 2 more but I hadn't planned on any more additional or modified geometry. I tried her with her blanket/shawl/cape thingy and I just wasn't satisfied how the engine was shading it, being an open-ended mesh, and it was too high contrast with the rest of the model...increased the polys by alot etc. so I ditched that idea. Bart Skywalker and Rebel Spy, I will take a look at what it will take to animate the face when I do the other two skins. I'm not promising anything since I suspect it could take many more hours to troubleshoot and get it looking decent and I've been talking to some gents that want to throw down some bling for some models so that has to take priority, and I work full-time too. I will definitely consider it though. Plus I'm kinda gettin kinda tired of looking at the same model ya know? Thanks for the kind words everyone.
  3. Guys thanks a ton for all the feedback and thanks to whoever moved this to the right Forum. Rebel_Spy, The poly count is a bit high compared to the originals included in the game but I wanted to give her a good amount of detail, and considering it's over a year since the game was released it shouldn't be too much of an issue since most gamers upgrade on a fairly regular basis as newer games are released with stiffer minimum system requirements. Playtesting it showed it to run fine on my buddy's P3-800/GF2-GTS with 6 Padme's (LOD 0 only) in the same room before there was a noticable slowdown and starting hiccup-ing at 9 on my XP2200/GF4-4200 so I don't think it should be much of an issue. I included 2 LODs which knock off 25% of the geometry with each one so it should help out. AJL, I didn't see any reason to add any of the additional surfaces that the game uses since she's not really intended to do any acting, just there for action eye candy Also on the screenshots, there are a couple that are taken looking up at her so that will force the perspective a bit but you could be right that the model is stretched a bit. Not sure what's going on there. The shots were taken at 1024x768 so the shots are not likely the issue. I've seen some funky things when exporting this skeleton...if any part of it is translated even a hair bad things happen. bengar, thanks! Padme *could* be nippin' out in this other "action suit" skin I've been working on... Antizac, nope I didn't. It wouldn't be that big of a deal to add them but I didn't see a point since she's really intended for gameplay rather than for acting. KMan! Haven't seen you around #md in a long time! What's up with that?? Everyone else, much appreciated. It's encouragement like this that keeps me motivated to do more things for the JK Universe.
  4. Many thanks! Here are more screenshots...it seems I can only put so many images in at once.
  5. I started this one about August of last year and put it away for awhile after getting sidetracked by other projects but I made up my mind that I wanted to finish her up and get her laying down some smack in game! I learned alot making Padme from better mesh construction to baking bump maps onto the skin. I also learned what a challenge getting a JK2 model in the game is. My hat is definitely off to the development team. See the readme.htm for the mesh & skin details if you're interested. The file has been submitted to JediKnightII.net but that might take a bit to process so for those of you reading this you get first dibs: edit: Link has to come down. It should be available on JediKnightii.net when they get a chance to process it. e:mail me directly: sledgy@attbi.com for a copy in the mean time if ya wants her. /edit I hope you enjoy it.
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