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  1. In the e-mail screenshot, the mail thingie was in French. Do they speak french in Canada? Edit: I'm not flaming, I'm just not from the US so I don't know. Bear with me, guys;).. Dagobahn Eagle
  2. He he.. Now, the screenshot of that e-mail could be fake, but that's all I've got to say for now, as, well, I'm probably going a little too hard at you, man. I'll just wait 'til tomorrow. If I see the demo then, you have my deepest apologies. If not, I'll have a good laugh , hehe. Dagobahn Eagle
  3. I'm starting to doubt this. Are you sure the e-mail you got was from LEC? It could perfectly well be someone playing a prank on you. I think I subscribe to Insider to, but nothing. I have a feeling someone's been had here. Check the sender e-mail adress of the message. Does it check out with the rest of the ones you've received (if you've deleted the other ones, go to the "Deleted messages" section of your e-mail program)? Or are you trying to fool us:D? Dagobahn Eagle
  4. If the engine functions like the AoE II one on this: -Level 1 (=Dark age) -Level 2 (=Feudal age) -Level 3 (=Castle age) -Level 4 (=Imperial age) -Post-level 4 (=Post.. uh, don't you figure? ) Post-level 4 (meaning late/after level 4) means you've got all the tech you can have. Everything is researched. Often used for DM games. First empire: Empire or rebel alliance. Empire, most likely. Dagobahn Eagle
  5. . <Off topic babble>Somebody have it. Personally, I'm stuck with a 50 600 bps modem . We used to have a 64 000 bps, but it didn't work here in the US, so... Not to mention, I tried to order one from a certain Echo base Inc., but they misinterpreted my order and gave me a tow cable. Grrr... tried to install the thing and it pierced my IP port... Grrrrrrr.... I'll try to send it back for a refund tomorrow. </off topic babble> That's good news, sounds a bit unbelievable tough.. not that I don't belive you, but it's still odd .. Regarding Mp, well, the only reason XvT had multiplayer in the demo was that it was a prototype. According to a readme I read somewhere, "X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter is an experiment. We want to see how the x-wing engine will function with more players" ..something like that. If there was no multiplayer, it'd be a demo with the biggest element gone. Demos tends to have at least one big element in them. Dagobahn Eagle
  6. Okay, this is what the mods can do: -Delete posts/threads -Edit others' posts. And they can only do so on the forums they're assigned to. For example, a moderator assigned to Scenario editing can't edit a load of crap in the feedback section.. How do I know? I'm a moderator myself (http://www.xwlegacy.net, look for Cloud -if you absolutely HAVE to know ). Most of the time, people get away with a warning. Sometimes, tough, the guys realises their mistakes and leaves by themselves, leaving behind a "I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused message". In the worser cases, tough, the admins can ban him and he'll leave leaving behind a trail of blood.. Dagobahn Eagle
  7. 7 and 8. 7 just rocked, 8 wasn't that good, in fact it was more like an action movie than a fantasy game.. altough my brother (12) and his friends (12, 13) loves it (I'm taking them to the doctor to get them checked tonight ) Dagobahn Eagle
  8. , meanwhile, a group of AT-AT walkers advance on the Imperial Palace where Wedge's office is, and sends a message to Wedge: "We want Admiral Kettch! Dead or alive! Turn him over!" :atat: :atat: :atat: :atat:
  9. Just then, a familiar Eagle with a couple of X-Wing escorts...
  10. Let's all make an insane, hilarous, crazy, outofbounds, sw-related story together. All you have to do is to post a short (about one line long) line continuing the last post! It's a huge success on other SW forums, like XWAUpgrade.com! Let's go. One day when Wedge was walking into his office... Example of next post, to give you a general idea and to get the ball rolling: ...he found an angry gungan mob waiting for him... (continue this one or the above one ) Dagobahn eagle
  11. One more pass... just one more pass... why isn't that thing tripping ? ...DACK?! What do you mean, you haven't fired the tow cable?! :D *cough* *cough* Gungangs *cough* Seriously, I would rather have the proton torpedoes of the X-Wings than the tow cable against the AT-ATs . In the novels, torpedoes from X-Wings and Y-Wings can penetrate the shields and hull of an ISD if the fire is intesified to one spot on the hull. I doubt the AT-ATs have an armor set that is stronger than the combined strenght of an ISD shields AND hull, don't you think? Besides, those weren't really laser cannons the Speeders had, but blasters, or "light laser cannons". I don't seem to remember hearing that "whap, whap, whap" laser sound of the X-Wing lasers when the speeders fired? Dagobahn Eagle edit: [Qutoe] spelled wrong, missing "i" in the [/i] tag, and I just realised that my signature sucks .
  12. If only TIEs aren't made at landing platforms. People THINK it's correct according to the movie, but think about it: You have a full army base. Would you really make the F-22s on the runway:rolleyes:? Problem is, TIEs in GB will probably be made at landing bays . What I would like is a "TIE Factory" and then the Landing platform is the "houses" for the TIE Fighters and they can land on it to repair damage. TIEs are physically capable of landing about anywhere, I've read somewhere, but well.. the "repair damage-element" would encourage players to put the fighters on the landing platforms. Dagobahn Eagle
  13. Possible effects of this, if possible: Fighters that land are not affected by anti-air fire Droid fighters: When airborne they have an attack power of 100% against air units, less against ground units. When they're walking on the ground (yes, they can do that ) they have a really low attack power against air units, but kick butt against ground units. List of potential places to appear in the game where landed ships would be useful: Falcon on Tatooine during ANH. Falcon on Hoth during the Battle of Hoth Medium Transports on Hoth during the Battle of Hoth. Dagobahn Eagle
  14. I think it would be possible to make a "sort of" ewok civilisation by using this trick. Buildings have to be fixed (the barracks have to be there, the this there and the that there). I'll just use AoE II units to demonstrate. Condition: 1 Militia created (or in area around barracks) Effect: Remove 1 militia. Create ewok outside barracks. Whenever you create a unit, you get one of the ewoks! Just remember which of your units corresponds to which ewok ! What do you think? Dagobahn Eagle
  15. . Oh, yeah. I'm waiting to make a DS mission (if battlegrounds doesn't ship with one there'll be like 100 variations on the web ) Dagobahn Eagle
  16. What do you think about the selection of civilisations in the game? Personally, I think there are too few.. I'm looking forward to seeing these two in a multiplayer game: Ewoks. A list of Ewok characters would be: -Ewok scout (an ewok with increased LOS, fast, but not as good at fighting). -Ewok archer -Ewok ...how to put it.. axeman (sounds cool ) -Ewok attack glider (piloted by an archer shooting arrows at people ) -Ewok bomber glider (drops rocks) And instead of watch towers, use all those cool things from ROTJ: Two logs crushing enemy units that comes by (like the two that crushes the AT-ST), logs that tripples enemy units (still an ST in ROTJ), and a rope that throws troopers of speederbikes and droids of their SWATs (or is it SWATP? ) . Mon Calamari. And I'll shoot anyone who says it's impossible because we don't know anything about their units besides from the CALs. Those freaking wookies are in, and the only wookie "unit" we know is Chewbacca. That's the thing I reacted the most negatively to when it comes to the game features: Civilisations that have been around for a while, which everyone like, and which we have lots of reference to, are traded for civilisations that people hate (I mean, who likes the Gungans?) and that we have no reference to. So don't say anything, okay? A civilisation I would love to see improved is the TF. I mean, at least put a few neimodians in for planetary missions!! They aren't in their control ships the whole damn time ! Midgard Eagle
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