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  1. http://www.theotherseptember11chile1973.net I'm not trying to start a flame war here, or even make a point beyond the fact that just because the media shoves something down your throat, it doesn't mean it hasn't happened before. The attacks on the World Trade Centre were of course a tragedy, what would be more of a tragedy is not learning from them. A very sincere R.I.P to everyone who has died on this day in past years. I hope I have in some way broadened your views, stay safe and happy people.
  2. the game comes out in 9 days that doesnt mean they finish it by then, that means they finished it two weeks ago and are now packaging boxes, printing manuals, organising shipments, etc etc. the demo would have been created (as far as i know) from the finished product, which means if there's more in the final product, then they removed things from the demo.
  3. im assuming that "that move" was the twirly thing? in which case, it's easy to spot the weakness, hard to compensate then for the opponents ability to move in after you've completed your strike and hit you with the rest of the twirl (the overhead bit, possible headshot?). and a more powerful and skilled enemy will kill anyone regardless of what weapons both are using
  4. im very eager to see how the saberstaff goes in mp, especially in regards to the kicks. on that note, does anyone know if the double-tap-jump kicks are still around? i would assume that with the sabestaff's kick they'd been removed, does anyone know?
  5. single has strong. you can only get medium and light with the multi-bladed sabers.
  6. saberstaff - easy to learn, hard to master. sure, spamming attacks is easy, and yields half decent results, but to truly master the staff you need to be able to kick very well, something that isn't as easy as it sounds. kicks inserted into combat at the right moment can easily give you the advantage. spamming them will just leave you dead.
  7. hehe everyone who's seen it has been gobsmacked it is incredibly awesome. the first time i saw it, a reborn did it to me, it was the happiest i've ever been after being sliced in half.
  8. cool! i hope that's in multiplayer too
  9. races would be HEAPS better with some voice variation. as it is, human or kel'dor would be my favourites. favourite saber would be the staff.
  10. i was talking more about multiplayer, axvegeta sp gives you the advantage of being able to save and load your game, whereas in mp if you make a mistake you have to deal with the consequences. light style has the lunge, which has good penetration, but it's hard to hit with it (unless you can still rotate with it in mp). otherwise you have to wait for your opponent to take a swing before you have a chance of hitting them, and if they're a good player, then that swing will most likely hit you, breaking through the weak defense that light has.
  11. of course it's speculation. but it's speculation built upon the demo, trailers, screenshots, reviews and the info in these forums. aside from possible reductions on controllability of moves, i cant see any reason for the MP and SP moves to be changed drastically. the point remains that the double saber spin leaves you defenseless, and has incredibly limited potential for actually hurting an enemy.
  12. some moves are useless. the dual saber's double throw and spin around the body move for instance? it's nothing but instant death in multiplayer. maybe if it was faster to start, but as soon as someone sees you crouch, they move out of the way and throw their saber at you. however, a lot of moves are very useful. the downward stab for instance, when used in the right circumstances is incredibly powerful, as long as you don't just do it whenever someone hits the ground, you'll be ok. know when and where to use moves and you'll be a good player in no time.
  13. the opinions below are just that, opinions! im writing as if they're fact, but feel free to dispute them they're based on what i've seen in the demo, reviews, trailers, and on these forums. Single Saber: people say that this weapon's versatility is an advantage, i'd say it was a disadvantage. with so many moves, you'd be tempted to try using some of them, which will just get you killed. medium stance is ok, as long as you know what's going on, and are only fighting one on one. fast stance is useless, it cant break through defenses, and gets knocked aside by almost any attack. strong is a good option. you have the moves of the other stances available, and using them at select times is fine, otherwise don't deviate from heavy, you simply won't be able to block a button mashing multiple-blade wielder. basically single is good because it has strong, and bad because it has fast. Dual (two) Sabers: kind of like fast stance, but with better blocking. you'll have a hard time breaking through a solid defense, but at least you'll have a solid one yourself. if you have quick reflexes this might be for you, however don't expect to be able to overpower many other players with these. precision and speed are the trademarks of a good dual saber user. the special moves are fairly obsolete at a highly competitive level, so concentrate on basic slashes and chaining combo's. unfortunately you can't kick with these, otherwise i think they'd be a good choice. Saberstaff: very solid defense and penetration, can easily batter away lighter defenses. the strokes seem to be more deliberate and powerful, kind of like strong stance. speed isnt as critical with this stance, it has more of a tactical nature to it, knowing which move to use when. again, the special moves don't have much to offer, they're simple combinations of kicks and slashes, or the twirl, neither of which offers a clear advantage over a strong opponent. the kicks are this stance's biggest asset, and add a whole new dimension to saber combat. they make fighting multiple enemies a lot easier, and should an opponent be slow recovering from one, offer an opportunity to quickly end the duel with a downward stab. they're my thoughts, anyway, based mostly on speculation feel free to tell me im full of crap, because most likely i am
  14. the staff has kicks, good blocking, good penetration, and good damage. strong has decent blocking, great penetration and good damage. the other stances simply don't have the ability to withstand attacks from the staff or strong. dual sabers might block saberstaff, but will find themselves unable to break through it's defense. im still trying to decide whether to use strong or staff, but i somehow just can't see any other saber style being more powerful ... i would dearly love to see someone prove me wrong, however, so all you fast stancer's have to get your buttocks onto the nearest ladder and give this game some variety
  15. i was playing on Jedi Master i think. perhaps i just didn't try for long enough, but it seemed to me that most "combo's" were simply lucked out. the reborn did seem to respond to certain situations differently (ie, they see someone gripped and throw their saber), however, i think some more co-ordination in positioning and attacks could have worked well. perhaps even have them giving each other orders, hand signals, etc. to me it just seemed as if the reborn would respond to your actions to a certain extent, but if you weren't doing anything to bother them, they'd just pull of a random move. if you stand still for instance, they still retreat from you and then come back and slash. i dont think there was any foresight, or planning in their cooperation. maybe if one got ready to stab you while the other pulled you over? i dunno, something to indicate that they were more than robots with lightsabers .... again, maybe i just haven't played enough and i thought the jedi tomb level was amazing. there was nothing wrong with the design, and the atmosphere and visuals were great. the tatooine level, as i said, just felt a bit too random, you couldn't get a sense of where you were.
  16. although saber combat may be the similar in MP and SP, that doesn't mean the moves will be. remember in JO, you could rotate your lunge and DFA in SP, but not in MP (after 1.02 anyway). JA could witness the MP toning down of several moves as well. and karl, with one of the dual sabers turned on, you can do the light stance lunge. all other special moves are disabled when only one blade of the dual/staff sabers is turned on. im really looking forward to testing out multiplayer gameplay. i think the ability to kick with the staff will make it the best weapon, and failing that, the single saber in my opinion. i think that the dual sabers just dont work as well as the other options. perhaps if they removed throw when using duel sabers, instead allowing primary and secondary fire to each control a different saber ... that would make saber combat incredibly interesting, and true control over sabers would be something that not many people had. it would open up so many more options for saber combat, and make games a lot more interesting i think.
  17. it's definately not a new feature ... when you have the saberstaff and you use force, does it kick? if so, then it's probably a mixup, with +attack2 being bound to a key that's being hit somehow. if not, then you've got a bug on your hands, try emailing raven with it, maybe.
  18. saber staff or heavy single. the rest simply don't match up. these two are the most "solid" of stances. it's hard to punch through them - especially with weaker stances, and their penetration is superior to other stances. the dual sabers do have decent blocking, but their lack the power to break through with enough frequency to be useful. in addition, turning off one saber gives you light stance, easily the most useless. in a competitive environment, you don't want variety, you want the best and you want it consistently. the saberstaff also gives you the kicks, which are dangerous to use, but effective when they hit. i think, however, that the importance of this issue may have been overstated somewhat. the largest determinant in who wins is skill, period. saber and force choice do play a part, but if you havent got the skill to back it up, there's no point.
  19. i find DFA is easier if you hold down forward, then tap jump+attack. all the moves are available in-game however, hit tab, then select moves, then select your saber style or acrobatics to bring up a list of moves, their requirements, and how to do them. my favourites so far would definately be the saberstaff kicks and the single saber pull+attack. dual sabers don't do that much for me, although the saber barrier move is kinda cool.
  20. from what i've seen in the demo, i agree with a lot of what he says. while there is more to combat than button mashing, simply running in sabers twirling works well against most reborn, and there's only so much push - close in - slash'ing i can do to mercs before i get bored. for me, the tatooine level in the demo had no replayability. a bunch of creatures that only vary in appearance and weapon standing (or crouching!) still while shooting at me isn't exactly thrilling game play. perhaps if they tried to evade my attacks, took cover, etc etc like he said, it would be more interesting. half life came out almost five years ago, you'd think some half-decent AI wouldn't be too much to ask for. the reborn were more challenging, but didn't work together. they neglected to use combinations of force and saber techniques in their attacks, instead executing moves at random, regardless of suitability to the situation. you'd think then at least that they'd get the friendly AI to a half decent level. nope. i was sorely tempted to shove that damn bowcaster down chewwie's throat. would it be that hard for him to reposition/shoot something else if i'm in his line of sight, or within a certain proximity of his target? i hope other friendlies (if any) are jedi, or at least intelligent. the game does look remarkably similar to JO. sure there are some new features, but it's far from a new game. if this was an expansion i wouldnt be able to praise it enough, as it is, i hope raven have some serious tricks up their sleeves for the official release. i dont agree with darkside powers being the best however. gripping enemies off the edge is of course easy, but so is turning on absorb+protect and charging enemies with saber(s) flailing. i do disagree with his appraisal of force usefullness however. a good button config and some common sense make force use something that should seriously augment a player's paying style. lastly, i think his points of levels being poorly laid out, with little direction, were evident in the tatooine mission, there was no indication of which doors were locked and which weren't, so you ended up running around pressing yourself against walls all the time, looking for an open door. from what i've seen in the demo and other reviews, i find myself agreeing with a lot of what this guy is saying, although i guess it doesn't affect me as much. i just hope that our viewpoints aren't the same on other aspects of the game, that i haven't played. i'm hoping that Jedi Academy will be good, but i'm also prepared for (perhaps even half expecting) some dissapointment. in any case, the true test will be in multiplayer, single player will just be for when my internet breaks
  21. heavy DFA is hard to get the hang of. it's now executed in the same way that the medium DFA used to be. hold forward, line up your target (they don't need to be in the crosshair, unlike medium finisher, however), and then tap jump+attack together, all the while holding forward. you should launch into a DFA. personally i prefered the old ones. you could take a swing at someone, and if you noticed they'd moved, you could launch into a DFA to try and surprise them. oh well, i guess this one will have the advantage of being more unexpected ... and easier to script
  22. if the mp is anything like the demo's sp, then single blades will suffer from limited blocking when fighting opponent's with multiple blades. as the first blade knocks yours aside, the second is free to slash you. still, the heavy stance seems to be able to bash through any defense, so if you know what you're doing you should be ok with one saber.
  23. gameplay's definately the most important for me. but i also want some choice in player models/skins. i couldnt stand playing as kyle katarn in jk2. i dont need good models/skins, but i do prefer them.
  24. killing reborn with single saber is easy, just use heavy DFA or downward swing and it smashes their defenses aside. grip makes that level too easy though.
  25. readme is [JADemopath]\install\readme.txt and im pretty sure the kata's that the reborns do with their saberstaffs/dual sabers are the same as the moves you can do, but just with the tails for added effect. the cartwheel/butterfly kick moves can be done by forward+jump+attack with the dual/staff sabers.
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