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  1. It's unfortunate that you can't have a theoretical discussion of the origins of the universe without the religious people coming into the thread and bashing everything that doesn't fit their doctrine. If you want to star bashing okay, lets do it. All I see is that you ignore anything you don't understand and use the bible as your shield. We could use GOD to explain almost everything that occurs in nature instead of science to go the ignorant route. Is your religion the right religion? You know there are a dosen other religons out there with contradicting beliefs. These people will deny that your religion is not the TRUE religion and you are wrong. So why do you keep insisting on keeping your believes in religion? Maybe becuase you were brain washed since you first can remember to goto church and read the bible. There. I bashed.
  2. It would be unfair to allow xbox users to play against pc users becuase they would get completely and utterly waisted while we strafe around and slice em up. console controls are primitive compared to mouse look/keyboard.
  3. Looks like this has gotten a bit wose. I was just on a server when a jerkoff came in iniated a kick vote on people. He then used the reconnect cheat to make the vote win every time. Now we have jerks running around booting everyone off servers. Will this be patched or do I have to stop playing?
  4. *Darth Vega*, it's a 1.02 and 1.03 bug as well.
  5. Cedrin

    Duel Cheat

    hopefully that works and stops the cheaters from ruining the game
  6. I just was on a server that had two guys come in and use this reconnecting cheat that enabled them to come back with full life. What it looks like they did was spam a bunch of name changes then reconnected back to the server but it doesnt put them back at the end of the line. Can someone get their IP's and ban them!
  7. All I hear here is jeliousy. If you hate people becuase they script, then why don't you make the same script instead of saying it's cheating. The end result of xx move is the same scripted or not. The case at hand appears to be that you don't like others making their gameplay more *efficient* rather then doing things all manual. In a game of fighting and combat, you want to take advantage of every opportunity the game gives you, such as binding moves. I hear the agrument that anyone can download a hack therefore it's not cheating. The defination of cheating is: To violate rules deliberately, as in a game The game rules is the physics and client. Scripting is built in the client and is not disabled over multiplayer therefore it is not a cheat. However if you download a hack that deliberately modifies the game mechanics such as physics then you are cheating. Just becuase there are no rules written down does not mean anything goes with regards to hacking the client. This argument goes along the same lines as geneticly engineered food vs natural food. So please stop complaining about the scripters and just write some yourself. Scripting doesnt make you win. Skill makes you win.
  8. 32 slots for 200$? It takes less then 50k bandwidth running a 32 slot server. You could run it on an SDSL line for much cheaper.
  9. I script lunge. It is faster then non scripted lunge. I'm not going to be at a disadvantage becuase someone else has it scripted. If anyone thinks they can beat me overall in a 10 game match (1.04) NF, let me know. Send me an email at casca3200@hotmail.com and we can arrange a time to play. Btw, I don't spam lunge if thats what your thinking.
  10. Try playing on the Darkside NF servers. They have some of the best duelers in JK. You can head to their website, http://www.darkstats.com and lookup the best rated duelers then find them online.
  11. For NF dueling, I suggest doing to Darkside servers 1-6
  12. The upload is most important in this case. You are able to upload 32k/sec with your connection. You'd be fine with a 10 person server.
  13. The same was said about 1.03. It was made to applease the newbies that hated being killed in 2 hits, or worse, DFAed. 1.04 is the same as 1.03 with the exception of appleasing more by removing the quick kills like 1.02. And if you seriously get killed by anyone in 1.04, then you have a lot of work to do. I suggest playing on the Darkside servers, most of the good duelers play there.
  14. Becuase you take a direct line through the Transconnetenial Conex (spelling). Which goes from New York to the UK. Through the US, you have to go from router to router, causing major ping increases.
  15. You can't really say "low ping", becuase ping is mostly determined by the distance between host and client. For example, if you were located on the West Coast and I was located on the East Coast then my ping to you would probably be 100+ However if I were located in the same state or even city as you, my ping would be around 30-50 depending if my IP routes me correctly. Cable companies like Road Runner are the worst for ping becuase they will first route you to the East Coast AOL Time Warner servers first before routing you to your destination. So If I were using Road Runner to connect to my next door neighbor's server, my connect would travel to the east coast and back into his house next door. Sad isnt it?
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