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  1. Hi there, as i heard of hatrus, i was happy somebody is creating the pods i always wanted to do and even better then i could do! new sebulba pod? great! i wasnt perfectly happy with my own sebulba pod. but then i read this and got angry: "Here is the movie accurate Subulba's Pod built entirly from the ground up. This is way better then the one floating around the community right now." "Notes: The model was made entirly by Lord Hatrus using 3ds Max 6 and photoshop." "To spawn sebulba's pod, first remove duncan's sebulba pod racer cause you wont use it anymore." readme by hatrus Edit: yes, i got angry, but hatrus and me cleared this out, it was a missunderstanding. i am sorry for being a pit harsh, i calmed down and its ok again. good luck with this project!
  2. majinrevan made some statements that werent appropriate and he apologizes it. this forum is about Jedi Knight Editing, i dont think its a good idea to bring our dayly live problems, which surly everyone of us in some way has, in here. cause we can neighter realy understand nor help eachother. the only thing we can do is talking about the editing and make this part of our live a good one. so lets stop those flaming, thats past, and go back to the topic of this thread.
  3. Wait wait wait, this realy make my angry, you think you remoded it completly? and i just made the model and animation? (Scouttrooper made the skin btw) you have no idea what you are talking about! the animations took me two months to do, your needed a few hours for your mod. so dont tell me that i just made the animations. the ATAT is my model and, majinrevan, dont even think of calling it yours. i hope this is absolutly clear now! i tested the version majinrevan send me and its still quite unbalanced. the death exposion is gigantic, it even kills you if you are in an other atat on the other side of the map. this is not practical. killing one ATAT would kill all on a map, the damage radius is much to big. the green laser shot should be red like in episode V. most other settings are quite ok, altough not perfect yet. but keep in mind, this ATAT is a beta. you got it cause you beged me for it, its not, its not finished yet. there are still lots of things to do, like fixing mesh and animtion bus, LOD support, finish skins, sounds, shaders and other things. the beta plus majinrevan's moding doesnt mean at all finished version. please dont make my angry.
  4. TK-8252, i had not yet the time to use your settings for the ATAT but i will surely do that. the faster laser speed and useing the turolaser effects are great ideas as i see it only from the files. but a question to the maxpassengers, could that affect in any kind the game stability? did someone test that already with 32? then the explosionDelay, you sett it to 5350, thats less then the hole death animation takes, so it wont show to the end anymore, is that intended? Zappa_0, the low hitpoints was just for easy kill, this was not a final setting. also there is a secondary weapon, the lasers on the side are main, the onces under the head are secondary. majinrevan, if you bring together something you are happy with, just let me konw and send it to me, thanks. KOTORMRJay, i just send you a mail as you requested. your help would be very welcome. WaR_ShArK_aX are you KOTORMRJay in the last post? could you give us a bit more info what you mean with helping i the size problem. you know, the size is somehow linked to the extend of movements in the animation. the farer a bone moves during animation from the center of the model, the smaller is the max size. its like an absolut max distance that a bone can be moving, scaling doesnt affect that. i cant explain that in detail cause i dont realy understand that. but if you now a solution, please give us more information.
  5. you are right about the size the ATAT should have, but its not possible to make it bigger any more. there is a limit how far a bone can move from the some center of the vehicle. As you remember i had the ATAT bigger once the animations wasnt yet done. when i finished the animations and assimilated it i got an error telling me that a bone-distant-movement-index is at 800 something and the max is 500. so i sized the ATAT down to get exacly that max index size of 500. with this animation its not possible to make the ATAT one tad bigger. would have to redo all the animatons and everone knows how long it took me to make this one. i cant go into that again, sorry. if you took a close look at the walking then you would have noticed the the walking cycle is quite long and if you stop walking in the middle of it an ugly moonwalk happens. to solve this i want to cutt the walking cycle into four parts that follow each other to creat the hole cycle. thats one thing i want to use the mod for. another is to make the head moveable so you can aim better/faster independent from the hole vehicles turnig speed. these are only two of a hole list of features that a mod would support. but i want it make somehow so everyone can implement that kind of improved walker class support into its own mod. its like the droideka, there are MB2 and FM3 implementing/creating code for the droideka to work in thire mods. about the mod supported/ not-mod supported ATAT versions, if someone played the droideka with and without the mod she/he realized a hugh difference in gameplay, realizm and fun- factor. this kind of diffence will be even bigger with the ATAT. its not possible to make one version of the ATAT for both uses like it is with the droideka (as much as i know now), but i promiss to release a stand-alone version of the ATAT but it will not be nearly as fun to play as the mod supported version in a mod. where to put the camera was a big problem for me, cause i think to see your own vehicle walking give you in fact the feeling to drive it. if i put the camera over the head, an i thought of that, you cant see the vehicle and animations anymore and most of the cool ATAT feeling gets lost. so i hade to put the camera miles back to get a good overview but it has drawbacks as well. if someone finds a better camera possition, she/he is very welcome to send it to me. i will put it into the ATAT. thanks majinrevan, your modifications are very welcome if you send it to me. i am happy you proved Lil Killa and Lei Hng Wei
  6. i hate the idea to checking the file sites and requesting them to take that down. its confusing and makes the community very angry. i dont like to do that, but i would do it, so once again: majinrevan dont release the ATAT, please. wait until we finished it, thanks.
  7. thanks Azymn, amazing is what MB2 and FM3 are doing with the droideka. cause the droideka is not a simple vehicle it depends very much on a code that supports improved walker class vehicles. it is possible to use the droideka similar as a player model, as phunk told me it works that the droideka is spwaned at the same time as the player model an and already in the vehicle and cant cant exit it. it works then like a player model but isnt in fact. its very importent to share the code for the droideka between the different mods. if one mod makes a great improvement it should be possible for the others to use it too. the droideka can be a hugh crash cause if the code isnt working right, so to share the code is in everyones interesest. i know i cant order you to share your work with others, but its my philosophie that everyone can use my work in her/his mod, map or whatever. so i please you as creator of the droideka to share the code, thanks.
  8. For walker class vehicles the >thoracic< bone can be used to follow the crosshairs animation. i used that in the haifire droid if you look carefully (i suppose noone has seen that ). and if you rotate the bone in 3ds max, you can change the diredtion it turns, but it will be always one dimentional. so if you move the crosshair up/down, the model bone move right/left. but it has no affect on the aiming direction, at least i never had one. with Phunk we are doing an additional walker class vehicle, so we get more bones to use in this way and for all directions. i hope to use that support for the ATAT, but the ATTE could use it very good too.
  9. NO, this beta version wasnt made for that, its exactly what i dont want! i will release a stand-alone version on my own. i didnt gave you the access to this file so you can release it with some veh modifications. if you have a good veh file setting, send it to me and i will put it into the stand-alone and/or mod-using versions. that was the deal, cooperate on this project. majinrevan, i know you just want to creat a improved vehicle version, thats what you are good in, but it make no sense to release your improved version of my ATAT befor my ATAT is released. sorry, i cant allow you to imporve something that isnt even finished. so to make it absolutly clear, NO.
  10. TK-8252 and MadCow1989, HA... i got you, you didnt read the readme file! sometimes i realy ask my self why i write these files when nobody reads it? is there anybody out there who can read at all? do you know Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll? when Alice follows the white rabit into the rabite hole, she come into a room with two doors. the one she enterd is normal size but the door on the other side of the room is very small, only a few inches. in the mddle of the room is a table and on the table is a bottle. when Alice comes closer to the table she sees that the bottle has scrap of paper on it on which is writen, drink me. to understand this, you have to see what means this bottle, what is it for, why is it there. its some kind of riddle, to get into the better world on the other side of the small door you have change yourself, give up all our dayly belives. this bottle is there to be drunk, that its all about, drink me. it says Alice what she has to do, give up the rational thinking and just do what she want to do and creat her own world. to make it short, READ THE README FILE!!!!!
  11. I got no news from Phunk nor Scouttrooper, BUT i loaded up a beta version of the ATAT. its a version that workes without a mod, so the ATAT doesnt work as i want it to, but it gives you a first impression. but keep in ind this is a BETA. everyone is welcome to test it and give any feedback or post news or picture wherevers thy want, but dont upload it as final version anywhere else, i think i already said that, its a beta version. you can get the atat_beta07_umoded.zip file on my site: http://io.meskinaw.net/index.html most of the best features in my view are missing, so check it out in modview to see all the animations for ex. i will post a long list of final features as soon Phunk is gone start the coding part. have fun and let me know.
  12. This version includes a death animation, check in Modview. i dont know why its not showing, perhaps it has something to do with a mod, but when i tried it, it always worked. take also a look into animation.cfg, perhaps something got wrong there. btw, did you try the droideka in OJP mod or in another or an unmoded map?
  13. you can put my website address into your news: http://io.meskinaw.net/io_projects.html and whatever else you think should be there, i belive in your jurnalistic ethos
  14. Looks reeeaaalllyyy fantastic! if you still need somebody to make it a vehicle in game, i could do. you wrote to have the model in max version 4, right? and the animations are done? so it shoulnt take very long to bring it in game. MP me or conatct me on: i hope to hear from you.
  15. first to say, i havent any news from Phunk about the coding part. he is still in the middle of his Moviebattle II project. but i expect the coding to do will not take that long when Phunk get to it. but sorry there is not date. the skin isnt finished too, to Scouttroopeer, who is making it, i lost contact since our dispute about his ewok models. i hope he will come back and work on on our project here. the beta version i will not submit to any other sites, cause i dont like these >this is a next beta version< releases. the >final< version will be submitted to all sites i know and also those i dont know. my work is free to use for everybody. i just thought of making a >not new code mod needed< version of the ATAT so we can start to work on the veh file settings. it wouldnt have a sequenced walking cycle, only one death animation, the head wouldnt be movable and most of the animations wouldnt be visible, but you would get a fist impression and see it in game yourself. i gone put that together and let you know when i uploaded it to my site. The AT-AT project isnt a secret at all, you are very welcome to post news about it everywhere you want. this is an free project, as soon its finished everyone can use it for it own map/siege/mod or whatever. i see your point and i agree somehow. it doesnt have much sense to work on something that never get finished, right. but i realy want this project to have finished and i want this project to have finished soon. i dont know when BATTLEFRONT will be released but i know that the AT-AT project is about 90% finished. the animation was an incredible hugh work, i had to set some tousands of animation tags, it took very long, but belive me, i want this to be finished.
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