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  1. Such behavior is not very becoming of a jedi, eh?
  2. He wouldn't have the rights to release it himself. Maybe you can figure it out on your own. I doubt anyone would really care if you did modify the game...
  3. We're too lazy. Just go through it again. It's not that hard.
  4. Should have left it in case someone else had the same trouble.
  5. Just one of the many reasons why the PC version is so much better. Even though the trainers don't work anymore, at least the game still seems to work fine on XP.
  6. Maybe not so far, but I haven't given up yet.
  7. What's that sonny? You'll have to shpeak up, m’hearin aid's broken.
  8. Maybe they keep it here because it has a lot of good game related information in it.
  9. Yeah, but there was nothing like going after everyone in Mos Espa with infinite health.
  10. All games die out with age because everyone focuses on what's new. But there are always those that still enjoy the old games. Hell, I still play The Legend of Zelda from time to time...
  11. First cat, huh? I guess that makes it unit 1.
  12. Yeah, I lost at least half my posts when they deleted the JPB forum.
  13. Well, you have time to make 16,930 posts....
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