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  1. Oh believe me, I'm not one of those idiots who uses a cell phone like it's something special. I only have it in case I break down or something. It's not really a "cell phone" parsay, but instead a "tracfone." It's something like Groovy was talking about. You buy cards for minutes and stuff.


    I don't even use it when I'm driving, I Pull over and use it if I need to, and I turn it off completely during movies. Like, I went to watch anchorman and left it off.


    I still care about the public! :p


    Thanks for the info, Acrylic and Manoman and Astro and everybody else ;)

  2. It seems I have succumed to the conformity of society and gotten a cell phone. It's pretty cool, but the ring tones on it are lame.


    Anyone know a good place where I can get cool (free) ringtones?


    I've google'd, and only found stuff you have to pay for =\

  3. "Dear God,


    Why do you allow such violence in our schools? Why do you let kids shoot each other in our schools?




    Concerned Student."



    "Dear Concerned Student,


    Because I am not allowed in the schools.








    I read that on a T-shirt once. It brings up a good point. Here's one thing I don't get:


    Many Atheists don't approve of "God" being in the pledge of allegance, yet I hear them say "God Dernit" (so to speak) all the time. If you don't believe that God should be mentioned, don't say that either!





    And if people are true christians, Tyrion, then they would have read the part in the Bible that says "Love thy neighbor" and "thou shalt not kill" and "Do unto others" etc. Many people miss that part. ;)

  4. Originally posted by Lightsaberboy

    not everyone knows who he is, only the people on the train, plus, the people on teh train dont know him as peter parker, only as "some kid, no older than my son." Manhattan is a big city, so they prolly wouldnt recognize who he is, unlike if it was Batman that was unmasked, then everyone would know who he is since Bruce Wayne is a very well-known person in gotham. Besides, he had to take the mask off cause IT WAS ON FIRE!



    Yea, pretty much everybody knows who he is. Both Mary Jane and Harry know he's Spider-man. There's no fun in that at all. 90% of the main characters know his secret Identity, and that's just breaks the super-hero rules, imo. That's all I was saying.



    Don't get me wrong, it still was the best super-hero flick I've ever seen.

  5. Merlin was in King Arthur for about 2 or 3 minutes. I think the guy that came to Arthur in the woods with Guinivere was Merlin. I could be wrong though. King Arthur was ok, but it's strongest points were in it's action sequences. They were ok too, but not the best I've seen.


    Spider-man 2. WOW. I Loved that movie. I've played the game too, and it's also way better than Spidey 1. The only part I didn't like in Spider-man 2 was



    Everyone finds out Spider-man is Peter Parker. Why even wear the costume anymore? It certainly doesn't strike fear into anyone's hearts. Now that everyone knows who he is, how is there going to be a half-decent Spider-man 3? (you KNOW they are going to make one..........I hope they do anyway......)


  6. Astro-


    True Tarot has a lot to do with Satan. I'd quote scripture, but that would put everyone in a tizzy. You may not be a Christian, but there is a Satan in the Islamic religion as well.



    And who was preaching? It's no different than me saying "Catching crooks is the job of the Cops" or "Urinating on a public building is the work of idiots."


    And yes, "People's Stupidity" in a sense, can be defined as "satan" in many areas. It's stupid to kill unborn babies, it's stupid to rob a bank, it's stupid to lie.


    Darnit, Now I'm in a preaching mood, and it's your fault :p

  7. So.......you're not fused into the walls anymore?






    *runs to take his place and fuses himself within the walls of LF*






    Now I Rule supreme!






    Oh and yea....good to see you too and stuff..... >_>



  8. I don't approve of Tarot and I think that it along with horoscopes is a load of junk, unless there is truth in it (which is rare). Then it is either the work of the devil or coincidence.


    *reminds everyone of Miss Cleo*


    I did it for laughs, but I made sure that's all it is, because people can get sucked into this lifestyle. That is where Satan comes in.



    Everyone adores and loves you today, obi. The Pope and Temperance add charisma to your personality so that people are naturally drawn to you. There is a feeling of belonging and of affection that is totally reciprocal. You are willing to give without worrying about whether you're going to receive anything in return, so your love is truly disinterested. And the result: you'll be rewarded generously in the end. In your work life, austerity and wisdom reign supreme. With the Pope in association with the High Priestess, it's not going to be a day full of sweetness and light! Their influence is more reassuring than energizing, and you'd be wise to look for satisfaction in a routine job well done. In your current state of mind, this could either make you feel good, though on the other hand it could just leave you feeling bushed by the end of the day.


    I say about 56% accurate. Other than that, it's crap. ;)

  9. Hey man, that rocks!


    One tip-




    Just a thought, but your new bride might not think that is a turn-on. And if it is a turn-on, I want to meet her and ask her if she has a sister.

  10. He would look better as superman? Go clean something, Sabretooth.


    Saddam said "I am the president of Iraq" to show that he thinks he still has influence over his former people (and he does). He was sitting on his rug in the courtroom, and he proclaimed that "This is all an act to get George Bush Re-elected" too.

  11. *sigh*


    I finally got a full-time job. I work at a very busy produce store in a very busy section of town. I work from 8 a.m. and do not get off untill 6 p.m. I work Monday-Saturday. My free time is spent with me sore and tired. I stayed on my feet for 4 hours straight before I could sit down for about 10 minutes. YAY FOR ME. :p


    I did have a job before, but it was only 2-3 hours a day. I might not be on as much now, but I'll check on you guys when I can.


    So, does anyone else have a job? If so, What is it?


    (And yes, you adults can laugh if this seems like nothing to you :p )

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