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  1. Just talked to RP, he's a busy guy. He's doing a million things at once, and he probably will be for a while.


    He said to tell you all he's not receiving any PMs, but that may be due to some glitch on the LF server. He says he doesn't want to seem rude by not answering any invisible PMs, so if you want to talk to him, use AIM or MSN.

  2. I'm going to be honest.


    I thought Spider-Man 1 sucked. A lot.


    Ebert is saying that this is the best superhero film since Superman in 1978. He said that this is everything a superhero movie should be. I agree with Ebert's reviews for the most part, but we'll have to see about Spidey 2. I have my doubts, but I hope they are misplaced.

  3. Yes but.......Where did this groucho marx mask come from?!


    *holds up mask*




    Yea, it was only from Friday till last night, but we did a LOT in those few days.


    @Pie- Ok, maybe it's not the REAL one, but it's from the Lord of the Rings sword collection :p


    @Ty- No, Glamdring didn't do that, my months of low-carbness and excercising did that =P

  4. *didn't read any posts, there were too many =\*


    As a preacher, I can say Good work. There is not a thing in the world that can keep you from getting your blessings.


    When the time comes for your passing, you won't have to look back and say "I could have done better" or "I should have done this or that." You can look back and say "I've won. Satan has lost his battle. He's not claiming me. I'm a child of the King."


    That last sentance, "I'm a child of the King," can get you through any circumstance. You are not a failure. If God be for you, Who can be against you?


    And you do not carry this burden alone. It's a constant struggle with me as well. (The Demon/ Visions part)


    I hear voices all the time, voices calling out for me, but they can't touch me, for I am covered by grace, as you are.


    I Like how you see death as freedom, for Death isn't the end at all, it's just the beginning.


    If I never come into contact with you online again, I will surely see you in the never-ending glory, and what a happy day it shall be.


    There is joy on the other side of Jordan.


    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Jared.


    God Bless.

  5. As Chase said, Superman 64 is probably the worse game that has ever been made.


    As a superman fan, I was very angry.


    I did like Obi-wan though. It wasn't a bad game for the very small price I paid for it ($10).

  6. I got the sunglasses at a small shop for about $12. The guy who sold them to me was awesome. They are the best sunglasses I have ever owned.


    Helen was so fun. We tubed down a very fast river. So fast actually, that I flipped out of my intertube backwards and went soaring to the depths of the water. I had to quickly swim downstream to get my intertube before it got away :D


    And btw, What in the world? My pics didn't load right! those aren't the right ones. Hold on a sec, I'll fix it.


    Edit- Fixed the pics.

  7. I went to Helen, Ga. and now I'm back.


    I brought pics!


    This was taken from one of the highest points in the state of Georgia, Brasstown Bald.




    This was taken 900ft in the air at Tellulah Gorge.




    This is me in front of a waterfall in the downtown area of Helen. A truely wonderful place.




    I saw this and had to get a pic. Don't ask why. It's just funny.




    This is my Aunt and Uncle, dancing in the light rain to the tune of "Georgia on my Mind" played by a very talented blues musician.




    And this last one is me in my sunglasses posing with a little something I picked up.......GLAMDRING!. Yes, that right. Gandalf's sword. The REAL one. Enjoy.

  8. You just got back, and I'm just leaving. =(


    I'll be gone for a few days because I'm going on vacation. (North Carolina)


    Welcome back, and I look forward to reading about your trip when I get back :D

  9. Let me add one thing right quick-


    99% of everyone in that thread hinted that it sucked, it was stupid, "please close it, mods" etc.


    If there is an entire thread full of that stuff, more than likely, it will cease continuing. I thought I'd do you a favor and save some of your ego.

  10. Good luck with that. I'll be praying for ya.


    I had an operation once, and they gave me heavy amounts of sedation medicine, and it didn't phase me one bit. I was awake through the entire thing. I got some GOOD sleep that night, though.


    Granted, the operation wasn't on my throat or on anything like that.



    Edit- Reading your previous Post, I really shouldn't have told you this information. :p

  11. Don't try to judge my level of rightousness. Believe me, that's the last thing you want to do. We'd be here all day. Of course I pray for those who have died from starvation and famine. I pray for everyone who needs it, not just the ones on tv.


    And I've never said I want them all dead. Don't use the "Turn the other cheek" against me. I'd rather see them all repent for their crimes. But then again, I just posted that all religious discussion in the thread cease.


    As I said earlier, we have never invaded Saudi Arabia. It was (or am I mistaken? If so, please correct me with a link or something) Saudi Arabians that did this.

  12. Well, In defense of me, I didn't start the religious discussion in the thread. But if it's offending you, I'm sorry, and we'll cut it out. No one said anything about it though, so we kept going. If you want it stopped, all you had to do was say the word. ;)


















    Bam. It's magic. =P

  13. Originally posted by Pie™



    This post has been made purely in irony, Pie™ is not a member of any religious cult, actually he's not even religious, and still an allright chap to hang around with


    I believe the word you're looking for is sarcasm, not irony. ;)


    And yes, you are still an allright chap to hang around with. I never said anything different. ;)

  14. Originally posted by InsaneSith



    Obi muslims believe in the same god as you.


    Not true. Allah and the Christian God are not the same. That's one saying that has led people astray for long periods of time.


    Posted by Astro


    I'd like you to clarify exactly what you mean by that obi....



    Well, exactly how it sounds is how I meant it......I serve the true living God, these Cowardly Terrorists do not.

  15. Originally posted by |GG|Carl

    My favorite color is yellow. Please cure me.


    Oh come now, you are not born liking the color yellow. It has nothing to do with DNA or your genes.


    Your genes do not determine your personality or what you like, including your sexual preferance.



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