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  1. Crusades? Dude, Middle ages stuff......


    And not everyone supports scantily clad women, or Pre-Marital sex. (I don't =) )


    Shaving your beard? What in the world? How's that a crime? o.O


    God says himself "Thou shalt not kill." A part many christians (including modern-day death penalty supporters) miss.


    However, Scripture also says (and I quote) "The lord is a man of war, the Lord is his name." Meaning that there is a time for war, and when worshipers of a false god kill in the name of that false God, I'd say that's a time for war. True there were wars in the Old Testiment, but they are not so different than the wars of today. It's not about ethnic cleansing, it's about stopping people so they can't do things like this anymore. The war (on terror) was delayed far too long, I think.


    Don't think the Old Testament is out-dated, either. Jesus came not to replace the law, but to fulfill it.


    I could go on and on and on, but I won't for those who hate force long-post. ;)

  2. Originally posted by Pie™

    You mean their deity is fake and yours is real?



    That's correct.


    Anyway, I think The Dude is right. I support Bush in some ways, but I oppose him on most issues. It's not even him I dislike the most, it's mostly his staff. Rummy, Cheney, etc.


    I'm more right-wing then left, but I do lean slightly to the left as well.

  3. Yea, I just seen it on the news. =(


    All of these terrorists killing in the name of something that isn't even real.


    I pray for their heartless souls, and I pray for the family of the man that was murdered.

  4. Oh it's Understandable. A lot of people think the beheading was in Iraq, when in fact it was in Saudi Arabia. *SUPPOSEDLY* our allies, too.


    I wonder what we're gonna do about that......hmm.......

  5. Originally posted by |GG|Carl

    You can't choose to be homosexual or not, it's something 7% of all people are born with.


    Proof, please.


    There is none. I do have proof, however, that it is choice. As I have mentioned a dozen times at least, a few gay people I have defended in the past wanted to be saved. I told them how, and they became saved. They are no longer homosexuals. They have no more homosexual feelings, they've told me so themselves. They were very thankful to me, even though it wasn't I who saved them, and I made sure they knew that. I'm just a messenger.


    Don't fall for the "born with it" lie.



    Homosexuality is not a disease.

  6. Originally posted by Breton

    Did it ever occur to you that these terrorists might think the exact same thing about Americans?


    ...obviously not.


    Did it ever occur to you that we've never kidnapped any of their innocent people and beheaded them and put it on tape for all to see?


    ...obviously not.

  7. I agree with CapN and the others who said you can't rip off limbs. Why do I agree? Because you can't. Maybe you've been playing a bit too much Jedi Outcast/Academy, and have your "muggers" mixed with stormtroopers, have your "blind rage" mixed with Force Dark Rage, and your muggers carrying limbs mixed with "g_saberrealisticcombat 1." And you had a lightsaber.


    That was probably the case.



    And 6'2" isn't short. Trust me. I'm that height myself.

  8. Yes, Happy father's day to all of you with babies!


    (only a very few, for women do not like people like us, my friends. :( ) :p


    I can't believe no one else posted this :p


    What did you/what are you going to do for your dad today?


    (We also need to remember those who could not be with their fathers today, for they might have passed away. Those people are in my prayers.)

  9. Very Good then.


    I said don't turn this into an Anti-Bush, Anti-American, Anti-Anything because this thread is, if anything else, more of a memorial thread for the deceased.


    Don't bicker anymore in this thread, Astro, Kain, others.

  10. Sometimes you HAVE to take down these guys to open doors, etc.


    But most of the time, they scare me, so I run like a little girl away from them. Later in the game, you'll get a tranq gun. Shock them with that, and it'll freeze them for a few seconds, just long enough for you to run away and hide somewhere.



    Just wait till you get to the very large Guard Super Mech later in the game. Boy, THAT's fun to kill :rolleyes:



    But yea, anytime you need help, feel free to ask me. I've already beat it.

  11. "Coming of Darth Vader" ?!


    And I laughed at 'Attack of the Clones.' Ha....



    I think "Return of the Sith" instead of "Revenge of the Sith" would be better, because....well.....Return of the Jedi and all.....you know. ;)


    Btw, I saw this around the time of the release of the Episode II title -





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