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  1. Originally posted by Kale Jerre

    Are they 'going straight' as well?


    Yes. :)


    Just one of the many things my lord can do.........so sad many people choose not to open their minds to the endless possibilities.....



  2. Hm......I needn't remind everyone that I defended homosexuals from the "christians" down the street.


    Hate the sin, love the sinner. That's the philosophy I live by.


    I don't approve of homosexual lifestyles, but it's not my place to condemn or destroy. Man, we could go on that all day, sadly enough, but I really don't want to because I have to wake up early tomorrow. :p



    Btw, I will say that the gays I defended came to me and asked me how to get saved, I told them, and now they're on their way to glory.


    I'm sorry many people don't see things the way I do, but I love my Jesus. :)

  3. It's not a bumper sticker, but I put a tag on my car that says "Go Granny Go!" on it.


    The Feminism one was funny. It's my favorite, I think. I seen a funny bumper sticker on an episode of Family Guy too:


    "My other penis is a vagina"



  4. TWO baby girls?


    Run. Run while you can. For if you linger, you will be sucked into the Estrogen ocean, never to be heard from again. There will be Naked Barbies as far as the eye can see. (Foxworthy joke)


    Anyway, congrats on that. What I want to know is how women give birth and not kill people at the same time. I don't know how they go through with ONE kid, let along TWO consecutive kids. And these aren't even your first and second, but your third and fourth! What were you guys THINKING?!?!?!?! :p

  5. Originally posted by Darth Groovy

    For once, obi13 has chosen a hero, that is not an old wise man.


    Times change I guess....:D


    Riddick is wise in his own way :D


    Oh well, for once, I thought I'd go for the kick-butt look and not the grandpa look. :p

  6. Those are funny, leXX. I think this thread appropriate to tell a story about a while back.


    I was in the hospital because doctors thought I had a disease. I was in the hospital for about a week. Everyone from church and the family brought me stuff. Presents, cards, money, etc.


    My grandpa brought me a card. It was a happy brithday card he had received aparently a few years ago. He scratched out "Happy Birthday" and wrote "get well soon" and scratched out his name and wrote mine.


    Very Funny and true. :D

  7. Oh My Gosh, ET. I found a way past that point and played it for like 4 hours straight.


    I beat it. It was way too short. Still a good game though. I won't give the ending away, but I will say that it completely freaking rocks.


    And yes, the tranq gun owns. I like the way it shocks 'um down to the ground and you stomp the living crap outta them :D


    I also like the fact you can use it on the guard mechs and it freezes them for a few seconds. I hate those things, man.

  8. I have all those games. It's still a good deal though, because all of them rock (except the Rebel Assault II ones, I didn't like them =\ )


    I want Mysteries of the Sith! I wanna see Kyle turning to the darkside


    You're not missing much. He just says one or two evil things. It's not a big deal like it should have been. =\

  9. Originally posted by toms


    PS/ what is GDing? must have missed learning a swearword when i was growing up...:confused::(


    God Dernit, so to speak.


    And yea, ET, I use sneak attacks most of the time. The game's too freaking hard to go head-on in many situations. I'm stuck too, maybe you can help. I'm at the part when I've just gave Valance that package and I have to go to tower 19. I take the elevator up, but there is nothing but a wall to climb over. I climbed over it, and there's a security mech thing there, and another wall. I can't kill the mech, and I can't climb over the wall. I'm stuck =(

  10. Originally posted by ET Warrior


    Wasn't the opening sequence when you're being brought into the jail neat obi?



    Absolutely, man! That was so cool and unique. I looked around, but couldn't move, it was very realistic.


    I've played it a while and I'm on the part when I have to get to the mines now. So far, this is probably the best game for xbox I've ever played. (besides Kotor and Halo, naturally)

  11. On ET's advice, I rented the game. It is absolutely amazing. I love every bit of it save for one thing- the profanity. They cuss like sailors at Christmas time. A LOT of MFing and GDing going on, and I can't stand those words.


    I ignore them though, because the game rocks.

  12. I don't know what you're problem is, but I refuse no one when they ask for a prayer.


    Everyone, Leave him alone, or answer to me.


    Tepe, stop posting pics/links to pics like that, it's getting annoying and trollish. You've been warned.

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