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  1. With all due respects to skinwalker, true_, and Garf, I really wasn't trying to start a debate. I know that religion (or lack therof) rises passion- but I promise I am not trying to start a debate about the existence of God. I just want to know who believes in what, and why they do or do not.


    Trust me! I'm an evangelist and pastor. I want nothing more then to see you come to my Jesus, and I think I lay out a pretty good beginning case in my "the OTHER existence of God" thread. I mean, I can start another thread devoted to debate, but I've been doing it on youtube for a while, and there are certain things that the internet prohibits that are very effective in a live debate. For example, the use of the words"fallacy," "ignorant," "retard," and "moron," often come up on the internet.


    Let me just say, that if I do get into a debate, it is not coming from an ignorant, fallicious, retarded, or moronic view. I have good reasons for my faith. Even atheists call me a skilled debator. (not tooting my own horn, I am just saying).


    That is why I do not like engagements on the internet. I mean, I show someone stats, facts, and present them logical arguement (which they claim to have SO much of), and then they just end up cussing me out and calling me ignorant telling me to read a science book. Little do they know that I am in a degree program FOR health sciences, and a lot of my information that I use to debate COMES STRAIGHT FROM a science book.

    So no, I probably will not debate over the internet. Too much freedom to act like a jackass. :D

  2. Well, the point of this thread was not to debate whether or not God exists. I just want to know why people who do not believe in God came to that understanding.


    Like I said, I promise I am not trying to convert anyone into anything. I am not trying to Christianize the chambers. I am just curious about people. I just want to know. :)


    But for skinwalker, if you want to know why I believe the way I do, just look at "the other existence of God" thread, I lay out my reasons. Once again, not for debate purposes, but for just letting you know why I do.

  3. twice at a Pentecostal church,


    my mom had had a few too much to drink and always thinks she is a theologist when she is drunk



    Rofl, I pastor a pentecostal church! *dies laughing*


    "my mom had had a few too much to drink"


    ROFL AGAIN! You just described half of my family! You must be a cousin of mine and we just do not know it lol

    Good luck in your search, friend.

  4. Well, once again, I am not trying to debate this god or that god, or if there is one. My intention, honestly, is to just see what people say. Mostly out of curiousity. There is no point is saying my explanation is flawed- because if you say your deal is right, then just say so- but give reasons why you say so. I did that, and I just asked for that in return.


    I promise you that I am not here to conquer lucasforums in a crusade lol

  5. I'm seriously thinking of taking up practicing Buddhism and Shinto, I'll need to do some devoted reading and thinking to supply you with a proper answer (from my point of view).



    Well that is interesting. What exactly prompted you to make that decision? Or was it just a thought you've had? Personally, I do not know anyone in either of those practices, so I do not have a personally experienced person I could talk to about it.

  6. I'd rather ask you, why should I believe in God, and given that, why should I condemn the way anyone else lives for not acting in accordance with the doctrine that I happen to stand beside.



    Well, that is not the intent of this thread. I am simply curious. If you want to know why I believe the way I do, see thread "the OTHER existence of God"


    But for the record- and anyone here that knows me can attest to this (especially in the swamp)- I do not condemn anyone that believes differently than me, nor do I persecute. No one is perfect, and if I think that I have the right to pick someone's faults out to them, then I am wrong. (see my sig for the quote I live by)

    If you want my honest opinion, I give it in love, but I do not look down on anybody. We're all on this planet together.

  7. hey...youre the one who left me...we were like brothers....we had the geraldo rivera mask we used to put on people and just go to town on them




    you put me though so much emotional trauma....*cries*


    I am sorry that I brought you through so much trauma =(


    It's ok, though! Now I am a pastor! I can lay hands on you with my magical pastor powers and instantly take it all away! lol


    I miss the geraldo mask. I hope it's still in good condition =(

    Seeing how bongobob is fishing around for the fish pic, I think we've found the first victim to bring the mask out of retirement.....


    -_- @ bongo

  8. So, maybe I could have combined these two threads, but anyways-


    My other thread is devoted to people that do not believe in a diety (so I can get their names, addresses, and then hunt them down [jk]), so this is for those of you that do- whatever that diety is.


    What do you believe in, and why do you believe it? All of this is for my research, btw, and just out of sheer curiosty.


    I guess I will start. I am a christian. Someone recently asked me "why christianity? Why not one of the other thousands?" I responded with this:

    *edited slightly to conform to THIS forum, not where I originally posted it*



    "Why Christianity? lol, I appreciate the question, but iam not sure if there is enough space on this channel to tell you why. I'll do me best, arrr arrr arrr!

    First, In Christianity, God has revealed Himself. No other religion in the world can say that. No other religion in the world can say that "God loves us so much, that He understands that we cannot make it to Him ourselves, we need Him to come to us and provide for Himself." Which He has done, through Jesus. No other religion has their God sent down to die for us, for our sins, for our brokeness. No other god. And some have tried to say Jesus never existed, and that is just crazy- they are ignoring tons of archaeological finds and texts



    But not only did God send Jesus to absolutely be tortured and killed for the forgiveness of our sins, but He did it in order that we could know Him. Have you ever thought about having a relationship with the creator of the universe? it is insane to even think about- but it is possible, and it is awesome. Every other religion has the message "work hard, focus, focus, focus, be as holy as you can possibly be, and then do A, do B, and then C, and maybe god will think about accepting you." Christianity just says "Call my name, and I'll be there." If you believe in Jesus and call on His name, you are saved. You instantly have a relationship with God that will grow as you spend time with Him in His word.


    To first understand the need for Jesus Christ, you must first understand the concept of sin and holiness. Sin, in short, is disobedience to God. The original sin was simply "do not eat from this tree." Well, it got eaten from. You might be asking "so, eating from a tree is wrong?" No, eating from a tree is not wrong, unless God instructs you not to. God is so perfect and so holy, that absolutely NO sin can come before Him. That means if you are harboring sin, you cannot come before Him. On judgement day, standing before God, it will be just like a court room. All of your sins are recorded, just like all of the charges against you. Do you know what would happen if you only sinned once a day? That is still 365 charges a year against you. God sees your charges, and then you get your sentence. it's only fair and just. Otherwise, God would not be a fair judge. But God is not trying to rain on someone's parade. Sin isn't bad because God says no, God says no because sin is bad. He knows what it does to us. He knows the bondages it leads to. He knows the addictions that comes from it- the health risks, the mental thoughts, the shame and guilt.


    However, God sent Jesus to die and pay the penalty on our behalf. That's a load off, right? If you accept Jesus as your forgiveness, then all of the charges against you will be DROPPED, and God no longer sees you in your sin, but He sees you in rightousness. You would be cleared of everything, allowing you to be free to roam with Him for eternity. Sound too good to be true? Well, it is the only thing that is true, friend.


    Why Christianity? Because it is the only way of forgiveness for the sins in our life, no matter how great or small they are. Jesus, on the night of His arrest, was praying to God the Father, and he said "If it is possible, let this cup pass from me." In other words, if there is any other way then me going to the cross, please let it be done. The response from Heaven was, "There is no other way."

    Jesus went to a cross, bloody and beaten, for our sins and our transgressions. His only desire? You to know Him.


    My father was an alcoholic that beat me 4/7 days of the week for years before shooting himself in the head. Now he is a blind vegetable, and I change his diapers at 2 in the morning. If it were not me coming to Christ, I would have done myself in years ago. But that's another story for another time (unless you just want to know more)."

  9. To answer this question, there's one thing I need to know, which God?


    Any. I mean, any God. There's no leaving anything out. I'm just doing some research and figured "why not?" I have a heart for people from different backgrounds and different passions and everyone's story. I am a huge people person. I know about the people I go to church with, so what would be the point in asking them why they *do* believe? I already know their answer =P

  10. So yes, I know that I have just returned to the forums after a leave, but since this is serious discussion and all of that, and I care for each one of you and all of that, I want to pose a question to those that believe there is no God. I am not doing this to insult you, mock your stance, make you cry or make you feel like a non-person. I am asking out of sheer curiosity. Now, the only thing I am asking is that you actually have a valid reason for this, and you do not cuss/flame me or others. The question?


    Why do you not believe there is a God? What prompted you in your personal life to believe that no creator of the universe exists?


    Thanks for responding!

  11. awwww *wipes tears from eyes*


    You guys....actually missed me? ............I ..........Don't know what to say......other than......


    Can you unhook me from the radiator? =(

  12. Hey guys, it's good to see you're still hanging around after all this time.


    @Commander: I hope to stay a little longer this time around. I have nothing better to do for two weeks, lol :p

  13. obi, so this is like your semi-annual visit, right? ;)



    lol. How's it hangin, R9? You aren't overwhelmed with sheer awesomness and joy to see me? lol, jk. Good to see the oldies are still hanging around. You guys were the best. I was afraid that our dear swamp would be over-ran by newbs and the old generation would be dead. =P

  14. What the hell, I vaguely remember you as a neckbeard in a Superman costume. Sup?



    Rofl!!!!! I gave up my tights and cape. I figured out that I can't save the world after all. It's too much of a headache. And, it turns out, people do not want to be saved.


    Man, I can't believe you guys are still around after all of this time! That is awesome, because I was going to have to hunt you down on the inet elsewhere if I couldn't find you guys here! Rhett's force abilities must have grown substantially! o.O

  15. I know, right? Heck, I asked if anyone remembered me, and I don't even remember me....


    *comes wandering in clueless and for some reason, soaking wet*


    it happened so fast! Idon't really remember anything......something about.....getting a real job and going to college......it's all a blur after that =(


    lol, how have you been, leXX? How's my favorite female brit? :D

  16. Oh my God. I leave for a few years and this is what happens?


    lol, anyone out there remember this old hag? lol


    I see some changes have been made......*looks at old friends*

  17. Fifth, I don't like any of you... at all



    And yet you still come amongst us and post. I simply LOVE your logic! :)



    It's ok, I forgive you. :)


    BTW, I actually have friends here. Friends usually compliment each other. Here on Earth anyway. They aren't brown-nosing either. I've known most of these cats since before I was an upper-ranker. So check out the scripture quoted in my sig, and stop judging :)





    please :(



    BTW, I've lost all of those. They were saved on my old pc when the hard drive got wiped out. So no more guitar, fish, or dress. (Yes, there was an obiindress pic >_>)

  19. I wasn't trying to preach, don't get me wrong. I know what belongs where and so forth ;)


    I still haven't found the cable, and I've literally looked EVERYWHERE. Now I guess I just have to save money and buy another digicam =(


    BTW, Thanks for the compliments :D

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