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  1. i know what ya mean. when i was posting "the saga begins" by weird al she gave me a funny look and said" what are you doin,boy? your always on that damn computer!"
  2. well,obi-wan is the best character(known fact), so i put obi-wan. it was taken, so i put 13 after it. plus its in my e-mail adress.
  3. how bout a star destroyer vs. a droid control ship vs. xiors' skyhook vs. a rebel transport in a 4 way match
  4. thanx for the info.
  5. you mean ewan mcgregor? yes. obi-wan is returning with hayden christensen(new anakin), natalie portman,ian mcdirmid,smauel l. jackson. plus some new villians. (if thats what you meant) [This message has been edited by obi-wan13 (edited June 22, 2000).]
  6. to me,jedi power battles was an ok game. and TPM was better to me,except fighting maul.fighting maul on JPB was better because you could do different combos and so does maul. on TPM, maul does the same boring attack and you do the same boring swings.that really sucks. ------------------ George Lucas:"buy my products!make me money!"
  7. i agree. obi-wan would have mara down in no time.
  8. sorry. i was extremely bored yesterday and i had just watched the matrix. i know how i can correct what i had previously posted to make it star wars. how bout he trained me the ways of the force-kung fu wich is known as teras kasi. so i am a master of teras kasi. and when he says "may the matrix be with you" he says "may the force be with you." would that make you happy?
  9. actually, the mara jade code does work. i have her. she has a lightsaber and does force lightning and has the same saber moves as luke. (side note) i worked on mara. as in i changed her force moves. she was originally supposed to have exact moves as luke,but i gave the idea to have her use force powers.
  10. yea.tolkien is cool. i like the hobbit.
  11. "set course for earth4,creepio." " it made some errors,sir. we are already on track for that planet. i dont know how. but it blasted us to hyperspace and everything.in fact,we are already in the atmosphere and landing." "well stop it!!!!!!!" "i cant." "you stupid droid!" i slammed my fist down and held it in my hands with a look of pain in my eye. " sorry sir. the force is guiding it." " the who?" "the force." "oh. i guess there is nothing we can do." the ship bumped as we landed and the hatch opened. i walked out to see a man standing there.he had a robe. i couldnt see his face though i couldnt see anything in this darkness. "greetings,Jacob." he says. "how do you know my name?" " i know everything about you." "why am i here?" "you know why your here. your looking for someone.and you know who that is." he says. "uh........yea...........uh.........morphious?" "yes." a smile came to him. "take the red pill,and i will teach you your importance and the truth to real life. take the blue, and you will die.your choice." "red." i take the pill from his hand and gulp it down. i got knocked unconcious. i woke up. "i think i know karate." i say. "show me." he says as i kick at him and chop at him and he does the same and blocks. i start freezing in air and kicking his butt.he falls down and gets up and stands still. "good." he says."now you must do a task i ask." "what is it?" i ask. " i have a jedi freind who has a new apperentice. the jedi isnt goin to be around all the time for his apperentice. i want you to gard his apperentice when he is not there. will you do it?" " of course." "good.they are staying in the temple 2 miles that way. good luck. may the matrix be with you." he dissapeared and i started my walk to the temple.
  12. i recommend how to kill a mockingbird or fallen angels.
  13. meanwhile all that was going on,Jacob Davis sat on earth1 in the milkyway galaxy.mmmmmm,that donut is soooooooooo good. i think i'll pop in a weird al cd. wich song.um........ the saga begins. "a long,long time ago,in a galaxy far away,naboo was under an attack. and i thought me and qui-gon jinn could talk the federation in to maybe cutting them a little slack. but their response it didnt thrill us.they locked the doors and tried to kill us.we escaped from that gas,and met jar jar and boss nass. we took upon though from the scene and we went to theed to see the quenn. we all wound up on tatooine,thats were we found this boy. oh my,my this here anakin guy maybe vader someday later now he's just a small fry. he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye sayin soon im gonna be a jedi,soon im gonna be a jedi..... did you know this junk yard slave isnt even old enough to shave,but he can use the force they say. do you see him hitting on the queen though he's just 9 and shes 14. yea hes probably gonna mary her someday.we heard he built c-3p0 and we, heard how fast his pod could go.and we were broke its true,so we made a wager or two. wuh who!. he was a flyin ace and the minute jabba started off that race,i knew who would 1st place,oh yes.it was our boy. we started singin my my this here anakin guy maybe vader someday later now he's just a small fry. he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye and said soon i'm gonna be a jedi, soon im gonna be a jedi. we finnaly got to couruscant the jedi council we knew would want to see how good the boy could be. so we took him there and we told the tell how his medichlorians were off the scale and he might fullfil that proficy. the council was impressed of course,could he bring balance to the force? they interviewed the kid and training they forbid! cause' yoda sinced in him much fear,and qui-gon said now listen here. stick it in your pointy ear. i still will teach this boy. he was singin my my this here anakin guy maybe vader someday later now he's just a small fry. he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye. sayin soon im gonna be a jedi, soon im gonna be a jedi. we got a ride back to naboo,because queen amadala wanted to. i frankly would have liked to stayed. we all faught in that epic war and wasnt long at all before,little hot shot flew his plane and saved the day. and in the end some gungans died,some ships blew up and some pilots fried. alot of folks were croaken,the battle droids were broken. and the jedi i admire most, met up with darth maul and now he's toast.i'm still her and he's a ghost. i guess i'll train,this boy. and i was singin: my my this here anakin guy maybe vader someday later now he's just a small fry. he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye sayin son i'm gonna be a jedi,soon i'm gonna be a jedi. my my this here anakin guy maybe vader someday later now hes just a small fry.he left his home and kissed hiis mommy goodbye sayin soon i'm gonna be a jedi." "that is one good song. i wonder what im gonna do today. maybe i'll visit earth4. yea.thats what i'll do.you creepio! ready my ship!" i comand the droid. "yes sir." it says.
  14. heres what i think: alot of people under rate this game,but i like it. i play it alot. my favorite character is also vader. i sort of cheat,though. i use the upper cut combo alot. its when you press foward and slash repeatedly. they go in the air,fall down and on the way down,bam!in the air again and so forth untill a ring out. ps: i worked on this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. well, right now, there are no rules since there is no role play.what we are doing here is making a long story that we reply to and continue. all we are doing here is basically putting up stories for people to read. though if you post and continue a story,its really fun.the rules for an actual on-line role play: use itallics when you are thinking something. use "" when you are saying something. use :::when doing an action:::. thats all there is to it,really.
  16. im about to say something embarrassing............i dont know how to make a web page and post it on the net.:::waits for laughter to go away and everyones quite::: i bet your thinking,"oh god,he's serious." yes im serious. sorry
  17. well said,jedi kenobi ------------------ George Lucas:"buy my products!make me money!"
  18. obi-wan isnt "crap". in fact,he is my best jedi on the game.
  19. yea this codes going to work.......and bill clinton dosent lie. try another one because this code isnt working.there arent any codes.
  20. good site! i guess all the talk on building a website for the temple came out.i'm glad to see it worked out. ps:my student web site is up.its a site i had to do at school.ita a false company,but it sells star wars things,so check it out! here is the address: http://www.ccboe.net/hms/studentwebsite/Davis/jdavis.htm
  21. you forget about the jawas
  22. hey thanks.i'll check it out.im like the only one who comes here anymore so im probably the only one who read that post.so,thanks.i will really check it out.i've been looking for an ep1 spoof for a while,thats why i decided to start this one.the only one i've seen has been on mad tv.and that was only like 5 minutes. ------------------ George Lucas:"buy my products!make me money!"
  23. barf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we'll miss ya john candy. ------------------ George Lucas:"buy my products!make me money!"
  24. hey plo,i think we also have met in the zone once or twice.im jedimaster431.wait a second.................your that guy that killed me and froze my computer!!!!i hated that guy,and now i know who it is! how ironic. ------------------ George Lucas:"buy my products!make me money!"
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