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  1. meanwhile,in space............... "dont worry. i know how to save your ship,mr.koon." i turned the falcon for a quik barrel roll.the ship fired at the falcon.another barrel roll. i pulled the air brakes as the following ship went past. i followed it. i locked on to the engine and raised the trigger for the ion cannon. "what are you doing,mr.solo?your not going to destroy my ship." plo-koon told me. " i know what im doing." i aim with the trigger. "i have a bad feeling about this." gary said. i pulled the trigger as a blue bolt blasted the engines and the ship landed back on correlia. i landed the falcon next to it. ------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around
  2. hey adi, i just read youre "im leaving" post. please dont leave the role play! i still go there! ------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around
  3. obi


    here is what i have to say. shut up!everyone here just shut up!listen to yourselves! this is a star wars forum,last time i checked. this post has too many on it! it should become a whole seperate forum by itself!you people love to argue over the things that has nothing to do with this forum! i say if you want to argue religious matters, GO TO CHURCH! i think ive made my point clear. ------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around
  4. "ci copas to hiy jabba." i looked at the translator,"its time to pay jabba." it said."i dont have the money,now greedo but ill pay him.i promise." he started busting out laughing.so did his partners."li kod no,solo.i lant to roughin ue yup a bit." i looked at the translator"i hope not solo,i want to rough you up a bit."it said. i threw a thermal detonater at the croud and ran to the controls of the falcon and lifted to orbit around the planet. i had forgotten about my passengers. ------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around [This message has been edited by obi-wan13 (edited May 11, 2000).]
  5. "sweet mother of the force!another jedi?" i looked at the alien."is everyone jedi exept me? how many are there?" i ask. "youll have to excuse my friend,han solo." gary said."anyways, i kept my name and master yoda gave qui-gon his jedi name." gary finished explaining to plo-koon about the brothers name. "you are a smuggler?" the alien asked. "what makes you think that?" i asked back,hoping i didnt look too suspicious. "well your friend said you where." " ill give you two thousand credits. just dont report me. please?" "dont worry. i have better things in life than to report smugglers." he said. "thank you. i appereciate it." "dont.just work at changing your ways." "chewie! come here!" i yell for the wookie. he comes walking up,looking half sober. "pour my friends here a glass of corellian knockout." i commanded him. "no thank you. i dont drink." the alien said. " oh please.spare me the jedi fodder and take a drink." i said. he didnt look too pleased. " no since of humor? jedi should laugh sometimes,you know." he seemed to just be ignoring me now. 2 standerd hours later, everyone was asleep aboard the falcon. the guys saved me,the least i could do is give them shelter. i stayed awake,just in case. i hear thumping outside. i pull my blaster in case there is something dangerous out there. i look to see a rodian standing out there.with several alien species."dooga bah,solo." the rodian said. i looked down at my communicator translator.it said "come out,solo." ------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around
  6. my jedi friend hears battle clashes from lightsabers and rushes over to see whats going on. i follow. i see two sith fighting 1 jedi when gary joins the battle with his gold lightsaber. their sabers clash. i pull my blaster to shoot off some bounty hunters heading this way. they return fire.............. ------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around
  7. i grab the comm. "if theres anyone out there,please help! im being attacked by sith!help!" i slam down the comm and pull out my blaster and yell for chewie. he walks in drunk. "get down in these compartments!" i say to him. he mumbles. "just do it!" he yells something wookie that is a curse word. he gets in the compartments. i follow. i close the door. "dont make a noise of any kind." i whisper to him. i hear the sith cut down the door and procced into the falcon,looking for me. then, i hear them flee. "whats going on?" i heard the younger one speak. "he signaled for help.we must go." i heard the older sith answer.~ i wonder who helped me.~ i raise from the compartments and walked down the ramp. i saw a man standing there."hey!" i yell to him. he turns as i recognise his face.gary!"thanks gary!" i yell. " i heard you.you sounded scared." "scared,nah. i couldve handeled um both." "dont let that attitude slip while your in town. and dont brag so much." "oh what are you now a jedi?" there was silence for a period of time. he spoke to break the silence."yes.yes han solo i am a jedi." "why dont you have a lightsaber then?" " i do." "why didnt you use it?" "i just built it. i havent tried it out yet." "why?" "i didnt want to risk the lives of others.you know that if you build a lightsaber wrong,then try to activate it, it will blow up." "oh. try it now." "get back in youre ship and i will." "ok" i turned and walked back in. i heard a humming noise. i walked out side to see what it was. he had his saber and was slinging it around!it worked! "ha ha ha! look at that!" i call to him. the gold flash slung through the darkness.......... ------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around
  8. i waved goodbye as my new friend,gary kion left.~some fella he turned out to be!~ "chewie!" he walked in stomping and growling. ha! hes drunk! "never mind." i say."ill do it myself." i lifted up of the ground barely and began to hover.then,a huge ion cannon disabled my ship as it crashed back down. i opened the hatch and walked down the ramp. i look around. a ship lands next to me. it looks like a round center surrounded on two side with hemisphers connected,with a long nose. a door opened from that ship. two men walked out. one tall with red and black tattoos,the other shorter with a robe and hood.they where both waering dark robes. they approached me. "can i help you?" i ask. "ill make this short." the taller of the men said. he pulled two red lasers. a lightsaber! "i dont want any trouble." i said with my hand rested on my blaster. "lets talk somewhere.........private." he spoke. "we are alone now." i say."what can i do for you?" "ahh.willing to cooperate.i have heard you had deals with jedi. i want answeres." he said in the cold night. "you must be mistaken." i say. he pulls back his lightsaber. i will offer you 1 million credits for information." he says. ~one million credits? i could pay off jabba!~ "ill think about it." i told him. minutes past."well?" he said. "here is your answer!" i pull my blaster and shoot for him as he pulls both sides to his saber and blocks with ease. i ran quikly to the falcon and closed the doors. i mashed buttens to take off. they wouldent work! the blast of the ion must have done damage! ~oh no!~ he was cutting through the hatch! then............................... ------------------ "i see your swartz is as big as mine.now lets see how you handle it." spaceballs
  9. as they approached,a man with robes on came up. i couldnt tell who it was; his face was coverd with a hood. he came up behind the attackers.he pulled a blaster and started shooting them. i pulled mine and joined in.i shot and shot,he did the same. there were dead bodies everywhere. "good shooting!" i call out to the man. "you too!" he called out."whats your name?" he asked. "my name is han solo. yours?" "my name is gary kion. i saw you needed help." "yep. just in time. these aliens where gonna mess my face up. here,come on my ship and get you a cold ale." "gladly!" he yelled as we boarded the miilinium falcon. ------------------ "i see your swartz is as big as mine.now lets see how you handle it." spaceballs
  10. back on correlia.............. i walk into the cantina. this man with one eye and the other patched up stares at me."got a problem?" i ask. "if i where you,stranger,id watch myself." he turned back to his table and drunk his drink. i walked to the bar."give me 2 galactic ales an 1 pint of correlian knockout." i told the man behind the bar. "right away, sir." he handed me my drinks and i payed him 30 credits. i was walking out when the man with the patch came out and followed me. "i dont like you much. i kill people i dont like." he stated. "well im sorry to hear that." i said sarcastically. "me too." he pulled his blaster and i pulled mine and shot him in the leg. "i dont have time for people like you right at the moment." i said.he just layed there.i went back to the millinium falcon and i saw a group of men standing there.one of those men was the man from the cantina with several twi'leks and several rodians and humans. "can i help you?" i ask. " you made a big mistake back there,friend." he said. "oh you mean when i shot you and stated i didnt have time for you." i said. "yes.now you will have to pay for it.boys,rough him up a bit." the men and aliens started to approach when........... ------------------ "i see your swartz is as big as mine.now lets see how you handle it." spaceballs
  11. "SABACC!!!!!!!!!!" i yell out. the wookie stood up and mumbled something. "sore loser.and a pitiful one as well.ha ha." i sit up in my chair and fix me a cold glass of cold,correlian ale."talk about refreshing." i poured the wookie a glass as he took the drink and slurped it down with ease.he picked up the container and drank it all."agh! stupid wookie!not only will you be knocked out colder than a bantha in a boxing match with a rancor,but now ill haave to head to a cantina and buy some more." he gave another growl,and then burped. i couldnt help but laugh. a wookie burped! ha ha! ------------------ "i see your swartz is as big as mine.now lets see how you handle it." spaceballs
  12. sorry i havent been posting.ive been busy lately.anyways: "thanks.this wookie is so hard headed he cant fix any thing." i saw adi gallia looking down on the floor at my supposed to be secret smuggling compartments."looking for something,beutiful?" i ask her.hoping she wouldnt report me. ------------------ "i see your swartz is as big as mine.now lets see how you handle it." spaceballs
  13. ~either jedi dont like smugglers or my comm is gone~ "jedi saber come in!jedi saber!" my fuel is very low now.~what will i do?~ ------------------ "i see your swartz is as big as mine.now lets see how you handle it." spaceballs
  14. "can you read jedi saber?" ------------------ "i see your swartz is as big as mine.now lets see how you handle it." spaceballs
  15. never mind.its being stupid and acting up.
  16. my site is up and runnin.just a little plug! http://www.homestead.com/lucasfan/
  17. sorry bout that pic mess up. ------------------ "i see your swartz is as big as mine.now lets see how you handle it." spaceballs
  18. "i read.my fuel has a major leak. may i bored?" ------------------ "i see your swartz is as big as mine.now lets see how you handle it." spaceballs
  19. "chewie! get in here!" the wookie stood in the door way.he made the usual wookie mumble. "what did you say?" i asked the sarcastic wookie. he gave the wookie noise again. "i know,i know. fix that fuel leak." another mumble. "just do it." it sounded like resistance. "NOW!!!!!" i yelled. all he could do was agree with me. he left."now,come in jedi saber........." ------------------ "obi-wan kenobi,obi-wan.now that is a name i havent heard in a long time,a long time."
  20. the millinium falcon was right behind the jedi saber." come in jedi saber........" ------------------ "obi-wan kenobi,obi-wan.now that is a name i havent heard in a long time,a long time."
  21. ok.ill stay.but lets go to this new thing.even though the little punk stole my character.and besides,he basically insulted my posts. im sorry if i have sound childish. ------------------ "obi-wan kenobi,obi-wan.now that is a name i havent heard in a long time,a long time."
  22. please enter me in this role play. i dont even want to be a jedi here.how bout this charecter: an early han solo still in his 20s. how bout it? can i join? ps. sorry for my........comments earlier.
  23. SORRY BOUT THAT.I WAS JUST MAD. ------------------ "obi-wan kenobi,obi-wan.now that is a name i havent heard in a long time,a long time."
  24. i really dont like all this.you quit mine to come here. you could have at least finished mine first,then came here.but i will start on this roleplay and have 1 important part.this is it: i hunt down and kill the jedi and sith in this role play with thermal detonators. GAME OVER FOR YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ------------------ "obi-wan kenobi,obi-wan.now that is a name i havent heard in a long time,a long time."
  25. obi


    i am too a christion. i have also noticed something in ep1.ANNIE HAS NO FATHER.HE WAS BORN OF A VIRGIN. wonder where lucas got that idea. [This message has been edited by obi-wan13 (edited May 02, 2000).]
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