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  1. Nice to meet the new people!


    SabreTooth- :p

    Reb- Long time no see man! I can play games and not kill my PC now! Aren't you happy for me? :D



    BTW, I've found a pic of me from August 27th, this year. I've gained 5 lbs of muscle since, so I've changed even since 3 months ago :p


    This is when I first got my minister's robe. I only wear it to perform a wedding or a funeral. I've already got 1 wedding and 1 baby dedication ceremony under my belt. Not too bad for my first three months :D

    The pic's not the best quality, but It'll have to do 'till I find that cable. =\





  2. Specs! Yes, Specs!


    Ok, it may not be the best, up-to-date, better than alienware specs, but it beats my 333 mhz processor of old -_-





    Microsoft Windows XP

    Media Center edition

    Registered to:

    Rev. Jake


    Dell Dimension

    AMD Athalon 64 processor


    1.00 Ghz, 1.00 gb of Ram



    Plus, I had Dell install a $150 Graphics-game card. It rules. :D



    In reference to the old pics- I can't believe you guys still remember those. BTW, I rock out on my fish awesomely -_-


    I still consider myself superman too, so calling me so would be ok.


    @El Sith- InsaneSith? Wow, dude! You've come a long way too! A super mod? congrats!


    ET- I don't pay taxes to you. You're still a n00b to me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


    Ty- You're 16 now? It's been that long? jeebs.... I missed the awkward first girlfriend stage....... :(


    Allright.......Now for this cable of mine.........It's around here somewhere. The only place I haven't checked is in a couple of cabinets in my dining room. I know that sounds weird, but we keep some computer stuff in there.




    WAIT A TIC. I have some pictures I might be able to scan. I have a scan/fax/printer 3-in-one now. sweet. lemme go looksee.

  3. GUYS! YOU PEOPLE ARE STILL HERE! PHREAKEH! You're admin now too? Jeeze! BTW I've changed my looks a lot since that supes pic. I've lost a lot of weight and gained some muscle (I joined a gym).


    Ok, let's go down the list.....


    Pie- Good to see you again man! Sorry, no NEW pics because I lost my USB cable to my digi cam. I know it's around here somewhere, and I'm in the process of finding it.... >_>


    Anthony- Thank you! I've been training for two months to get my ord. papers. It was hard, but it paid off.


    SuperRodian- Nice to meet you, man. Yea, I'm a laid back preacher. I Keep it real, dawg. (if i ever say that again, hurt me) I don't try to be holier-than-thou and junk. I'm a human, I screw up. You're a human, you screw up. We're in this thing together, let's make the best of it. That's my take on God. He's the only one that doesn't screw up. I think that's why I like him so much = )


    Mike Windu- I love you too, man! You can't have my bud light -_-


    btw tell Rhett to get his kiester(sp?) back on here and give me a shout :D


    IG-64- It HAS been a long time. Good to see you again ;)


    Tyrion- Can you legally drive yet? Have you had your first pimple yet? :p (last time I spoke with him, he was 13)


    Commander Obi-Wan- Awesome Name. Obi Rules. Best Star Wars character EVER. I don't know why people can't see that :p I like your sig pic. And you've heard a lot about me? Hopefully it's all good. 'Cause if it wasn't, I'd have to bring back the Geraldo mask. (only a certain few know what in the world I'm talking about, but I'll just say it's not pretty.) Keep up the good obi lovin', and we'll get along fine.


    TheDoctor- Nice too meet you. Good luck on that citizenship thing. Marry Tyrion if you're desperate. ;)


    Darth Moeller & El Sitherino- Nice to meet you fellow super mods. Nice to know we have some fresh meat to watch over the boards. ;)


    Ratm- Yea dude, long time no JA :(


    Phreakeh- you had your turn already................punk..........

  4. My av is a part of a shirt that says "yank the plank" regarding judging others. I have the Bible scripture in my sig that goes along with it. My favorite tv evangalist Ed Young came up with the sermon about how we should stop judging someone else and exame ourselves instead. He's a pretty good guy.

  5. :o





    Wow! It's been forever guys! I finally got a new computer! Not an old computer and it's new to me, but I got a NEW computer! A DELL computer! I can finally play games and not crash my pc! I've finally arrived in the 21st century!



    (you might be asking "who is this lunatic?")


    It's me guys! Obi-wan13/obi13/obi. Whatever! I'm back baby! How is everyone? Any of the old gang around? (you know who you are) here's an update on my life-


    After my dad had a suicide attempt last year(another reason i've been gone), I've had to help him. He's bed-ridden. But that's enough sad stuff. I received my ordination papers(I'm REVEREND OBI now :p ). I am in the process of getting enrolled in technical school, and then on to seminary. I am in the process of getting a building to start my own church (Truth Christian Center) in Thomson, Ga. If you guys ever come around there, CHECK IT OUT ;)

    I am still engaged to the same girl, and I'm still working for the government. I've lost approx. 110 lbs. and I am now at a very sex-ah 200 lbs.


    So how is everyone else?


    -If I haven't met you before, hi. My name is Obi. :D


    (or you can call me Jake. Or Rev. Jake. Whatever )


    BTW, this place has CHANGED! :o

  6. Thanks for the WB guys! And yes, it's the girl from the DC pics. I'm actually using the computer at her house right now, and she has cable! Yee haw!



    Anyway, I'll try to be on a little more, but it's hard without a computer of my own at my house. Hey again guys!




    Oh, and BTW, I have the superman tights now. That's right, TIGHTS.




    And I DO look good in them. Surprisingly. No pics though. -_-

  7. Hey guys! Sorry I've been out. My computer is FRIED, and I'm on at work. (which is rare)


    I just thought I'd let you guys know I'm ok, and so is my dad. He has the mind of a 2 year old right now, but I think he'll progress pretty good in Rehab. I miss you guys a lot! BTW, I'm 19 now, and I'm planning a wedding.



    uh-oh........obi's getting married.............







    So how is everyone? Did I miss anything shnauzzy? :D

  8. It's good to see a lot of folks are still here. Especially those of you I knew from back in the day.









    Now,as promised, the new hat and necklace.











    Oh yea, the one on the left is my fiancee. The pic was taken in DC.




    Yes, I know she's hot.






  9. Hey, It's obi. Duh. You may or may not have noticed, but I have been gone a while due to a million different reasons. One of which is coming up in about 30 minutes. A job. AHHHHHH!



    Anyway, I just wanted to see what was up and how everbody was doing. I got a new cell phone, engaged, the flu, a job, and um....a sexy new cowboy hat and superman necklace, which I will pimp out for you all later.



    Anyway, I don't want to make a "look at me" thread, so I wanted to come up with a topic. I've been watching tv some lately and I've come to realize, Smallville's theme song is really cool. There are other tv theme songs that get stuck in my heads as well. Such as Friends theme, etc.



    What are your favorite tv show theme songs?

  10. In defense of Christians, not all of us are crazy. It's a cartoon. A CARTOON. C-A-R-T-O-O-N.



    Let's look at some ACTUAL gay cartoons, shall we?


    1. Bugs bunny. Always dressing up as a woman and kissing Elmer Fudd.


    2. Velma off of Scooby-Doo. Ellen Degeneres the first woman to come out on tv? I think not.


    3. Popeye. Olive Oil was a dude.


    4. Fred Flinstone and Barny. Always looking for a "gay ol' time" and would rather spend time together than with their wives.





    And people say Sponge Bob is gay?




    Ok, the top part of this was a joke, but let me get serious here.


    I have gay friends. I don't even think about them being gay. To me, they are just as much people as you and I. Jesus died for them too, just as much as he did for me. I don't care if you're gay or not, I'm not going to rain fire and brimstone upon you. I could care less. Now, when I preach and use scripture, I won't leave anything out. I'll tell it like it is. If a homosexual is listening and gets offended, I dont' care. If a homosexual fells convicted, then ok. It doesn't matter. All I know is that Jesus ate with sinners, and heck, even died for 'um.



    Even though I was hit on by one of my gay friends once, and it was kind of odd.




    (Sorry if this was too serious for the Swamp. I've been out a while)

  11. Originally posted by Rogue Nine

    obi has man-boobs! :D




    No, obi has Pectoralis muscles. if I still had man-boobs with the way I've been working out for the last 4 months, I'd be in a bad mood. :p




    The traffic in DC was AWEFUL. I thought we had some rough traffic down here in Augusta. That was KILLER. We were stuck in one spot for about 10 minutes before we got to move 3 inches.









    You know what? I think I just might run for President. Dath, you can be my running-mate. Imagine, Obi-Dath 2008!

  12. This is the last pic I can post for a while. It's the capital building and the white house and the washington monument.. It was late when we got to the white house, but it was cool. I've combined them into 1 image.


    I took all of these pictures too, btw. (except the first)


    I think I'm a half-way decent photographer.


  13. Yes, I went to Washington DC with my gf and her family. For those who have never been, I must say it's really cool. We seen a lot of stuff, and I was about 400 ft. from the leader of our nation. How in the world can someone not be excited? It was AWESOME. My gf stuck her arm in the White House gate and stole some grass from the lawn and got yelled at by a cop. :p



    It was really cool. I have tons of pics.



    The first pic is of me and my gf in front of the Abe monument. It was really huge.


  14. I've got a few new books to add to your list.


    9. Mr.Fork and Mrs. Outlet CAN get along


    10. Daddy's New Wife, Robert


    11. The Boy That Died from Eating All of his Vegetables


    12. The Children's Guide to Hitch-hiking


    13. Fun Four-Letter Words to Know and Share


    14. Curious George and the High-Voltage Fence


    @ Jed- Rofl ! :p




    I've got one.



    A man is ship-wrecked on a deserted island, and only he, a pig, and a dog survives. After a while, the man starts to feel lonely and strange. You see, a man has desires and needs. You know what I mean.


    Anyway, he has to decide on the pig or the dog, and he chooses the pig. He sneaks up behind the pig to grab him, but the dog quickly runs up and bites his ankles. The man ran off.


    Later, he tries throwing a stick so the dog will chase it. The dog runs off, and the man goes to grab the pig. To his surprise, the dog was very quick and was back in time to stop him from getting to the pig. He runs off again.


    "I have to get that stupid dog....." the man thought. His thoughts were interupted when he heard a woman shouting from the water.


    "HELP! HELP! I'M DROWNING!" she said. He went out and saved her, and brought her to the beach. She looked at him, touched his chest, and said "I owe you my life. If there is anything I can do to repay you, tell me...." The man looks at her and says...























    "Ok, hold this dog for me."

  15. I was at the mall the other day doing some last-minute shopping when I came across a small boy. He was dressed in what might as well have been rags, and he looked like he had not had a bath in a few days. He was leaning face-first against the wall and it looked like he was crying. I walked up to him and said "Excuse me, son, what's the matter?"


    He turned to me with huge tears in his eyes. He held out a $100 bill in his hand and said "I had two of these. My dad is a horrible mean drunk, and he is too sorry to get out and do the shopping, so I got together what I had been saving up to get my family Christmas presents. A minute ago, a man came by and took one of my $100 bills."


    "My gosh," I thought. "Why didn't you yell for help?" I asked the young boy.


    "Well, sir.....I did." He answered.


    "I've been around for a while, and I didn't hear anything. How loud did you yell?" I asked him.


    "Like this, sir" And he let out a small yelp that I myself, standing right beside him, had to strain to hear.


    "Is that the loudest you can yell, son?" I asked.


    "Yes sir, it is" He answered with tears in his eyes.




























    So I took his other $100 bill.




  16. My gf is OBSESSED with karaoke. 99% of the time I go to her house, I have to sing (or listen to her sing) a bunch of songs. I really don't mind it, because she can actually sing. It takes away kiss-time though. =(




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