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  1. I was voting Kerry untill I researched the Issues. Kerry is pro-abortion. You don't kill babies, good sir. That is a NO NO. Kerry is pro-gay marraige. Kerry was going to (if elected) present a law that would force Ministers such as myself to marry a gay couple if they came to them. Seperation of church and state? Hello? Weren't people angry about the ten commandments in the courthouse? It's actually a degree of hypocricy. Kerry voted for the war in Iraq. Later, he said "it is the wrong war at the wrong time!" Kerry was just trying to rouse the anti-war crowd, instead of taking a stand for what he truely believes. He's good at that, that's why he won the debates. Bush may not be the smartest guy alive, but at least he stands up for what he believes, and doesn't change his mind a million times like Kerry. That's why I voted Bush/Cheney '04. Dang, that's a mouthful. not to mention my gf likes Bush >_>
  2. .......... No one flame me, for this is my right as an American citizen. I voted Bush. Flame someone over their choice of candidate, and you will be punished. Trust me.
  3. Me and my gf went to parties as Lois and Clark. Any girl that will dress up as Lois Lane for you is a keeper. (actually, it was her idea) Anyway, here's a pic of me in my Clark costume. I didn't get one of us together. I wasn't thinking about it. =\ I kind of stole the idea from that pic of the new superman actor. BTW, I still think I would have done a better job. -_-
  4. Sorry Broncos, but us Georgians love our Falcons. Not to mention Vick > Anyone else in the NFL.
  5. Let it alone, Mr. Steve Tyler. I mean it.
  6. If she found out I was posting this on here, she would probably kill me. Anyway, a pic of me and my gf is my desktop. Enjoy. Edit- let me get a pic of my screen icons. Grrr. There, fixed. Edit again- The icons aren't showing up on my computer, but that's the background pic anyway. Good enough.
  7. I've got the perfect outfit for you to wear.
  8. Me and my gf spent the entire day together yesterday preparing for a night full of activities. (get your mind out of the gutter for a minute, please) We went to a singing concert she participated in, then we got in our costumes and dropped by my church halloween party, then we went to her friend's halloween party. It was pretty fun. I didn't get any candy at ALL, but oh well. I have little cousins I can steal from.
  9. I'm not usually one for posting Dubya-tee-eff threads, but eh.... Dubya-tee-Eff BTW, not all of us Georgians are crazy.
  10. In California, in fact, only Students and kids under the age of 18 are allowed to vote. At least when it's about the governer anyway. *cough*
  11. obi


    Eh, my gf likes W, so what was I supposed to do?
  12. One thing I don't get is why people get into sports. I mean, liking sports is fine, but getting into it is different. For example, I saw Yankee fans angry and crying. It's a game, people. A GAME. People in Boston were close to riot status in celebration of their team's win. RIOT STATUS. I think Jeff Foxworthy said it best...... ".....And you call us stupid in the south......."
  13. Man, whats up with you and those pad locks? Always making me close stuff......... -_-
  14. Personally I don't think that guy looks that bad. >_> Anyway, enough about my joke picture (which was what it was). I've never seen the guy act, but if he was on will and grace, I dunno..... He certainly looks the part, but looks aren't everything (jokes about my pic aside, please). He looks kind of well.... tiny. Superman is supposed to be 6'2", 220 lbs. (Exactly MY measurements, btw) And this guy looks like he could play mighty mouse. Maybe it's just the picture, I dunno.
  15. Rubbish! I think this fellow would have been awesome as the new man of steel. I mean, look at those muscles and that killer body! Look out, ladies!
  16. obi


    Yea, it's awesome. My new jeep is a lot cooler than my old one, except a few minor things. Like, the radio/cd player doesn't work in my new one, but I'm putting the one from my old jeep in tomorrow. Not to mention my new jeep also has brand new speakers. AWESOME. But no, I couldn't run around the front real quick and stop the jeep from crashing. I had passengers in the car and I didn't want them to know about my powers.
  17. obi


    I have a theory- There was a man that helped us. He was an awesome guy, he did a lot for us. But, he didn't go to church or anything. I got to invite him to our church and tell him that God put him there to help us. He didn't come to church that Sunday, but he might be there this week. Whatever was intended for Evil, God intended for Good. And like I said, I get to save money every month on my insurance, and I got a newer & better jeep. I'm just lucky to be alive, but being alive without a scratch from it, that's what is so awesome.
  18. obi


    Hate to double post, but this is two pics of my new jeep. Edit- Yea, he did save my butt. He was there the entire time. I hit the ditch praying harder then my jeep hit it. heh.
  19. obi


    Some of you may have noticed I haven't been here alot lately, here's why- I was driving two of my friends home last Saturday evening, and I took a short cut on an old dirt road. I wasn't doing anything stupid, and I wasn't speeding. I was going about 30 mph. Anyway, we got to a curve, hit some loose dirt, and my Jeep started fish tailing. It went out of control, hit the ditch, and flipped over on it's top. I was dangling from my seat belt. Miraculousy, all three of us got out of the jeep and walked away without a scratch. (Tell me there is no God, go ahead. I dare you. ) We flipped the Jeep over with the help of a tower and drove it home. The strange thing is that everything still works right. The headlights, tail lights, raido/cd player, everything. I was surprised it crunk up and drove. Anyway, all is working out nicely. I got a new jeep almost just like my old one, and I have a new insurance policy that will save me some money. Pictures enclosed. Enjoy.
  20. I think you guys should have expected this one from me.
  21. Words cannot express what I am feeling. Just leave me be.
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