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    I'm currently waving bye to my money, because I'm getting Fable, Battlefront, and the star wars dvd set. *sigh* It'll be worth it though
  2. Happy 1-year! We changed the rules, btw. Now, instead of getting gifts on your anniversery, you get to DRINK FROM THE FIRE HOSE! OPEN UP! *blasts IG across the room with high-pressure fire hose* Yes, I've been watching UHF. >_>
  3. Usually ones that we have never had a problem with and they are usually very active in the boards. We also look for people who are willing to work and not care what people think about them. If you can't take people calling you abusive nazi hypocrits, then being a mod isn't for you. It's been said before, but I'll say it again, Post count doesn't matter. It helps if you've been here for a while too. There's also a "right place at the right time" thing. For instance, if there is a new forum open, we look and see who frequents there.
  4. Well, It'd be cool to be a great force like the Empire or the Seperatists and pillage and burn the main planet of the Republic. Or maybe that's just me Besides, you don't know if there was a battle there or not. EP III Has not come out yet
  5. ..............FOR ME TO POOP ON! Had to do it =P
  6. WORK?! YOU?!?!?! I can't even imagine it! You silly vietnamese you!
  7. It should be called "Life of a rich jackass that has everything handed to him" Or will that not fit? BTW, please keep this idea away from the Fox network. Thanks.
  8. Absolutely. Not only am I obligated because I sort of....well....work here........but this will also be a great resource for information about downloadables and strategy tips. Not to mention the people.
  9. Dude, I really was joking. I just thought people would pick up on that
  10. Everyone in this thread is dumber than me. And I'm not joking.
  11. Greedo! Yet another member of the anceint and forgotten LFJA comes to terms with his fate and returns to the forums! Welcome back, Greedo! There's still a seat for you!
  12. Yes, but I have taken upon myself to create an original Where's Waldo? Picture. Go on, try to find him, lads!
  13. Old and annoying. Nothing to see here people. Move along.
  14. No no, you don't get. Compared to some of those people, You're the pope.
  15. I shall use a passage from the Bible to explain how I deal with that place. "Let the heathen rage"
  16. I can vote, and this year, I'm voting for Kerry. I do have a point to make, though. I wish Both Bush and Kerry would stop talking about Vietnam. Come on, it was over 20 years ago. Focus on the present and the future! Tell us what you're going to do for the economy! Tell us what you're going to do for Healthcare and the unemployment rate! Tell us about......gah....you get it. My man McKain isn't running for president, and that saddens me. That guy would most definately have my vote. BTW, I'm a registered Republican.
  17. *Laughs uncontrollably* Man, I'm not touching that place with a 10 ft. pole. Jed and Groovy and other mods know why.
  18. Darky get married? I didn't hear of it if he did, and he never holds things from me unless......... Wait, he's from the UK right? DARN! I should have known better than to trust that British Sunuvagun! -_-
  19. I have been obi-wan13 for over four years. Never had a different name.
  20. I hated Morrowind. I played it for two days and then sold it. =\ What got me was everytime I didn't hit a jump just right, I'd land in the water and get eaten by small fish. LAME.
  21. The Bible says "Inasmuch as ye have done unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done unto me. (Matthew)" These criminals hurt children, and that really doesn't flow right with God. These crooks will have much to answer for, it is only a matter of time. God, bless the families of the departed, Amen.
  22. Cool Ranch. I love doritos, but I hate the side effects. You know what I'm talking about..... 1. Crumbs everywhere. EVERYWHERE. 2. Teeth junk. It gets all over your teeth. 3. The after-taste. You can't get rid of it for like, 3 days. 4. The overly-full effect. Once you've eaten plenty of doritos, you don't want anything else for a LONG time. and finally, the worst of all evils..... 5. Dorito Breath. Words cannot begin to describe the breath of someone who has been snacking on doritos. The foulness of their exhaling is so horrible, walls shake and steel melts. The moon turns into blood and all that is good and holy in this world disappears untill you get that horrid stink out of your breath. My fellow male swampies, do not approach females after you have eaten a good serving of any dorito flavor.
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