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  1. Originally posted by Kain

    Well, I just wasted 2 hours watching this movie called Doppelganger, and let me tell you, I have no idea whats going anymore.


    Anyone else seen this abomonation of motion pictures?





    Man, they KILLED that movie on Mystery Science Theater 3000. That episode rocked :D


    "I knew he was hispanic, but I didn't know he was CUBAN!"

    -MST3k joke



  2. No, you're not sorry. You love trying t get a reaction. But this is not the place for it. As I've said a million jillion times, this is not a debate thread. It is only to show people a cool discovery. So, if you please, don't do that anymore, and we'll all be ok. ;)


    And Astro, Don't be jealous of John the Baptist because he has that awesome car. :D



    To The Bapt Cave!

  3. Thanks guys :D


    I turned the big 18 today. I had to turn in my selective service agreement and all that stuff. Fun =\


    And no, no booze or babes at my party, but my parents and pizza will be there, and pizza is better than booze anyday :D


    Thanks again, guys! I wonder why LF didn't post it as my b-day o.O

  4. Ok, well, since you asked..... ;)


    First there was the sterotypical healing of a lady that couldn't walk. Her muscles were twisted in a way that is hard to explain. Let's just say she was handicapped. My grandpa prayed for her, and then she started dancing around the church. Dancing. She walks fine today.


    Then, there was the time that God told me to tell my pastor's wife she was going to have a son. I thought it was weird at the time, but I was obediant and told her. It turns out, she was praying for a healthy baby, because her previous child was a mis-carraige. (I didn't know this at the time) She was pregnant and didn't tell anyone, and it was only for about a week or two, so no one could tell yet. Turns out it was a baby boy. His name is Caleb and he's 3 years old, and he's the hyperist darn thing you'd ever lay eyes on.


    Well, there is a ton more, but as I said, I wasn't even going to go into this in this thread, because it's about John's cave :p


    Edit- Yea, basically what Astro just said :p

  5. Originally posted by RoxStar

    Cool. but I thought that Fatih was supposed to be blind?


    Faith can be blind. But in my case, Faith is based on experiance. Experiances that I have had throughout life. But, that's for another time. ;)


    What's really cool is that this may inspire people to actually read the Bible, not just pretend and say that it contridicts itself, etc. I hope it helps put a stop to things like that.


    BTW, this thread wasn't intended as a religious debate topic. I forgot to add that in the first post. It's no different then finding dinosaur bones. (Well, to me it is, but you get the point)

  6. Originally posted by Astrotoy7


    Commodore 64

    Commando (freakin AWESOME!)

    Blue Max


    C64 International Soccer



    Oh my gosh, I have an old amiga 64 in my closet :eek:


    I used to LOVE that thing! Every Friday night would be Pizza, Coke, and the trusty old amiga. I had a favorite game for it, but I can't remember the name. It was about this small village's magic talisman was stolen, and three brothers had to go find it. It was hard too. The enemies were almost invincable =\. Not to mention you had to answer three questions right to play the game in the first place, and that was hard too. Darn, I wish I could remember the name =(

  7. Everybody is becoming mods! :p


    Welcome aboard, Pad!


    And yes, I know I'm late getting to these forums, but I've ben busy with school/work.



    I played hooky from School today, but I still gotta go to work later. I'll pitch in as much as I can though.


    Congrats again, Pad. ;)

  8. I just got back from it....



    As a man of high morals and a preacher's license, I can't suggest this movie to ANYONE.



    As a teenager, I thought it was hilarious :D



    (There is tons of nudity and cursing, and drug use. Parents, take your children with your own descretion.)

  9. Originally posted by DarthDurp

    uh-oh looks like the admin hid my reply with the two links contradicting the hell out of him, awwww


    Have you been drinking? o.O



    Anyway, don't say things like "glad to see some people with brains in this thread." Comments like that are very trollish. Be nicer. People aren't stupid because they are republican.

  10. The game was very buggy and even annoying at some points, but despite all of this.....


    I loved it with all of my heart, and after a hard day, I'd go home, put in the undying/level select cheat, and go to Tatooine as Qui-gon and murder the entire town.


    oh yes, the awesomeness......*wishes his PS worked again so he could play it* =(

  11. Originally posted by •-BLaCKouT-•

    I sincerely hope that you were either:

    a) drunk

    b) sarcastic

    c) just trolling for a reaction without actually thinking about what you'd said.


    No, I'm not perfect. Far from it. Sure I've sinned. Hell, I probably enjoyed some of it. But I've never raped a 12yr old. Or anyone for that matter.


    I have, however, seen the emotional damage that a rape can do to someone. You can never get over that. It changes your life forever. It alters your levels of trust and pre-conceived ideas like nothing else.

    And that's to a 17yr old. Try to imagine what it's going to do to a 12yr old. :indif:


    Sure I don't know the ins and outs of the case. I don't know the guy in question either. He could be a great guy other than this case. But I don't care if he's two steps away from a cure for cancer, he made his choice and now he has to live with the consequences of that choice. Just like the rest of us.


    Two months in prison. Whoop-de-whoo Basil, people get more than that for fraud. My only hope is that during those two months, he learns the meaning of the word violation.


    :indif: B.


    You sir, deserve a high five.

  12. As a preacher, I can honestly say.......



    You're nuts.



    Kidding. :D


    BTW, our kids program has a puppet ministry too, and I'm the lead puppetier (sp?). It gets laughs from the kids and the adults.


    Oh yea, I know where I'm going to spend eternity. ;)

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