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  1. Originally posted by ET Warrior

    ......Since we're talking about the MOVIE in this thread, I figured it was assumed that I was talking about the MOVIES. :dozey:



    What he said....



    And I didn't know there were "Bourne" books.


    *googles and checks it out*

  2. It takes a while to get started, but it turns out pretty good.


    The last line of the movie made me laugh. :D




    BTW, the camera is not just shakey in the action sequences, it is during the entire thing.

  3. Yes, I got a "new" car yesterday, and I've got a pic of it. It's a 1994 Jeep Cherokee, and I call it the "obi-mobile" :p


    When I go to get my tag, I'm gonna have "obi rks" on it. Seriously.


    Here's a pic-





    What do you drive?

  4. Originally posted by Astrotoy7

    congrats Bongo. Cant say Im too envious tho, 15 is the *worst* age ever.. when you pass it you will realsie why..... :)




    I would say 17 is not far behind. You are just || that close away to doing anything, and it takes forever to get to 18. I still have another month. -_-


    But happy b-day, dude. =)

  5. I went there a few years ago.



    Be sure to check out the thing in tomorrowland (or whatever it's called) that involves the Star-trek like "beaming" of people. It's quite interesting. I'll say no more, but you're in for a uh........treat...........


    *evil laugh*



    (Those who have been there and done that know what I'm talking about)

  6. I have no desire to see this movie. In fact, Will Smith is probably one of the worst actors ever. The only movie halfway decent was "bad boys."



    I might see it when it hits the cheap theater, I dunno. I might see it against my will.

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