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  1. Like all your models, your work is perfect Just 1 or 2 quetsions: Do you make a robe version (the robe of saesee tin is fantastic) ? Does the tabbards not continue on the back over the hips (like on the front)? On 1 or 2 pic I see, I found that he have a bigger head (a little) and a slimmer head (less cheek), but maybe it's the point of view of the shots Heres' the link of the photos http://jediencyclopedia.150m.com/colemantrebor.html Click on Coleman Trebor Confronts Count Dooku at the bottom
  2. Thanks for your comments The model is up now at jk2files.com Scouttropper i will look at your model next week.
  3. The file is up at pcgamemods.com Congratulations to this site, I have send to us the file just few hours ago and it's already upload Here's the link http://www.pcgamemods.com/file.php?id=d961e9f236177d65d21100592edb0769 And here's he link to jk2files.com : http://www.jk2files.com/file.info?ID=14082 Any comments are welcome The "female" jedi Mon Calamari (cilghal) is already finish but needs to be test before to be releasing moooa
  4. Okay i've send the file of the jedi mon cal to http://www.jk2files.com The file will be up in some days Hope you like and post comments of what you think and for the cilghal version i've fher in game but i've little problem with the robe. I will fix these problems and after release
  5. Thanks for your comments Cybernetix For the moment i'm not planning doing another model before finished all the mon calamari i have begun and zam wesel sniper rifle and pistol (if someone can help me for these because i haven't found how to make weapon for the moment) Here's the pics of all the skins for the male jedi mon calamari Still need to contact heks for the sounds and to reorganize all the files. Here's the pics and back pics of the robe version
  6. Hey it's a little time i havent been here. I'm happy to see that people are still interest in these model Sorry i have a little stopped working on my model after zam due to many problem at my job. But i have some little time and i have finish the model of the male jedi moncalamari with the robe and without. Now i will finish the ctf skins (the red is almost finish but the blue need to be done). And Heks, i will send you a mail for the sounds. For the female, nothing has been done since the last time (still need to segment the model, to weight it and the make the lod) And i think to release the male and female separatly to make the file not too big Thanks all for your help
  7. Thanks you I don't know what to say and like i said before the model is near the perfection at the beggining I have fix the bug so the model will be release soon For the pistol the model is simply to do but the texture is awesome. The pistol has 1126 poly.
  8. I don't go crazy with the weighting of zam, but the weighting of the mon calamari model because i've to weight all the clothes you can imagine : robe, skirt, xwing suit .I past many many many ... times to weight them and now it goes faster for this model. It's funny because all the clothes i weight for many mon calamari models are usefull for the only zam model But I have to say too that the model is very well done and then it's easy to weight. You don't waste time to move the point because of the clipping; for example on ackbar i past some days to test it in modview and to clean all the clipping and for zam it takes me 1 day. I can only tell you that you will be very impressed by the work of mars
  9. I've finished for the moment to work on zam I will try to finished the last lod of the jedi mon cal, after have to do the blue skin and next release Thanks Hekx for the sounds i've forget to answer to you but i haven't time to test them so i will take inform by mail
  10. Thanks for all toonces
  11. I'd like the head and helmet when it's just modelling but with the texture wow .. what can i say it's wonderful The speeder is impressive too
  12. Ok here's the pics of the female jedi mon calamari (cilghal). I've take for example the costume of Jocasta Nu (the woman in the jedi biblio in ep2 and for the robe on Luminara Unduli & Barris Offee). Any comments, criticism are welcome I post links because the pics are too big for include in the thread ! http://www.geocities.com/mooooa2002/Cilghal_no_robe.txt http://www.geocities.com/mooooa2002/Cilghal_Hood_top.txt http://www.geocities.com/mooooa2002/Cilghal_Hood_back.txt
  13. For the rogue flight suit model (ibitsam), it will be a new model not just a skin, the model is finished but without lod but i'm waiting for the skin of mariners2001 In order I think I will release : Male jedi mon calamari, female jedi mon cal, ibitsam and mon calamari warrior
  14. Thanks man I hope you finish your skin, maybe for the jedi version
  15. It will be long but here's the first model of the mon calamari pack. It include ackbar and 4 others skin. You can find the model at http://www.jk2files.com/file.info?ID=9832 and it will be upload soon at jkii.net
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