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    i'm sort of a computergeek, if you need help, pm me :D
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    a dreamers wish, wispering in
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    STAR WARS!!!!
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  1. you ****tards all forgot me! i go back way before jed or darky...not sure bout groovy though *runs back to EB again* i feel so dirty for posting here <_< edit: they took my glow! nooooooooooooo!!! :'(
  2. a year....a year, quit whining and go back to posting damnit!
  3. i can see you havent talked to me in a long long time *grabs flandy and spins him all around the swamp*
  4. Underoath - A Boy Brushed Red...Living In Black And White
  5. http://kstar.deviantart.com
  6. auch....just.......auch 0_o
  7. well it already works with virii so i think they can, but the file would get way too big:p
  8. move to israel and if you know why, good if you dont, too bad:p
  9. yes, we all have our problems RP, cool...i guess
  10. this just again proves that google is the real worldleader xP
  11. hmm, maybe i phrased it wrongly i havent had the chance to be able to recieve a break-up line yet there.. *sulks some more* (in case you still dont get it, it means i never had a girl xP )
  12. *trows sharp objects at groovy* bastard:mad:
  13. i have yet to recieve break up lines... *sulk sulk*
  14. *nags groovy jed and tyrion* i've been here longer then all of you
  15. oooh, i got me mum a roseplant with me dad ^__^ happy late mothersday lexxy ^__^
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