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  1. you ****tards all forgot me! i go back way before jed or darky...not sure bout groovy though *runs back to EB again* i feel so dirty for posting here <_< edit: they took my glow! nooooooooooooo!!! :'(
  2. a year....a year, quit whining and go back to posting damnit!
  3. i can see you havent talked to me in a long long time *grabs flandy and spins him all around the swamp*
  4. Underoath - A Boy Brushed Red...Living In Black And White
  5. http://kstar.deviantart.com
  6. auch....just.......auch 0_o
  7. well it already works with virii so i think they can, but the file would get way too big:p
  8. move to israel and if you know why, good if you dont, too bad:p
  9. yes, we all have our problems RP, cool...i guess
  10. this just again proves that google is the real worldleader xP
  11. hmm, maybe i phrased it wrongly i havent had the chance to be able to recieve a break-up line yet there.. *sulks some more* (in case you still dont get it, it means i never had a girl xP )
  12. *trows sharp objects at groovy* bastard:mad:
  13. i have yet to recieve break up lines... *sulk sulk*
  14. *nags groovy jed and tyrion* i've been here longer then all of you
  15. oooh, i got me mum a roseplant with me dad ^__^ happy late mothersday lexxy ^__^
  16. i see load and load of medium star wars titles in the future they should've gotten someone from the creative department, not a marketeer >_<
  17. man, like that hasnt done before i even believe thats the oldest occupation in the world...
  18. how about you just try to get to know her better, hang out with her and stuff, after that you can always roll the ball and try to start a relation *kicks himself for not trying that when he had the chance*
  19. or or i just knew it, ask lexx, i love(d) this songwhen i told her about it
  20. one-T ft cool-T - the magic key
  21. obi can fly. obi wins suits looks cool though, nice design.
  22. Kstar__2


    ooh, old times! xD think i deleted them all, and otherwhise all me lotr ones are on the other pc john, i made the lotr with saber thread, remember?
  23. you should listen to the funny guy with the worm from his mouth and missing pants! <_< i'm moreof an ex-swampie
  24. woo, time for a lil comeback spamming happy birthday eets!
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