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  1. unfortunately, I don't think many members check out the forums much anymore. I was about to resub yesterday and everything to play again but then heard the news. I proceeded to just delete all my toons and shut it down. I see no reason to give money to a company canceling a game i want to play. I know that I, along with a few others, will most likely hit up TOR once it is released. I, for one, would definitely love to see another Associates guild setup in there. I myself may do it if nobody else does. For now, feel free to catch me in the SWGEmu Liberator server. I actually joined a small guild of RPers from Starsider last night. Jomek Ricoh is my name. Can go hit up all the locations anytime we want in there and I actually have.
  2. first time i've logged back into lucasforums for quite a few months and i see this post. yay for coincidence! I'm definitely on board for TOR still, not sure i'll be playing empire of course, but it would be great to reunite with any Starsider people.
  3. bit late to post, but i will definitely return for TOR. missed playing with all the friends i made on starsider so long ago.
  4. I will TOTALLY be in TOR. REUNITE WE MUS!
  5. http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=174101 go there, read the first page regarding name changes and go from there. good luck.
  6. Rogue is right. I dunno about sunrunner, but as a player of starsider there is plenty of RP. At the same time though, your never gonna find a server that EVERYONE rps, since SOE never made a designated RP server. If you do opt for starsider, head over to starsidergalaxy.com/forum . they are the RPers of the server, introduce yourself and you will find plenty of like minded individuals there! Good Luck
  7. You buy the expansions and add the cd keys to your account through account options on SOE's main site. If you are new and likely just bought the Complete Adventures pack, you should have all of the expansion packs and can go to Mustafar and Kashyyk. JTL was added a year or two ago to every account as a free upgrade to those who didn't have it yet.
  8. Get more RAM. Vista requires at least 2gb to run half way smooth. Uninstall McAfee and install AVG Antivirus. let vista do the firewall work and you should have windows defender for Malware. Future upgrades should include a video card. An 8400 is fine and dandy, but its low end for graphics. You can get an 8600 pretty cheap now.
  9. Jo


    LEEMU! Shoot me a tell anytime ingame. Eirikr' or Eirikr will do!
  10. about the only two ways you can level up in galaxies is mission terminals and Legacy. At least they are easiest and fastest. Make sure you always get an XP buff from an entertainer, it will help. Other methods for leveling include grinding on random mobs, which is essentially legacy quest, just you get a mass xp payout in the end, or being fortunate enough to catch Restuss at a slow hour and doing antenna missions with a group. The restuss thing can work, but rarely does.
  11. 2 years and 7 months. Corzip now plays WoW
  12. i already got complete adventures, but if i resubscribe, i may have to buy to get the AT-RT again(always did regret selling it) and that royal starship lol. i would like to see a screenshot
  13. you get comms via the missions at the imperial HQ just outside of restuss, i can't remember the waypoint to it. when you complete a mission you get so many comms. Missions range from : Blowing up Rebel Antenna in restuss Taking out 20 Rebel troopers taking out 5 elite rebel troopers resetting sensor arrays defeating a rebel boss. All stuff is done in restuss of course. At the entrance of the Imperial HQ you will see an "Imperial Commendations Officer" or something like that, you trade them to him for weapons, armor, etc.
  14. im not imp. but i believe you do quests for imperial comms and trade them in with the comm officer.
  15. What saddens me most by this is the fact that when force unleashed was originally announced, i sold my wii for a 360 just to be able to play it...im so sad now must find money for a new wii
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