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  1. I ban you beacuse mustangs are not supposed to be red. get a new paint job and i will consider removing your current ban
  2. im banning you for thinking he needs such foolish luck
  3. I ban you because I have a sneeking suspition that I just madea a spelling mistake
  4. I ban you for not http://www.just****inggoogleit.com in the first place I think whom is more formal then who. I know you use it in more formal situations and like in the letters to anyone that always say To whom it may concern. im not really sure when to use whilst
  5. have you heard the german band?
  6. since when did you care what i had to say?
  7. i ban you because i cannpt find my gloves and i just need someone to blame
  8. can that question even be classified as a valid argument?
  9. why did you try to revive a dead thread?
  10. i ban you then stick a ----|=======> through your heart just because i don't know what ][>:=~+ has to do with anything p.s milojmiles is it princess leia? lol
  11. which is why i don't think this is true
  12. I ban you so that you will stop doing that
  13. I ban you for plotting to answer the phone before max
  14. did the hippies that accused you of destroying the world do A. anything at all to save it in the short time following their accusations or B. do nothing but continue to complain and make accusations C. do nothing but smoke pot and try to back up theyre illogival philosophies and bad argument without reasonable proof of anything and everything
  15. I ban you for thinking poorly england was very lucky to get out of that one... they really need to work on protecting corners and throw ins.... sweden hit the crossbar 3 times 1 time there was even a hand ball that made the shot miss the goal and hit cross bar. very good game. sweden played **** the first half but the second half was very exciting right to the end. once again its 89minute goal madness by the mighty swedes
  16. I ban you for your amazing observational skills
  17. what are you? a hippie? corporations this and corporations that yackity yack mcdonalds and starbucks are taking down the internet with microsoft brining up the rear. Honestly ... all hippiesdo is complain and smoke weed. ofcourse the government backs big companies because they fund everything unlike the self serving weed smoking hippies who just pretend to help others
  18. I ban you for not letting rudolf in on your reindeer games
  19. since when was france an underdog? And i never thought brazil could beat croatia 3-0 croatia are too good to let in 3 goals even from a team like brazil
  20. well its not like the US were expected to beat the CZECHS anyway. 3-0 is not that bad it could have been worse
  21. maybe all adventure game developers were molested by clowns at an early age. that would explain where they got all theyre crazy ideas from
  22. no not every european country but atleast the decent soccer playing ones. you have to qualify for the Euro just like the world cup
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