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  1. For Shadyz and anyone who wants to contact me privately with helpful ideas and what not, here's my contact info: jnday@prodigy.net Best to contact me via email. I don't use the messenger services that much. Thanks. -Josh
  2. Thanks for the encouraging words, Grets. Yes, the Geonosis map was exciting to build at times, but also incredibly frustrating when I can't play against 8 bots without a significant loss of frame rate. And I'm on a 2.4 GHz computer with some really suped up equipment! I still would like to give something cool to the folks with 200MHz computers, you know?! I'll keep at it. Shadyz, where do you have your work on display? I'd love to see it. Maybe we can share ideas/textures and what not at some point when I have a break. Later!
  3. You look like you all have seen a ghost! Yes, it's really me. I didn't die in a plane crash or get smothered in a winter storm. I just have been smothered with work, projects, job-related stuff, more projects, school, events, gatherings, meetings, more work, more school work, etc. It's been a heck of a long time since I've even touched Radiant, or seen this forum. But the one thing I have always loved about you guys compared to the others that populate the modelling forums and what not is that you are all civilized. I didn't see any comments like "You #@!%$^^&! Where's that map you promised?!" And I thank you! Well, there's a light at the end of the tunnel for me. I graduate college in March, and I'm almost done this mammoth colorization project for my side job. This will free up my schedule tenfold! So, maybe...just maybe, if there's still a big interest in JKII, I'll come back to map-making for you all. Is Jedi Knight 2 still a game that many of you love? I really have not yet made a name for myself, so I might put the Arena on the side for now and do something like a spectacular Coruscant map to get my skills in shape. I'm still having lots of trouble keeping the size of the maps on the low side (optimizing my work), and building circular things. But I'll keep at it. Maybe soon there will be a better version of the map-building software that allows cutting up cylindrical objects. Boy would that be helpful! For the arena, I need an inner wall ith entryways, but the whole darn map is circular, which causes lots of problems. Don't worry. Either by me or someone else, the Geonosian Arena will eventually be made correctly, in good detail. Fatboy Roberts, your music kicks butt! I loaded Toonces' and Arco's Mace Windu into the Bespin level (excellent job on that model guys, but speaking as he dies is kind of odd), and then I loaded up that fight music track you gave me. Excellent stuff to fight with! As the music suddenly changes to the Anakin & Padme theme, you really feel like turning on red stance and heavily sparring with your opponent. Much fun! Great job mixing. You still may not see me for a while, but I will be back in one way or another. Happy sabering!
  4. Concerning my GeForce 4 MX card... That's good info to know. Too bad I didn't ask around before I bought my new computer. However, this card does support DirectX 8 and all its fancy features. You just have to give it a little push now and then. For instance, when you load FS2002, the reflections and details won't show up initially in the water or on the sides of the planes. But if you enter the actual game, go to the Select Aircraft screen, Alt Tab to the desktop, and then Alt Tab back to the game, the graphics are reset, and the card displays all the special effects beautifully. Eventually I'll get a better graphics card, but I need my money to build up now. The new computer rocked my savings account a bit. I'll do the best I can at optimizing this level for low-end computers, but I don't know how successful I'll be. If it's absolutely a mess on my 2.2 Gig processor, well.... we'll see. -Josh
  5. Ok, I'm finally back in business. Well, sort of. Radiant is acting very wierd on XP. It won't let me turn off "Snap to Grid," it doesn't display all the textures correctly (I'll go into more detail about that), and it's running slow! 2.2 gig machine with a GeForce 4 MX, and it's slow??? It was actually faster on my old computer, but I've had some trouble with this graphics board in other things, like Flight Simulator. Maybe nVidia made a bad card? Ok, here's the deal with the strange looking textures. Most of the textures appear as they should. The rock textures are fine, and so are a few others. But all of the textures that came with Jedi Outcast, along with a couple of my jpgs, look like they have been taken into Photoshop and posterized. Everyone familiar with that effect? It removes a lot of detail by reducing the number of colors in the image, giving a very stepped look. The good news is that I have been playing JKII again, and everything Raven supplied appears fine in the game. So maybe the editor is just being a pain in the rear. As far as construction goes, I am making the ledges above the arena walls, along with the ones that line the floor. It took me a long time to do one because nothing would work right. Well, nothing until I chose my last resort, the thickened bevel, which is a processor hog, but serves a good purpose. If anyone can offer suggestions for correcting my problems, especially the snap to grid issue, I'd sure appreciate it! And don't worry. I have no intention of abandoning this project. It might take me into December or so, because I absolutely must concentrate on school projects and my job, but it will get done. Just hang in there, and don't get bored slicing people up in JKII. All for now.
  6. Hey now, Hell isn't cool! Just letting everyone know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. When you have as many design files as I have, and as much junk as I have both on and off the computer (physical, tangible junk you never knew you owned, you know?), the move to a new computer can be quite a long, drawn out endeavor. I'm in the process of getting stuff off my old computer and onto CD-Rs and ZIP disks for transfer. Yes, a network connection would be handy. After I get all I need transferred over, I'll reformat the hard drive in the old computer, reinstall Win2K, and sell the sucker. I just hope Gtk Radiant works on Windows XP! All for now.
  7. *EVEN BIGGER YAWN!* I should get to bed! Anyway, I just wanted to mention that I completed the center part of the walls all around the arena floor. The good news is that it looks great! The bad news is that it is more patches. I have a feeling the majority of this map will be made of patches, and that I might fry anybody running a computer under 550mHz. The game slowed down for me when I was in the open areas on Artus and Bespin, but not too much so. It shouldn't be any worse than that. A neat trick I discovered is that you can make a crooked, disfigured pillar by moving around a cylinder's vertices. Fun stuff! Just wait till you all see the tower I will construct with this method. Quotation, it's an honor to be posted on JediKnightII.net, though I'm not sure I have much to show yet. But thanks! Make sure you all grab some cool models to play with in this arena. Anakin, Clone Troopers, and some awesome Battle Droids are all floating around out there somewhere. And Klorel's Mace Windu is one I'm really waiting for!
  8. Hi everyone! Before I get to the main topic, I just want to address some of your questions. Folks with powerful computers are still welcome to test the map when it's ready, but those of you with the Pentium 733s and slower, and even folks with dreaded laptop ATI cards, please step forward. If many of you start to hit the web site, it might resist a little. I'm not sure Brinkster is capable of handling a lot of hits. Best time to sign on is late at night. Nothing new right now though. What a coincidence that all of you are starting to ask about music! That just happens to be my topic for this evening. A talented MP3 artist, who goes by the handle "Fatboy Roberts," has contacted me regarding the addition of some exciting music for the Geonosian Arena. I fell completely in love with his first sample, and I gave him some suggestions on tweaking it to add a little more musical color. He has produced a track that I am going to roll with (maybe a few more tweaks later, but awesome for now). It starts with the battle droid fanfare and theme, rolls nicely into the love theme, transitions out to a little of the Force theme (Ep. II variation of Throne Room), and then finishes with some heart-pounding action music from the last half hour of Episode II. The track is very high quality, and takes up about 7MB. Kudos, Fatboy! Poke your head in sometime and say hello. Give him applause, folks. I'm a musician and somewhat of a recording artist myself, and he has sure done an awesome job (not to mention saving me some work)! :::Sigh::: Well, with such an awesome soundtrack, I guess I just HAVE to finish this map! I'll get back to work.
  9. Still not quite ready for that major update, but a teaser is available. Go to www24.brinkster.com/jnday. My computer better not blow up! It'll be brand new! I'll be moving this project to another computer at the end of this month, so I will eventually need beta testers with oldie machines like the one I'm getting rid of. My new computer will be 2.2 Gig, leaving my old 550mHz machine in the dust. You'll hear from me again soon.
  10. Hi again. The next major update is just about on it's way. All that is remaining to do on the ground level is texture the beast rooms and move them into place, followed by the creation of the surrounding walls. I sure hope the frame rate stays okay as I start building upward! But for the next update, which I am sure will get this room buzzing again, I'll just seal up the ground level with a sky roof and let you take a look at some screens of the battle ground and surrounding rooms. Please note: My computer is fairly fast. If my computer keels over and dies during the testing of this early part of the project, there is no use trying to build this map for Jedi Outcast. I doubt that I'll have any less than 20 fps with 5 bots on the main arena floor, but if I am horribly wrong ( 1 fps and smoke coming out of the computer kind of wrong), I may have to close up shop. With my crazy schedule, I don't have time to go back to the drawing board. The editor is running very smoothly, though, and I trust those who have said that the editor will slow down before the game does. So, I don't think there will be anything to worry about.
  11. I'm glad you guys haven't been hounding me about my lack of updates and what not. I am still working on it, but with my current schedule, I can only devote about 45 minutes to an hour each night. I have a day off tomorrow, so let me see what I can accomplish. An update, maybe? We'll see! I just hope I get this project complete before people don't like Jedi Outcast any more!
  12. No new screenies yet, but I'm pretty sure once I get through the tremedously slow process of carefully rotating the human rooms and beast rooms into place, and I can seal up the ground level, you will be pleased with what I have to show you! Unfortunately, work and school are kind of top priority at this time. BUT, I continue to devote time each evening to the construction of the arena, and I assure you I'm taking my time to do it right. I was considering leaving a bunch of barely visible cracks created by the free rotation, but I noticed that they were getting a little larger in the corners, so I just slapped my mouse down on the mat and went to work in vertex mode. Now guess what?? The main entrance room and tunnel to the arena floor is COMPLETE, and rock solid. No cracks! I'll continue with each of the nine or more other rooms, and also work on a gate texture for the three beast rooms at the far end of the arena. Once the rooms are in place and Gtk Radiant seems stable, I will fill in the ground level walls and add my killer rock texture I'm sure you'll love (since it was sampled part from the movie, and part from real rock), and put up the pillars. The next screenshots will hopefully be of the arena floor at a good framerate. Thank you all for your encouragement and patience in this process! I look at some of the other threads on this forum and I have to wonder about some of the people in this community. Obviously all of you are sane, mature individuals, and I thank you for your kindness and support!!! You're making this work! Signing off for now.
  13. Two words for anyone who wants to reassign IRQ ports: BACK UP. Back up your important data before you play around with the settings. I thought this IRQ stuff was just a DELL thing, but it's actually a Windows thing. In order to change the IRQ assignments, you have to change your system driver from ACPI (?) to Standard PC. This can be done in the device manager, but I'm giving limited info because I have limited knowledge. You REALLY should talk to a support technician, or a computer professional if you aren't one. I will be getting some instruction on Saturday from a friend I know who is a big computer whiz. If you successfully change your IRQ settings without harming your system, you should notice less choppiness in games, and better performance in other processor intensive work. The arena is coming along okay. After free rotation of entire rooms, some patches get misaligned, revealing the caulking from behind. This can easily be fixed by altering the troublesome patches in vertex mode. I just have to watch out for the sudden "brush with no normals" error. I have found that the best way to prevent problems is to not let that error go unattended, and use bobToolz every now and then. There probably won't be any updates for a while because I'm building stuff right now that HAS to be out in the open. But you can count on an update as soon as I get to a point where I can seal something up! Thanks for all your input and help. It says on Rich's tutorial site that "once you start something, finish it!" I plan to do just that.
  14. Hi everyone! Due to having a wonderful birthday and a few computer issues, I have been AWOL for a few days. (I know what AWOL means, but what does it stand for? LOL) For my bday, I got a copy of Flight Simulator 2002. Talk about a LARGE number of triangles to draw! From up in the plane you can see for miles, and FS2002 generates random 3D structures on the ground as well. But in talking to some tech support people, I have found out some interesting information that might benefit anyone who has an older configuration such as mine: 550 mHz 384 MB of RAM 64 MB GeForce Accelerator card If you are experiencing slowdown in Jedi Outcast or other 3D games, check this: Make sure your AGP or PCI video card and your sound card have at least one space between them inside your chasis. Next, be sure to get the updated drivers for your video card and DirectX. Last but not least, right click on the My Computer icon and choose Properties. Go to the Device Manager and click on the View menu. You want to show hidden devices, and you want to be in "Resources by connection" mode. Click the [+] next to Interrupt Request (IRQ). Look at the number next to the device. That's the IRQ port number. Are two or more of your devices sharing the same IRQ port? For example, your sound card and your video card? This really slows down frame rate! It was described to me as being like a football team all trying to go after the same ball at once, even if it was in another teammate's hands. All my PCI cards are running off of port 9, and that contributes to some of my problems. You need to talk to a support technician for your computer if this is the case. Tinkering with the driver setup for your computer could cause your hard drive to crash or worse, so be careful, but this is something you need to change if you can. Have no fear. I'm still working on the Geonosian Arena. Talk to you soon!
  15. Not sure what is going on with the posts. My last post that belonged between Matt's and lo5t_h0pe's is actually a few above. I wish the people running the forum would figure out how to set the clock! Still working. Thanks for all your info.
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