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  1. poop the link is dead, but cant wait to see the model
  2. cjais, I had the same problem, but I found it by viewing empty servers. Odd but for some reason that worked, then I added it to my favorites. The server list has been all whacky since the latest patch.
  3. WOO HOO Finally got into HP ! Played for a bit, had to go, but not before good ole Lexx beat me Good fight mate it was well worth the wait. I only hope I can get in there regularly now OH Twins WB bro!
  4. too damn funny ! I am surprised Luke didnt write a "I hate my parents becasue they screwed up my life" song
  5. NwO_2k_Mutt


    no probs Lexx I am looking too. OH BTW I finally found you on HP last night but I could not get in my ping was over 250 and that is the max ping set for the server
  6. ?!?!?! Is Yoda in his own time warp or something ? Uhm in ep2 Yoda is 700 and some change right......keep with me here Then how in the sam hell is he 900 in ESB ??????????????????? There is only like a 20 years difference bro do the math !
  7. yup your not alone, at times I get tons, other times I gwt a few, then there are the times when no servers pop up !
  8. I really dont give two hoots if someone scripts. If they wanna script fine, you can still counter and whip their a$$. Oh and btw a cheat is some way to alter the intent of the game to your advantage. Since scripting is a big part of the engine I dont see it as cheating. Hell isnt the challenge key actually a bind hence a script?
  9. wow there is just too much love on this thread
  10. well they could always just jump to their doom, but you would probably whine about that too.
  11. just go to jkii.net and download em all in one shot then no wait ! LOL yeah right
  12. the thing that really cracks me up is even with all the whining, most people still play the game so it cant be that bad ? Just a thought.
  13. I think every1 is having the same problems, but it is very annoying. They seemed to have worked better before the patch!
  14. I think they see whatever model the skin was based off. I know kyle was used for alot but I am not sure
  15. hell yeah ! Finally found Hermes, but havent seen anyone on it. Strange all Sunday and yesterday it showed empty to me. Just let me know where your gonna be and I will try to find ya Oh yeah type in how you spell your name in JO, I have found that it also uses the color characters in the search so maybe thats why I havent found many peeps.
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