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  1. Originally posted by Jan Gaarni

    And do something about the closed museum if you can, unless it's going thru a restoration job or something, in which case it should say so on the door. :D


    I gotta talk to Nicab about that. He was having problems rotating objects so he shut it down for a little bit.


    Really bugged him out a bit.

  2. Originally posted by Deft Aklin

    Seriously, you all have a standing invite. Just send an ooc tell to one of our men and they will make an officer aware. Let me know if you have any plots ongoing that need some bad guy imps. ;D


    Well, I won't shoot any of ya'll, but you have to watch out for Aaron- sometimes.


    Short fuse and all :p


    Your city looks great btw Cor. :D

  3. Originally posted by Jackrabbit

    It's fine that you leave the game and lead a real life, but you have to stop in and say hey from time to time :D.


    That's what I'm talking about.


    I still predict he'll be back for the Space Expansion.

  4. I'm not sure any of those pictures quite do the city justice.


    Part of the problem is the fact that it's very different depending on what part of the city you are in, and what you are looking at.


    Hope there isn't any Rebel activity up there.

  5. Originally posted by Bogey

    its gcw not gsw


    Remind me not to pull an all nighter. I'm lucky I can remember my own name after 30 hours without sleep ;)


    Baboo, that's a good question, but you would probaly have to ask Deft.

  6. As everybody is soon to find out, I've left the Associates to rejoin DS.


    A little history lesson is in order.


    When I first started playing this game, way before PA halls were even available, I was part of DS. I wasn't with them long when I first met all of you, and I decided to join the Associates. I kind of left DS hanging, and my relationship with them was soured a bit.


    Fast forward a few months, and one of my good friends in this game joined DS. While my decision to rejoin DS isn't entirely due to Leemu joining them, it defiantly made me reassess what I wanted out of this game. Basically, I want to get much more involved in the GSW than I currently am now, and I decided that I wanted to be apart of a Factional guild such as DS.


    Now, I hope you arn't all too pissed at me for leaving. I still would like to be a part of the city on Rori, and I hope to continue to be friends with all of you. My decision to leave the -A- was much harder to make than probaly any of you will realise, and has been weighing on my heart for a couple of weeks now.


    See you all in Rorana :)

  7. Originally posted by Altus_Thrawn

    I heard that if you trade your stuff and immediatly delete char...that your stuff goes away...so be careful.


    I'm not sure that this was a bug to begin with...


    I remember reading somewhere that this was one to prevent twinking. I don't know exactly how one can "Twink" in this game anyway. AFAIK, it only involved stuff that your charecter created. If you made a FGW5, and wanted to delete your charecter and give your new shiny FGW5 to your "alter ego", that it would dissapear along with everything your charecter has ever made. I hope they have changed this.


    As for being a Wookiee, I like it, but having armor is much better than not having any. If I was starting over again today, I would make a human. I could never justify completely deleting my charecter due to the time already spent on it. It would be like giving away a pet that I grew from a little baby.


    Ironically, I've always said that if I ever unlock my FS slot, I would make a Wookiee Jedi.

  8. Originally posted by MandalorianRage

    You know waht I think would be funny? If I picked up 3 holocrons, and they all told me to go into professions I had already mastered. Heh.


    I've read a little about this, and afaik, nobody has been told to master a profession that they have already mastered.


    I must admit, this Jedi stuff has gotten to me a bit. Not to the point where I'm going to hunt for holocrons and grind through professions, but to where I hope that I'm able to unlock a slot someday. Until then I'll just contunue to do what I always do.

  9. Originally posted by Wraith 8

    and Leemu never left our PA till 2 days ago :)

    He was one of our Covert members :)


    But like you said. he enjoyed DS to much and joined them :)


    Leemu is a good friend, I'm not worried about his leaving.


    Besides, DS is a standup group.

  10. I'm not sure how an Entertainment Healing bonus of 10% would help that much. Sure, it would save a little bit of time, but the Entertainers are already great at what they do.


    My picks.


    Research - +15% to crafting XP.

    Improved Job Market - Mission rewards are 20% greater


    These bonuses likely would get more people into our city.

  11. I'm not sure if I'm yet among the missing, but it's really hard for me to get any play time durring the week due to school.


    I miss Murashu, Defocy, and you too Vega, havent seen any of you in weeks.


    I just gotta get through this semister.....somehow.

  12. Originally posted by Jackrabbit

    Why do you say that?


    It just sounds like a good city name for Dark Age, not a Star Wars game.


    Whatever you guys pick is fine by me, I'm just offering a little constructive critisim.

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