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  1. Pretty sure it's got something to do with the fact that Lucas Arts doesn't really do anything anymore but trade its licenses for money. I think the Bioware forums TOR wise are somewhat more active, and rightfully so. Meanwhile Raven treated us like garbage with their instant abandonment upon release, and went to work on SOF2: Dismemberan Shootan or whatever the hell they were doing back then, so it made sense to congregate here. I'd reckon TOR should bring some new members though down the line when actual playing starts taking place. But not that much, since those systems exist in-game. Seven years ago we had to come here to connect with one another, because the actual games were just server checkers, instant play and no online interfacing. Today, it's all in the games themselves. (also yeah, I had the dragonball avatar, it was such a good bait for people to throw down an insult, which would in turn give me carte blanche to troll them into oblivion)
  2. I used to be Superman (Kal-El). BlackDove was my original nick though, I just changed into Superman for the purposes of JO, and then switched back (wanted to be ANNANYMASU so there's no cross play from old games to JO, which was a new game at the time). And no, I was never Taco. You were literally a kid back then tho Tyrion. How old are you today? Should be grown up, it's been a while.
  3. That's sort of what I've been waiting for, since you were one of the seven I've seen lurk (you're as stale as the goddamn swamp). But the ******** is slow, slow, SLOW going compared to how it used to be. Sure is a swamp in here.
  4. Well, I can see that Jedi Outcast and Academy are by now some very old pre-historic games, so it's not like I'm all that surprised at the inactivity. We are some pretty hardcore folk to have been around here. I actually came back to have a peek, because I may be playing The Old Republic, so I wanted to see how the backend was handled on the LA side of it. My next step was to obviously check on this place next though.
  5. 7 viewing? Please tell me it gets better. I still recognize some of the old names... but they are few and far between. It's also very depressing people with my registration date are all admins and mods. You all sold out to The Man. How's everyone doing? Those of you who are still around anyway.
  6. Finders Keepers Losers Weepers (for lack of a better analogy, 5 year old's logic works) Also, your bits are showing, cover that stuff up. Pretty good, things are going. Managed to play KOTOR I and II in the meantime (Star Wars related news I guess). But not much has changed. I swear less these days, getting older and duller. ****. Thank you. But you have yet to see the dark. This is PG-13 at best I know you though, from Aresen. You were heading off to Army or some supremely awesome thing like that last or next-to-last time I read those forums. Maybe it was third-time-last-time. Not sure. But anyway, the skirt suits you good, as always.
  7. So I guess another year passed and a few months to boot. Swamp still smells as ever. Though all of the topics are identical to all the other forums I visit. Ridge Racer MI:3 Sony Sucks Xbox Sucks DS sucks PSP sucks ad infinitum Well, just posting to say "hi" to everyone. I guess I'll see you in about a year or so. Oh and a question - why was my title messed with? I log in and it writes "El Pollo Diablo" or something similar. Weird. Anyway, good to see the old faces are still around. I guess after Academy there weren't a lot of new people influxing. *waits for Obisidian to announce KOTOR III*
  8. Firefox solves all my troubles. If a popup DOES appear, all I do is right click and "block images from...". Now, it does make this ugly white board look uglier with more white ****, but I guess that's better than a flashing pile of ****.
  9. Kurgan already beat you to it on the first run. Good to see you kept the avatar though. Oh and coming back to get a ban? Nah, but with my posts, you just never know when it'll happen. As far as another "bouncing boobs" fiasco, I don't know, we'll see. I might just have to DESTROY some stuff in the Senate Chambers when I start giving a ****. But that HURTS. I don't recall telling tales. The rest might be true.
  10. Ah you know me. I have to re-appear every now and then and tempt a ban. Then I have to LEAVE, because any further postings might get me one. One of these days though, I might get a foot up my ass and never return though. Outlived my usefulness and all that. Want to know how my PM window looks like? WARNING Re: WARNING WARNING Warning warning Re: warning Goes hand in hand, although it looks like someone got off their ass and cleaned the place up.....somewhat. That's actually nice I guess JA didn't attract a lot of retards...hopefully. Actually, as I'm typing this, I think one of the mods/admins is just simply going to FLIP THE **** OUT and mistake my debating the rules with trying to piss them off, and boot me Oh, and when it happens, I just want you all to know it's been nice talking to you over the years
  11. Why thank you, I love those. And, when I said 3 years, I more or less thought in the context of "Can't believe it's been three years since I registered here". But, we can assume that my absence started when I registered, I'm cool with that. Also, greetings to everyone who posted
  12. There are these things called TOOLS (no, not you) which we use to accomplish things in life. Now I'm not saying get a gun and start killing stuff, but find an acceptable line and start cleaning. When I had six people on my pack-animal, do you think I just sat there and took it? Hell no - the only thing I TOOK was a 2 by 4, and I started mauling people straight to the dentist (unless they see their friend lost his teeth, so they smartened up enough to run) Don't give me any **** regarding physical strengths or abilities. When you fight, you use your mind. Sometimes it'll backfire and you'll be on the recieving end of it, but I found it's much more satisfying you went down YOUR way instead of going down because you were too pussified to do anything about it. Back to topic: You have a personality flaw if you sit there and take it without doing anything to fight idiots. ---------------------------------------------- A little sidestep if someone of holy importance reads this: How in the name of SkinWalker are personal insults for stating an opinion tolerated here? they're not Consider yourself warned if I edited your original post with red text. Insults and ad hominem remarks are not tolerated here. Further violations may result in further warnings or bans from posting
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